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written 1012 days ago

Hi Christine,

I was assigned 'Maximus' as a reading review on another website just a week or two ago - I loved it then and love it now. Great writing altogether. All the very best with it! ...I've stuck it on my shelf!

Jacqueline Flynn

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written 1024 days ago

Jacqueline. This caught my attention by the great title. Hope you will soon get an appropriate cover for it that should attract more readers. My only critique at the moment is the length of the first chapter. I'm sure you could find a suitable place to split it so readers would be encouraged to continue. At the moment a reader may find it a bit daunting. On my shelf. Good Luck.

Thanks so much - that really is helpful. I did have a shorter chapter initially but lengthened it to suit agents etc. I'll redress that and also look to getting a cover done.

Can I just ask though, is this a subject that would appeal to people in the wider world? I'm from Belfast and all my life ate, drank and slept the 'Troubles' - I just dont know if other people would be interested in hearing about them?? view book