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date submitted 08.02.2009
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Sanctus Gleba

Sophie Jones

We all want to find a deeper meaning to life and maybe we only discover it on the brink of death. I know I did.


The story is written in first person and follows 17 year old Anna. After being abused most of her life she becomes sucidal and decides to take her own life. However her attempts are ruined as an unexpected event occurs which changes her life forever.

When her mother comes home early one day she witnesses Frank(Anna's father) trying to rape her. This then leads to Anna's mother killing Frank. After this event the mother immediantly takes Anna to a remote village in the Lake District to live with her aunt. Anna's mother soon abadons Anna with her aunt and dissapears. Broken more so than before Anna must try and rebuild her life again.

Anna meets new friends which are gifted with unique talents and soon she realises that she is also special. However in this small town secrets are revealed and soon Anna is captivated by a mysterious cult that used to live in the town. This cult however doesn't remain in the past for long and it is up to Anna and her new companions to fight the evil that has been hidden for so long.

This will be the first book in the triology i have planned.

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bigger picture, dark, interesting, mysterious, teenage

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