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date submitted 25.05.2009
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The Lakeside Chronicles


Could you holiday with your entire extended family year after year? Saskie Dorr does. No TV, no phones, no alcohol…. What could possibly happen?


“My brother Hal had been at the lake only three days when he met this beautiful girl at the beach and told her he was an airline pilot, which was blatantly untrue, of course, so I knew we were in for fireworks early that year.” Saskie Dorr is spending yet another summer at Lakeside, Ohio. No TV, no phones, no alcohol...just a houseful of squirrelly relatives and scheduled entertainment every night. While Saskie struggles with the deeper meaning of her life – and her family – in this small Christian community, all hell breaks loose. The Lakeside Chronicles are short stories that recount Saskie’s adventures.

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brother, family, father, fiction, humor, lake, lakeside, mother, ohio, pop culture, religion, single mom, stories, vacation

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beegirl wrote 1794 days ago

Hi, I was born in Ohio. Haven't been there for 20 years, but being born there should count for something shouldn't it? I really like the idea of your story. I like the short stories adding up to one longer story. Another book that does that on this site is "Prince of Polyester" you should have a look. Listen I think you have a good thing going here but I think that you need to enliven it abit. I think that you need the action to move at a fast pace and follow the old advice--show don't tell. But I am only one voice. Just think about that. I have learned heaps on this site. I really like the idea and I have no doubt that you will make this story just what it needs to be. So backing it for sure.
(The Sea Pillow)

Roe wrote 1794 days ago

Love your writing style, quirky, amusing, and pulling no punches, An interesting premise too. It's an unusual way to tell the story, through a series of shorts, but I think in this case it works, and what is good about it is that it is so easy to pick up and put down. Definitely deserves backing and so putting on my shelf and good luck

AnnabelleP wrote 1795 days ago

Hi there,
I have placed your book on my bookshelf ;-)
I love your writing style, straight to the point, no nonsense. This is an intriguing mix, well written and enjoyable. I will certainly read on and come back with another, more helpful comment, but in the meanwhile, good luck with this!
(Adelaide Short0