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date submitted 03.02.2009
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King of the Castle

Jason Fite

A man wakes up in a lunatic asylum with no memory of who he is or how he arrived there.


A darkly comic psychological fantasy.

As he tries to discover his identity he has a series of bewildering encounters with the other patients and also with the equally odd psychiatrists. Eventually, several traumatic events force him to confront his own memories.

It is in a similar vein to such works as The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and Catch 22, Gormenghast and The Third Policeman. as it tackles dark subject matter in a light and often comical manner.

"I am beginning to suspect that things are not quite what they seem." John mused.
"Very probably." the Professor replied. "But can you imagine just how much worse it would be if everything was exactly as it seemed?"

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fantasy, gothic, madness, mystery, psychological, satire

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name falied moderation wrote 1384 days ago

Dear Jason
just a great read. well paced and vivid characters. I find after crossing over into this genre such genius, I wish I had half the talent. Your characters are still in my head and I guess this is a plus for the skill you apply. The sortyline is original and I am quite surprised that so many different stories come out on the subject of Goth.
Your pitch by the way was what grabbed me CONGRATS
BACKED for sure by me
I do hope you can cross over to my genre and review my book, please comment ( this assists me in honing my skill) and if you feel, back it.
The Letter

SusieGulick wrote 1384 days ago

Dear Jason, I just backed your new book & discovered your other 2, so will back them, also. I love that you have a setting in a mental hospital, because my husband's co-worker has been in & out of the mental hospital innumerable times & I've visited her a lot - the doctors are something else, to say the least - all you said & more happens in there. Thank you for baring the truth. :) Your pitch is excellent, so set the hook for me to read your book. :) When you use short paragraphs & lots of dialogue, it makes me want to keep reading to find out what's going to happen next. I'm backing your book. :) Could you please take a moment to back my TWO memoir books? Thanks. :) Love, Susie :)

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Lady Calverley wrote 1542 days ago

Well, that was quite a ride! I've only had time for the first chapter, but I am struck by your deft handling of prose and the stark imagery of the crazed surrounding John finds himself in. We can share in his feelings of oppression and question alongside him-- where are we? What led him to be here? What is real and what is sane? Very intriguing voice. I will read more when time allows, and shelve you for now.

Ruth/Base Spirits

Giulietta Maria wrote 1785 days ago

I was instantly absorbed in the story- the pacing is quick and the writing clear. I wanted to read on to find out, who is John, why does he know so much about psychology, is he actually a doctor, etc? I love the scene with the knocking wardrobe and the child messing with his mind, so to speak! There seems to be the question 'is John insane or not' and it gives quite a lot of tension to the story, at the beginning. The only thing that bugged me a bit was the doctor himself. I thought he should know something about John- why he was admitted and when, it should be in his file, shouldn't it? Also, was he just playing around with John when not knowing who Jung or Freud were- if so, I'm not sure that's professional? I could be wrong though!!!

Hayley Hurren wrote 1895 days ago

Wow, what an interesting read. Certainly not what I was expecting but very well written and most certainly has kept me hooked from the opening paragraph. I only have had the chance to read chapter one but it is definitely going on my bookshelf and can't wait to read more. Just one thing, you made a comment that it reminded him of hell, not knowing your book does that mean he has been to hell or does it mean that it's how he would imagine hell? Thanks Hayley (Beyond Your Wildest) :-)