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word count 11295
date submitted 16.03.2014
date updated 24.03.2014
genres: Fantasy, Children's
classification: universal

Philip the Flying Pig

Brian G Chambers

Philip the pig learns to fly with the help of a wise old owl. He goes off to find adventure around the world.


Philip the pig wants to be famous, he doesn't want to be an ordinary pig. He asks his friends what he can do but is left downhearted when Daisy the cow says that he will never be famous. Feeling low Philip wanders into the woods, where he meets an owl. The owl teaches Philip how to fly like an aeroplane, so that he can indeed become famous. Philip eventually joins a circus, where he becomes the star attraction. His fame however does not go down well with the chimpanzee's trainer. He comes up with a plan to destroy Philip being the star of the show. Does he succeed? The only way to find out is to read the story.

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Rachel H Campling wrote 122 days ago

Hello Brian,
I enjoyed this and could see it working well with illustrations.
All the best,

Su Dan wrote 122 days ago

this is a very good book, great idea and told with a perfect voice to engage the reader both young and old...

norvs13 wrote 130 days ago

Hi Brian,
This was a fun read that young kids will enjoy. The alliteration is well used, and kids enjoy that kind of thing. I found that the story really picked up when the owl became involved.
I picked up quite a few grammar type edits. They take nothing away from the story, but best to fix them so that people dont have a reason to stop reading. I'll message you my suggestions.
All in all, this is a creative tale, with a lot of potential.
Best of luck,

tracy t wrote 132 days ago

Hi Brian
I love children's stories and can imagine reading this to young ones.
I think if you had cool pictures to go with it so that the children can look at the pictures this would go down really well. Easy to read and fun.
Well done and lots of luck