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date submitted 25.05.2009
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The Lakeside Chronicles


Could you holiday with your entire extended family year after year? Saskie Dorr does, heading for Lakeside on Lake Erie. What could possibly happen there?


"My brother Hal had been at the lake only three days when he met this beautiful girl at the beach and told her he was an airline pilot, which was blatantly untrue, of course, so I knew we were in for fireworks early that year."

Lakeside, Ohio, is a holiday venue on the tip of a tiny peninsula that juts into Lake Erie on the Ohio side. It started out as a Methodist church camp, evolving into a gated Christian community with a full summer season of entertainment from Memorial Day to Labor Day, and the Dorr family have been spending their summers there for generations.

No television, no telephone, no alcohol, no sandy beach -- not much to do -- but Saskie always seems to find something,

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brother, family, father, fiction, humor, lake, lakeside, mother, ohio, pop culture, religion, sister, stories, vacation

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MarkRTrost wrote 1544 days ago

Here's what you've got. You've got good dialogue that rings true. You have an interesting stream of conscience style. Well not really a stream. I feel like you're talking to me. I love that. But you have to decide which you want. Do you want a humorous novel that has a narrative speaking to the reader or a more formal text. You vacillate between both styles. I think you should strengthen the narration and go with the talk-to-us style. It suits the work. I hope you haven’t abandon the site or the novel. You shouldn’t. There’s more than just nuggets here.

Mark R. Trost “Post Marked”