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Fiction, Science Fiction, Young Adult
His home destroyed, his friends gone. Nathan wakes up to a world in ruins. One of the last survivors, he fights desperately to survive.
Arabella: A Picture of Beauty
Fiction, Romance, Fantasy, Horror
Can anyone fall in love with a ghost?
Andrew's: Pussy Galore.
Fiction, Romance, Erotica
"Yes! Yes! Yes!" she screamed. "No, don't kiss me; we mustn't get emotional involved; I'm going to America next week, to get married!"
Hollywood on the Danube
Fiction, Romance, Popular Culture, Comedy
Fictional account of American TV writer down on his luck, who gets second chance when he's hired in Europe, learning backstabbing is just like Hollywood.
Fiction, Thriller, Science Fiction
The glue that binds us together is coming apart...
Literary Fiction, Thriller, Comedy, Crime
A contemporary story, full of ideas and surprises. You will be entertained!
Dax 2 Dealing with reality
Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Young Adult
Reality proves scarier than Dax’s coma.
Fiction, Romance, Science Fiction, Young Adult
At the heart of tragedy, beats a desire to survive...
Dandruff Hits The Turtleneck
Fiction, Literary Fiction
Can you keep a secret…for 63 years?
"Brilliant Mastery of Prose." Richard Briers.

Slow Poison
Fiction, Thriller, Crime
A killer lies in wait for the perfect moment. Thirty years on, that moment has arrived.
Cursed: Demon's Daughter
Fiction, Thriller, Horror
Wanted by law enforcements. Chased by drug cartels. Hunted by demons...
Fiction, Comedy
Push,press,lift,stack.Push,press,lift,stack. Then die.
Jeremiah's Codes - the Jon Bennett chronicles
Fiction, Thriller
Only one man stands in their way, dark and mysterious he holds the key to humanity's survival…
Non-fiction, Popular Culture, Harper True Life
When you lose something you make an effort to find it. When the something you lost is your precious child you will search forever.
Fiction, Chick Lit, Romance, Fantasy
Regan finds out the people around her are not at all who they seem to be. Secrets, hidden powers, and a destiny she never planned.
Gift of Prophecy-Book Three in the
Fiction, Romance, Fantasy
Regan’s arrival in Ireland may have heightened her powers, but it has also given Agrona more cause to make sure she doesn't succeed.
Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Young Adult
Either you live on in pain, or you die a worse fate.
Literary Fiction, Thriller, Crime
"I never thought that it would come to this, I -believed- it would. Sometimes belief makes all the difference." Then I shot him.
Midnight Moon
Fiction, Thriller, Crime
Government officials are dead. The Mayor of New Orleans is missing. The Mississippi River rarely surrenders her dead, until now!
The Crusades of Medieval America: Symphony of Steel
Thriller, Romance, Science Fiction, Fantasy
Ricki wants revenge against the Warlord killing her family. Falling in love with an Immortal Knight forces her to juggle romance, destiny, and cheat death.