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Read and review the latest unpublished books, submitted by the members of the authonomy writing community.

 Ethereal Witnesses
Fiction, Fantasy
Entranced medium, Karen Wilson, produces ectoplasm. Spirits cover their ethereal bodies and materialise, taking on solid forms in the dark.

Beautiful people
Fiction, Chick Lit, Romance, Comedy
When you screw up your life, you know there’s no turning back and you just have to learn to live with the consequences.
Something Beautiful
Fiction, Chick Lit, Romance, Erotica
Do you believe in fate? What about second chances?
Dance on the Deep Blue
Fiction, Fantasy
An honourable man is given an impossible choice, a bastard dances with death and four sons grow tired of waiting for their father to die.
mOOn platOOn
Science Fiction
You’ve just arrived at the most remote human outpost ever established. Ever…as of 1983. From there, one man can destroy the world.
Fiction, Fantasy, Popular Culture, Comedy
It’s the day after the day before. Hungover Leopold Murphy is in dire need of money. Should he trust a man named Hatchett?
Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Young Adult

Dax's last memory turns into his greatest nightmare.
Dandruff Hits The Turtleneck
Fiction, Literary Fiction
Can you keep a secret…for 63 years?
An unlikely confession turns a newcomer’s life upside down in a small English village.

Wolf Heart
Fiction, Romance, Fantasy, Young Adult
A girl finds herself in the home of a strange boy with no memory of her past.
No Quarter
Non-fiction, Biography, Harper True Life, Christian
Autobiography of redemption by the hand of an absolute sovereign God. Almost too good to be true and a testimony to His love for us.
Houses on the Sand
Fiction, Crime
Logan came to the small desert town of Harper's Knob to bury his grandfather, but the town wants to bury Logan with him.
Gavin's Gadgets, Gizmo and Gravy
Fiction, Science Fiction, Children's, Comedy
Gavin loves three things – Gizmo (cat), gadgets and his mum’s gravy. Can his gadget protect Mum and her gravy recipe from The Zog People?
Stranger At The Door
When you know more about the daily events in your neighbour's life, than in your own, life begins to get complicated.
Thriller, Science Fiction, Young Adult
Tiny fractions of time--a moment later or sooner--may separate one from deadly, unforeseen events. Rick is about to learn how to pay attention.
Soul Hosts
Fiction, Fantasy, Young Adult
In the Red Kingdom, anyone can be imprisoned for being a sorcerer. Fifteen-year-old Wayden is hiding one in his mind.
Destini Gemelli
Fiction, Young Adult, Religious, Gay
A story about two women who meet and change each others lives forever , a sweet romance that tells of true love and acceptance .
Rendezvous: Y Dyn Bach
Fiction, Romance, Erotica
Yes! Yes! Yes! She screamed. No don't kiss me; we mustn't get emotional involved; I'm going to America next week, to get married!
The Macro Corp. -- Rise of Chaos
Fiction, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Comedy
A New Orleans based superhero battles a plot to enslave humanity with super powers, voodoo, and science.
The Spark Series: Bravery
Fiction, Thriller, Science Fiction, Young Adult
You have to show them you're brave, that you can be sacrificial and you are indeed victorious in order to win the Three Trials.
Fiction, Thriller, Science Fiction
The glue that binds us together is coming apart...