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Read and review the latest unpublished books, submitted by the members of the authonomy writing community.

Atlantis Short Story
Non-fiction, History, Instructional
I need your logic, critical thinking, and problem solving skills. Please read a few short chapters.
Anatomy of a Trader
Thriller, Horror, Comedy, Erotica
I am a financier. I work at a hedge fund. I smell blood. I drink.
Fiction, Comedy
Push,press,lift,stack.Push,press,lift,stack. Then die.
The Crusades of Medieval America: Symphony of Steel
Thriller, Romance, Science Fiction, Fantasy
Ricki wants revenge against the Warlord killing her family. Falling in love with an Immortal Knight forces her to juggle romance, destiny, and cheat death.
Rendezvous: Y Dyn Bach
Fiction, Romance, Erotica
Yes! Yes! Yes! She screamed. No don't kiss me; we mustn't get emotional involved; I'm going to America next week, to get married!
Third Time Lucky
Fiction, Thriller, Chick Lit, Crime
Three damaged women scarred emotionally and physically from their past.
Three individual battles to fight.
One Man to save them.
The Frozen World
'These are unusual but familiar times.'

A satirical novel that mixes the youthful innocence of a children's tale with uncertain mature reality.

Seven Sins
Fiction, Thriller, Horror, Religious
Six things the Lord hates and the seventh, his soul detests.
Thriller, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Crime
A city dislodged from the history books hides a monstrous secret.
Extracting the truth
Fiction, Thriller, Crime
Three men are found dead in a macabre setting and linked to the death of the wife of one of them three years before
Oracle's Quest
Fiction, Fantasy, Children's, Young Adult
Evil is creeping into the world of Talia. Can Idi learn to be a magician in time to save it?
The Crown of Crysaldor
Fiction, Fantasy, Young Adult
After a dark age of three hundred years, an adventure begins to restore Crysaldor. The crown must be found that was thought lost forever.
 Ethereal Witnesses
Fiction, Fantasy
Entranced medium, Karen Wilson, produces ectoplasm. Spirits cover their ethereal bodies and materialise, taking on solid forms in the dark.

Lady on the Cliff
Fiction, Historical Fiction, Children's
A child's memories of the Second World War and of the mystery woman who crossed his family's path
Father Brennan - The Heavenly River
Fiction, Comedy
No one ever faced eviction from Heaven - until now.
A Ride on Blake's Bus
Fiction, Historical Fiction, Children's
Another short story. This time about a small boy growing up in post war Britain.
AOV (Angel of Vengeance)
Fiction, Thriller, Young Adult, Religious
'AOV is an Angel of Vengeance with a dark secret and after Satan who portrays the Angel of Light in this epic tale.
The Kidnapping of Miyako Jun
Fiction, Thriller
A provocative photographer creates a series of 'kidnap' style images for a private client, which are then used as part of an actual kidnapping.
Destini Gemelli
Fiction, Young Adult, Religious, Gay
A story about two women who meet and change each others lives forever , a sweet romance that tells of true love and acceptance .
Stolen Childhood
Non-fiction, Biography, Harper True Life, Christian
I was eight years old, about to commit suicide, I had lost all hope. I was not afraid of dying. I was afraid of living.