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Read and review the latest unpublished books, submitted by the members of the authonomy writing community.

Weather of Wolves
Historical Fiction, Young Adult
A Viking declares a blood feud against Charlemagne. But how do you take vengeance on the ruler of the world?
Rendezvous: Y Dyn Bach
Fiction, Romance, Erotica
Yes! Yes! Yes! She screamed. No don't kiss me; we mustn't get emotional involved; I'm going to America next week, to get married!
Buried Mistakes
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Chick Lit, Historical Fiction
Buried Mistakes, a tragic ghost story of forbidden love and betrayal, based on true stories of women forced into sexual slavery by the Japanese military.
Thriller, Romance, Science Fiction
Rick and his mother joke about Sasquatch, but an inhuman scream and heavy footsteps in the dark cause them to question what they believe.
A Window into Time
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Historical Fiction, Fantasy
Three scraps of parchment lead to the fabled Chronicle that points the way to unimaginable power, wealth and the disruption of society and religious beliefs.
I Know You
Fiction, Thriller, Christian, Crime
Dead prostitutes. Dead cops. Someone's watching his every move. Questioning his own mental stability, how will Detective Kennedy Collins handle it?
Dance on the Deep Blue
Fiction, Fantasy
An honourable man is given an impossible choice, a bastard dances with death and four sons grow tired of waiting for their father to die.
A Society on Canvas
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Fantasy, Young Adult
Durian Epston arrives full of hopes and dreams in the City, only to end up with disillusions and a will to change things.
THUMP vol 1.
Fiction, Science Fiction
"You are a component; purpose unknown."
Changes in the Tide
Fiction, Chick Lit, Romance, Young Adult
A dead sailor, a cute guy, and a museum. Olivia's history project isn't turning out the way she expected it to.
Thinking Like a Wildebeest
Fiction, Romance, Popular Culture, Comedy
A tale of revenge, booze, gambling, sex and a man obsessed with Deirdre Barlow.
Conspiracy's Child
Historical Fiction, History
How can the new King, James II, survive the scandal that threatens the succession of his son?
Carnival of Lies
Historical Fiction, History
When a Papist plot to kill King Charles II is uncovered, mass hysteria spreads amongst Protestants, and murder, intrigues and conspiracies unfold within Restoration London.

One Off, Sir!
Fiction, Thriller, Crime
Ed Riley’s done his time. Over four years behind bars.
He’s powerfully built and now knows who shopped him.
Someone won’t sleep very well tonight.

The Corruption of Michael Blake
Literary Fiction, Thriller
When the Gypsies enter the town of Churchill, Michael Blake's troubles are only just beginning.
Fiction, Thriller, Romance, Fantasy
When Life presents a cup you care not to sup, it just may be the grail of transformation. The Instrument surrendered becomes Its Maker.
A Place to Stand
Fiction, Chick Lit, Romance
Rhae Peters is trying to find a way to carry on with life after the shocking death of her husband.
Fiction, Chick Lit, Popular Culture, Crime
You have nothing to lose so you begin at the end with these four words. "I just killed someone."
Solace Under A Tamarind Tree
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Thriller
We cannot do evil without doing it to ourselves.
Hollywood on the Danube
Literary Fiction, Popular Culture, Comedy, Gay
Fictional account of American TV writer down on his luck, who gets second chance when he's hired in Europe, learning backstabbing is just like Hollywood.