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written 872 days ago

thanks tammy! congratulations on moving in to the top five! well-deserved....
thank you for your feedback on isa.bella.... i appreciate the editing notations and also your commentary on my book.

Hi Cheryl,
Plein-air – I’m not sure what this means?
There are some speech marks before “Catherine screamed as she… - which I don’t think are in the right place?
“What kind of life would that have been to properly raise a child?” not meaning to speak aloud – I’m wondering if it should be “What kind of life would that have been to properly raise a child?” she said, not meaning to speak aloud.
I LOVE this first chapter! It’s such a beautiful tale. It’s a little rough in places but I think that adds to the charm. I’m hoping that we hear more about Obeah though, did he ever find another love or did he die lonely and heartbroken?
Happily backed and will read more when I can :-)
Tammy Robinson

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written 886 days ago

karen.... thanks so much for your support... i appreciate your sharing your reactions to isa.bella. i am half way through your book right now and am very intrigued. i will post again when i'm finished....

The idea that Obeah's magic dolls have come into the posession of the young Isa many years later is intriguing and a little scary. Isa is concentrating too much on her wishes, and as the story unfolds you get a feeling of unease as Isa becomes a bit obsessed with Bella while concentrating less and less on her real world. An interesting idea which draws the reader in. Well written and well executed in the way it shows that magic can be dangerous.
highly starred and shelved
Karen 19
The Way Things Are

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written 1027 days ago

john... such a touching story... i enjoyed it very much and can see why it deserves the attention of harper collins. your descriptions are such that i can imagine being right there! cheryl view book

written 1131 days ago

thanks phyllis! your comments are so much appreciated.... i will be happy to look at your stories... cheryl

Hello Cheryl, This is a heart-warmingly charming story, well written and described. I have read the first two chapters and would like to read more. It is therefore going on my Watchlist. I wish you every good luck with this, it deserves it.
I would be grateful if you could take a look at either of my two stories please: PAPER DREAMS or A PASSING STORM.

Best wishes to you

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written 1156 days ago

thanks so much, bea.... i appreciate your support.... it is much appreciated!

I popped by to have a read and . . . Good heavens! Your first chapter is absolutely fascinating. I will place it on my WL. But I've read enough to feel generous about sprinkling some brilliant stars your way. My brother, John Campbell, told me of your work. Thank you for your support, and I wish you well here at Authonomy. I see you've climbed nicely already.

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written 1161 days ago

thanks so much! i am enjoying your book immensely. i appreciate your patience as i learn to navigate this site.... cheryl view book