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Read and review the latest unpublished books, submitted by the members of the authonomy writing community.

The Gargoyle Chronicles
Thriller, Historical Fiction, Fantasy, Comedy
Deep in the recesses of time the thoughts of a lonely gargoyle brew, up on high, decaying in vain with the acid rain…
Destini Gemelli
Fiction, Young Adult, Religious, Gay
A story about two women who meet and change each others lives forever , a sweet romance that tells of true love and acceptance .
The Social Potion
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Crime
A roller coaster ride into a network marketing nightmare.
Beowulf...  the Bear's Son
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Fantasy, Young Adult
Raised by a she-bear and a shaman in the wild, a Viking boy acquires superhuman strength and becomes the greatest warrior of all time.
Fiction, Romance, Fantasy
"Governesses never are heroines in a romance - perhaps that is just as well. If romantic heroines behaved like governesses there would be no story."
Fiction, Thriller, Christian, Crime
When private detective John Wesley Tucker is hired to do a simple background check on an aspiring politician, he finds him self stalked by evil.
Loyalty Issues
Fiction, Chick Lit, Romance
When Dr. Ross tries to help four young women , she's surprised to discover the lies, deception, abuse, and secrets they hold.
Lothario & The New Girl
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Romance, Erotica
A struggle for control between a womanizer, a well prepared innocent, and a manipulator.
The Fortune of Annacara
Fiction, Historical Fiction
A remarkable woman, the American Indian granddaughter of a mighty warrior, flees 1890s reservation life to find a fortune for freedom's sake.
Carnival of Lies
Historical Fiction, History
When a Papist plot to kill King Charles II is uncovered, mass hysteria spreads amongst Protestants, and murder, intrigues and conspiracies unfold within Restoration London.

I Know You
Fiction, Thriller, Christian, Crime
Dead prostitutes. Dead cops. Someone's watching his every move. Questioning his own mental stability, how will Detective Kennedy Collins handle it?
The Future of the Past
Science Fiction, Fantasy, Young Adult
Thought death was the end? Think again. 2018, there is unequivocal proof the soul exists. Welcome to a world where no past crime goes unpunished.
 Ethereal Witnesses
Fiction, Fantasy
Entranced medium, Karen Wilson, produces ectoplasm. Spirits cover their ethereal bodies and materialise, taking on solid forms in the dark.

Papa's Gift
Literary Fiction, Popular Culture, Instructional, Religious
Papa, taught by a Spiritual Traveler, passes his knowledge to his granddaughter by writing a story for her to find when she's older.
Fiction, Young Adult
When Alex Greene finds himself plunged in a new and horrifying world order, a question plagues him: "but aren't things better this way?"
Beautiful people
Fiction, Chick Lit, Romance, Comedy
When you screw up your life, you know there’s no turning back and you just have to learn to live with the consequences.
Something Beautiful
Fiction, Chick Lit, Romance, Erotica
Do you believe in fate? What about second chances?
Dance on the Deep Blue
Fiction, Fantasy
An honourable man is given an impossible choice, a bastard dances with death and four sons grow tired of waiting for their father to die.
mOOn platOOn
Science Fiction
You’ve just arrived at the most remote human outpost ever established. Ever…as of 1983. From there, one man can destroy the world.
Fiction, Fantasy, Popular Culture, Comedy
It’s the day after the day before. Hungover Leopold Murphy is in dire need of money. Should he trust a man named Hatchett?