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want to get published? These books are the all-time community favourites – and each month we whip off the top five for a reading and review from our Editorial Board

Non-fiction, Popular Culture, Christian, Religious
A revolutionary portrait of the destiny of our world and planet, blending captivating biblical perspectives with secular motifs and contemporary portents.
Scenes from an Examined Life
Young Adult, Biography, Harper True Life, Christian
Wartime. A single woman, pregnant by a married man, leaves home in Ireland. She abandons her baby boy in Westminster Cathedral, Central London.
The Purple Morrow-Book 1
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Fantasy, Christian
The Rovers had been sent to decimate the Southernlands. Instead they awoke its saviour.
Stolen Childhood
Non-fiction, Biography, Harper True Life, Christian
I was eight years old, about to commit suicide, I had lost all hope. I was not afraid of dying. I was afraid of living.
If Children Are Cheaper By The Dozen Can I Get A Discount On Six?
Biography, Harper True Life, Christian, Comedy
Need a laugh that brings sunshine and chases those storm clouds away? Open the cover of this book and start smiling!
The Woman from E.A.R.L.
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Christian
Emily takes a stand against spiritual abuse in the church and rediscovers her faith along the way.
The Revealing
Thriller, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Christian
Three men are unknowingly given the power to become War, Pestilence and Famine and must destroy the fourth horseman, Death in order to save mankind.
Not unto Death but unto Life
Fiction, Fantasy, Christian
Pastor Alexey Zimin and his Ministry in an ex-Soviet town are the target of terrorist attacks. Who is behind this evil?
Waters of Grace
Fiction, Romance, Christian, Comedy
There are lonely hearts in England, thirsty souls in Africa. What can be done to help? Set up a committee, of course.
Answer the Call
Non-fiction, Instructional, Christian, Religious
Reboot your Christian life!
A War Within: The Gladiator
Fiction, Historical Fiction, Young Adult, Christian
When tragedy kills your faith what is left worth living -- and dying -- for?
Council of the Ark
Fiction, Thriller, Historical Fiction, Christian
Did the Maker's plan really work?
Why aren't we in paradise now?
Without the help of these beasts,
we might not be here at all...
Surfer, Soldier, Outlaw, Saint
Non-fiction, Biography, Christian
Coming of age in the 60's. Growing up in a beach community as a surfer. Drafted into the army at 19 and sent to Vietnam.
The Warrior Twins
Fiction, Children's, Young Adult, Christian
Enveloped in a mystical world of demons, angels, and the supernatural, fourteen-year-old prodigy twins use their powers for the greater good of humanity.
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Popular Culture, Christian
Do not fear that what you have lost has gone forever; you will find on the inside what the outside has taken away
Daniel and the Sun Sword
Fiction, Fantasy, Young Adult, Christian
What Daniel wants most is a normal family. Getting adopted by God and inheriting the task of fighting evil isn’t what he had in mind.
GFB Grown Fokes Bidniss
Literary Fiction, Chick Lit, Romance, Christian
A desperate, but devout, churchwoman marries a soldier and months later falls for a smooth-talking playboy while her husband is deployed to the Korean War.
With All My Mind
Instructional, Harper True Life, Christian, Religious
A friend's words,"Let your scars tell God's story," gave birth to this devotional designed to minister to the mentally ill and those who love them.
A New Day
Biography, Popular Culture, Harper True Life, Christian
Have you ever felt lost and abandoned like a waste product left on a production line in a factory that closed years ago?
The Earthly City
Science Fiction, Fantasy, Christian, Religious
Christian fantasy or Christian science fiction or urban fantasy: you decide. London is developing into a single organic being, reducing its citizens to mere cells.