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Tomboy Justice

Molly Perdue

A handful of women have altered history by pressing the issue of gender equity inside the courtroom, and I am one of them.


Will women ever achieve parity with men in the world of sports?

Tomboy Justice tells the story of how the biggest losers in National Collegiate history started winning games in the middle of a gender war. The Brooklyn College Lady Knights were racking up wins as the United States Office of Civil Rights was investigating charges of sex discrimination within the athletic program.
Instead of leveling the playing field, a moratorium on all sports was declared. Five years later, I was given the chance to come face to face with my former employer over the issue of gender equity. In August of 1997 a federal judge and jury decided one female coach’s fate.
Tomboy Justice is the story of my journey from the basketball court to the courtroom.

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memoir, sports

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Katy Capet wrote 752 days ago

Lovely writing style, your story flows easily across the page. Good luck with your book.

Tom Bye wrote 877 days ago

Hello Molly-

Book- Tomboy Justice-

Got a feeling that i had read some of this book a long time ago; however on browsing the title caught my attention again,Well; it would, wouldn't it ; my name is tom bye.
Glad i came in, as it is a most amazing story, of Molly and her involvement in and with the game of basketball;
Narration is just first class and as for the prose; just exquisite, with lines like--I crouched like a lioness in wait, the taller blades of grass----------and lots more to enjoy here,
Not a game know a lot about, however i do now, thank you Molly, very competitive indeed.
interesting to read that there is no opportunities for woman to play in the profess ional ranks in the U S .
and a nice finish to this enjoyable and most informative read.

good luck with this memoir of yours, should do well in the target market

tom bye, Dublin Ireland.
from hugs to kisses;
obliged if you could glance at my true story, well a lot of it ---thanks

MIRO1K wrote 1024 days ago


I love this story and can relate to it very well. You narrative is so honest, so full of description and very, very cinematic. You use a lot of similes and metaphors in your characterisation and scene-setting but they don't jar - instead they are small jewels to savour -you have a bewitching way of connecting to the senses. Your narrative voice is so clear -authoritative and confident as an athlete, frustrated as an outsider, determined as a pioneer.
I look forward to continuing your story.

(ps rated very highly)

David Bortress wrote 1058 days ago


I happened to glance at my poorly worded last comment. The "horrible words" typify some of the treatment female athletes have received. Your book, however, is excellent.


David Bortress wrote 1058 days ago


I have read everything you have uploaded at this point and found your story very interesting. My sister and I were both athletes, but she is the one who went to college on a full athletic scholarship. The year was 1985. I was amazed at the tremendous inequities she faced.

Your story is important, and you tell it well. I really enjoyed reading it.

Just to let you know, in the first paragraph of chapter 4, the chapter that starts with “The top of my jeep…,” there are at least 4 typographical errors toward the end of the paragraph.

If I am overstepping a line here, please forgive me, but I have a suggestion for your short pitch. First, I would move your current short pitch into the long pitch. Then, I would use the following quote from your book for the short pitch: “Why don’t you go play with the other girls in the neighborhood and do what little girls are supposed to do!” These horrible words typify so much of what is in your book, and I really think they will grab a reader’s attention.


michel prince wrote 1059 days ago


Only had time for the first few chapters, but as a girl who thankfully started sports after title IX was in place I do love looking back at what girls had to go through. I'm not one on Bio's but this was an enthralling read that kept me entertained. Having Tomboy become an expletive is new to me because it became a badge of honor when I was growing up.

I would consider splitting up the 2nd chapter because there are natural breaks that could be used. Also you talk about the flush and confusion with the football tackle and the happiness from the basketball win, let me feel more. Did your stomach turn and fire creep up your throat? Were you're hands a little shaky when you wiped your tears or when you won? Did you start to get a headache? And most importantly when we play sports adrenaline is going to rush through our bodies. How does that cause our bodies to react?

This is not a boring Bio where a list of accomplishments are checked off. You've written this as a story let us fall into your sensations in a bigger way. The feel of the leather ball is a great example of this. You've got the goosefleshed skin of it. That unmistakable smell that's on a leather verses a rubber basketball. All sports equipment is different but we experience it with all our senses (hopefully not taste but sometimes you want to keep your balls from your brothers and you have to lick them...that sounded really bad, but I digress)

You've got a story and you tell it well, but don't be afraid of the reader becoming you for 200 pages or so. You've pulled me in, but much like you I don't want to be a spectator.

Star rated and will keep on my WL for rotation.

Michel Prince

LonnieNonnie wrote 1273 days ago

Thank God for the comments! Ploughing through all to see what it was I liked - doing the ratings via the "stars" and as and when I can, will re-back all the books I really enjoyed or which showed promise, in my humble opinion. The Tails of Willie Gusty.

Eunice Attwood wrote 1290 days ago

Sister are doin' for themselves. Yaaaaay for you. A very strong voice makes this a must read book. Gutsy and gritty. Backed Eunice - The Temple Dancer.

LonnieNonnie wrote 1306 days ago

You speak for the girls and you speak(write) very well. I dont have time to delve too far into the books here on Authonomy, but yours is certainly one that would bear reading. Perhaps the opening could do with a tad more dialog but in any event I thought the pace was fine. See you on Oprah :) The very best of luck with this The Tails of Willie Gusty

richard thurston wrote 1310 days ago

Molly you write with passion and paint a wonderful picture of a distant world to me. Your words are carefully chosen and have a strange attraction. Backed with pleasure and the very best of wishes.


corichaffee wrote 1310 days ago

Interesting storyline, talented writing. Your narrative flows evenly from start to finish, with not one single thing glaring at me that I would change. As a fellow female basketball player (well, former), I am backing this with pleasure.


Nancy Kilgore wrote 1324 days ago

I loved your title, but didn't expect to like the writing and the story as much as I did. Good luck with this and thanks from all the other tomboys for writing it!
Sea Level

gloria piper wrote 1325 days ago

Hi, Molly
Backed with pleasure.
Finnegan's Quest

CarolinaAl wrote 1343 days ago

An amazing and true journey filled with surprises. Fascinating characters with real emotions. Excellent dialogue. Evocative narrative. Intriguing storyline. Lucid writing. Backed.

name falied moderation wrote 1353 days ago

mm cannot see the backing anywhere so will back it again just to make sure
all the best Denise
The Letter

name falied moderation wrote 1353 days ago

Dear Molly
well finished reading and must say loved it. love the genre and loved the read. this was a powerful read and I have already commented for when i first started it i loved it. CONGRATS on this amazing achievement.
The Letter

memphisgirl wrote 1354 days ago

Easily the most engaging memoir I've come across on the site as of yet. Anyone can relate to the feelings you experienced when others tried to define and label you. Your writing engages, warm, dynamic, and fresh.

Ashes By Now

nsllee wrote 1355 days ago

Hi Molly

This is well-written, with a great sense of purpose, and yet without being dull or preachy. You make your story come to life, letting us feel your sense of injustice and also the sheer pleasure and fulfilment you get out of sport. Backed.


name falied moderation wrote 1359 days ago

Dear Molly
this is one of those books that needs to be on the shelves in the stores. Strong women, and the women in your family you portray aso well. You have a powerful way with words that conveys well the struggle and also the determination. I love this book and the gift that it gives and keeps giving. Yes all the books are pointing down with a red arrow today,, but i I will carry on reading and comment further on as I would like to get this book of yours backed to assist it on the climb to the top.
Backed for sure my me. ..I would really appreciate it if your would look at my book, COMMENT , and back it. If not that is OK also
The VERY best of luck with your book

The Letter

Katy Christie wrote 1363 days ago

Your writing is excellent; descriptive and emotive. You manage to make a game, which someone like me has absolutley no interest in, actually quite exciting. It's very sad, isn't it?, that as young girls, we play with the boys and we are all equals - and then it all changes. This is a story that needs to be told. Good Luck.
Katy Christie
No Man No Cry

Andrew Burans wrote 1366 days ago

Your quote from "Martin Luther King" and most of all your "Foreward" grabbed my attention immediately. Your narrative voice resonates with authenticity, as it should, since this is a true story. Your straight forward writing makes your work both an easy read and a pleasure to read. Your story is compelling and I agree with the points which you make. I admire the stand which you took and your courage. Backed.

Andrew Burans
The Reluctant Warrior: The Beginning

T. L. Bartush wrote 1371 days ago

Molly, this is a story worth telling. I know what you've been through in the courts - I was a litigator. I am so glad you succeeded in the system. Keep writing - the style is accessible and clear. I am backing your book.

T. L. Bartush
Bleak House Bleak Shed (yes, it's about lawyers and the legal system but it's a satire about people unlike you who use the system for the wrong reasons. You might find it interesting).

Jim Holmlund wrote 1375 days ago

Thanks for sharing your story in the first chapter. It is hard for me to imagine a world with out female athletics. I am glad we have come along way in that regard. I know my daughter will not have to face some of the things you face.

Owen Quinn wrote 1376 days ago

Not usually my scene but I was intrigued by your pitch, let me say, I am all up for equality, my wife is my banker, my friend, my lover, my chauffeur was I was ill and can outfight and shout down any man. I recalled a story a few years back about discrimination in the boxing world and it's a subject that is never really in the general publick's mind so good for you for getting this story out there. I only read the first chapter but this is well written and obviously from your soul and heart. Why not put the word out on facebook and help it gain a wider audience. Very well done, backed

Despinas1 wrote 1376 days ago

A most amazing novel with controversial subject matter that all women will relate too.
Backed with pleasure
The Last Dream

homewriter wrote 1379 days ago

This is a triumphant book and you are to be congratulated for writing it so well and for the great result that it reports. Well done. Backed. I'm sure you will succeed in its publication. Best wishes, Gordon - The Harpist of Madrid

Johanna Kern wrote 1384 days ago


This is a very important book! And it has to go out - and it will! There are many publishers interested in such conscious powerful work - and I'm sure they will love yours.

I am also very moved by your - let's call it "inner light" - the warmth, the caring - that pours, making your message even more powerful.

I am honored to back you. Thank you so much for sharing this!

Johanna Kern xxx
Master and the Green-Eyed Hope

SammySutton wrote 1389 days ago

Thank you for backing King Solomon's '13'

Sammy Sutton

Sockmonkey6970 wrote 1389 days ago

Amazing journey and story. I cannot wait to read more, this is a pleasure.

delhui wrote 1392 days ago

Dear Molly --

We were immediately drawn by the title of your book, and we're so pleased to have discovered your story. You write so eloquently about the women in your family -- "I didn't know it, but I waited one hundred years for you to hit that ball" -- that we would back you for that passage alone, but your story offers so much more. You have made the personal political, and vice-versa, and you do it with a strong, unique voice that has the depth of emotion and the logic of a woman who has learned to understand the so-called rules without knuckling under to them. "In the realm of desire, at least, gender equity in sport already exists." Brilliant, and BACKED. -- Delhui, The Long Black Veil

Anthony Brady wrote 1411 days ago


Molly - Social justice prevails in your inspiring book which employs sport as both moral and metaphor. Very instructive too, for anyone involved in civil and employment rights advocacy. Backed.

Tony Brady - SCENES FROM AN EXAMINED LIFE Books 1,2 & 3.

Tom Bye wrote 1411 days ago

Molly 'tomboy/justice'
well done, after months and months of research i have no doubt
you get the game of basketball spot on
a must read for all the billions of female players out there'
Tom Bye 'From Hugs to Kisses'

SusieGulick wrote 1414 days ago

Dear Molly, I got so excited when I saw that you had backed, "He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not." :) Thanks so very much. :) Since I have already "backed" your book, I will put your book on my "watchlist." Could you please take a moment to "back" my completed unedited memoir version? "Tell Me True Love Stories," which at the end tells of my illness now & 6th abusive marriage. I'd be ever so grateful. :) Thank you. :) Love, Susie :)
authonomy quotes: "Every time you place a book on your bookshelf, your recommendation pushes the book up the rankings. And while that book sits on your bookshelf, your reputation as a talent spotter increases depending on how well that book performs.
When you back a book, it only improves the ranking of that book, not yours. However, the author whose book you are backing may decide to back your book also, in which case yes, your ranking would be improved...authonomy

Diane60 wrote 1420 days ago

First as somone who didn't benefit from Title IX( to late for me :( ),Totally blown away by your account. Can still hear the echo of the bouncing ball on asphalt the the gentle swish through the net (when there was one). I too played all the ball games with boys (girls didn't play fair and the pinched)...but i degress.....
Your story should not only be published but should be manditory reading for all.
I think you might my uncle too (Irv Bader)
Hooray for your fight hooray for being their for future generations coming through


Elizabeth Wolfe wrote 1427 days ago

You go girl! This is an amazing story. I like your cover art too. BACKED -Elizabeth Wolfe (Memories of Glory)

chvolkoff wrote 1437 days ago

Powder Puff Game...the name says it all! Fortunately, women's basketball has come a long way since then. But still...this is an important story, well told and that should be read. I like the way you describe the feeling of playing the game, the ball, the eye on the basket, and the desire for young women to do things where they get to move around and be strong, and not stay at home doing tapestries of unicorns...well done, and I am happy to back it!

writingwildly wrote 1446 days ago

That was a really enjoyable read. Thanks. I loved the little "skins vs shirts".

carlashmore wrote 1450 days ago

Terrific writing, an amazing story and it's REAL. WOW! This has to be published. I've read all five chapters and can't fault it. There's not much to say, except congratulations. Powerful, gripping and I say again, REAL.
Backed with joy.
The Time Hunters

steve b. wrote 1450 days ago

Blown away. This is amazing writing. I love the way your dream weaving nimbly transports us back and forth between the concrete (the asphalt, the bright orange orb) and the high concept that inspires the book--all while giving us a glimpse inside your mind & heart, without seeming to really try! The writing simply sings. Utmost props. Backed.

Becca wrote 1452 days ago

I have to say, I'm not usually a fan of forwards. What you've done with yours is amazing. Not only are the ideas provocative, but you've shown so much through action. You have the voice and style to make a true life story intriguing. The last thing I want to read about is sports, and yet because of the meaning and ideas you wove throughout I was enthralled. A pleasure to back this.
The Forever Girl

Beval wrote 1453 days ago

This is a book to inspire girls and young women the world over. Even if they don't have your love of sport, they can share your love of and fight for justice.
This is highly readable and should be in every school library.

A. Zoomer wrote 1457 days ago

Chapter 3 this is just so well written. Only small almost silly comment as it views such a great piece it that two paragraphs are too long in this chapter for me. It seems daunting to me the reader.
I LOVE THIS BOOK. I want it published NOW.
a zoomer
Going Out in Style

A. Zoomer wrote 1457 days ago

Chapter 2 is even better. Sherwood Forest, home, heavy handbags, Powder Puff, the smell of grandmother's spice cake, beehive hairdo, and the pink polish on her toenail covered over with dust.
Dare I go on. This is just too perfect.

A. Zoomer wrote 1457 days ago

OMG what a beginning. I am so with you. (I loved one of Sarah Paretsky's novels where I could hear the balls bouncing.) And the cover certainly called me. On to chapter 2...

Margaret Anthony wrote 1457 days ago

As someone who never enjoyed sport I'm not able to feel much emotion for the subject matter of this book. What I can appreciate is the obvious love you have for it, your spirit for fighting against the odds and the quality of your writing.
That it is so important that you have written in detail and shared this with others must be commended. It's is only right that I support this. Margaret.

CraigD wrote 1458 days ago

This is obviously a heartfelt memoir combining a love of sport with the legal wrangling around Title IX. The writing is strong and largely avoids the trap of "I" dominating everything, which often happens in memoirs. It may not have a broad market, but seems like it would find a strong, if small, audience. I'm happy to back this.
Please consider taking a look at my book, The Job.

Barry Wenlock wrote 1461 days ago

Hi Molly, thanks for your inspirational story. I read the forward and chapter one and enjoyed both. I thought the forward had a very dreamlike, poetic feel to it and chapter one is very well written too.
One small nit was the sentence, "Perhaps worse than ever catching the ball at all..." I wondered if you need the word 'ever'?
My older sister was a Tomboy and suffered in a similar way to you. I hated my father when he called her that, as to me, she was a real hero. Pity, isn't it? Still, things have changed somewhat, in many areas in many places and I'm sure that work such as yours will help this positive trend to continue. I do hope so.
I'm going to back you as soon as my machine lets me!
Best wishes and good luck, Barry
Little Krisna and the Bihar Boys

DP Walker wrote 1462 days ago

HI Molly
A really inspiring, powerful story. This could be really popular as I think it's a really unique idea but fits in with the 'triumph against adversity' theme which hooks so many readers. Best of luck
DP Walker
Five Dares

mvw888 wrote 1466 days ago

I think that this is a unique idea for a book. It's an important topic and I believe that you have an intriguing story. You have a great memory for details and a good writing style. I like the first chapter, the way that you begin the story with the backyard football game and thus, your roots in sports. But I think you need to finish writing everything down (if you haven't already), and then work on the structure. There is too much back and forth in the dates. I was getting lost with all the schools and times. At times, there is too much narration, too soon. You hop from recollection to statistics, back to recollection or family information. I think that you are going to have everything you need for a great book, you just need to step back and work on the outline of how and in what order you'll include everything. I'm happy to back this, because I think you're a skilled writer and your topic is important and I think, commercial. There are great moments of description and insight. Just keep editing!

zan wrote 1466 days ago

Tomboy Justice
Molly Perdue

Saying that the world is full of injustices is an understatement, but I admire greatly people who are able to stand up for themselves and who have the courage to do what you have done. I think sensitising people to this issue of gender equity in the sporting arena is very constructive, and something which needs to be done. Well-written, powerful, meaningful and a book which girls and young women having an interest in sports would certainly benefit from. Apart from that, it amounts to good, educational information which enlightens and inspires. Thank you for sharing this.