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Club Grimoire for Fantasy Writers


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A group of writers on Authonomy have created a club for mystery writers so that we can discuss writing in our specific genre. We're also in the middle of a friendly Chapter One Competition. Someone who writes fantasy novels has asked me to create the same type of club for fantasy writers. So, if you are interested in joining this new group, let me know either by posting a link to your book in this forum thread, or by sending me a message.

I will organize a chapter one competition in the same manner that I organized the Club Agatha competition. In that competition, we have twenty-seven books. Each participant is required to read the first chapter of each book, and leave a comment on the book's page. Then, the reader posts a note on the forum thread, indicating that he or she has read the chapter. The reader can also leave a brief comment about the book on the forum, but is not required to do so.

After everyone has read the first chapter of all the books (in no particular order), all participants will vote on different categories, so there may be multiple winners. The book with the most votes overall will be declared the first place winner and all participants will back that book for one week.

If people are interesting in doing a chapter two competition, that can start as soon as the first competition ends.

What we are finding out is that the critiques received in this activity are extremely helpful because we're all in it together and we're here to help each other. I don't have a fantasy novel uploaded, so I won't be participating directly, but I may leave some critiques and I will keep track of the readings.

******NEW: As of Monday, the 23rd of July, Elizabeth H is the administrator for Club Grimoire. I'm still a member and will pop in to visit and to read some of the books. Have fun with the competition everyone.

**************************************************BREAKING NEWS********************************************

Elizabeth H has created a new email address so that members of the group may contact her outside of Authonomy. The email address is:


IMPORTANT: When you critique a book for this competition, please start it out with the title Club Grimoire Critique. We'll set an official start date for Monday, the 23rd of July, however, people may begin whenever they like and read the books in whatever order they want. In Club Agatha many of us began before the official date because we were eager to read. We won't set a deadline until we see how many books will be in the competition. We will allow plenty of time for everyone to read and comment on the first chapter of all the books.

Here are Club Grimoire's Members who are participating in the Chapter One Competition so far:

Writer in Red (WIR)--
Elizabeth H (EH)--
Nancy Lopez (NL)---
colin smith (CS)-- ("Prologue the First" and "Matters Pertaining". They are chapter 2 and 3 by autho's counting.)
K E Shaw (KE)--
Inkysparrow (IS)--
John Bayliss (JB)--
Ian Oliver-Jones (IOJ)--
Karataratakas (KT)--
Sharahzade (SH)--
Kayla H (KH)--
eloravelle (EV)--
Ellie McG (EM)--
Sabina Frost (SF)--
Stormshine (SS)--
Lucy Middlemass (LM)--
Emily Rebecca (ER)--
K.T. Bowman (KTB)--
Chancelet (CH)--
junetee (JT)--
Rikasword (RW)--
Eftborin (EF)--

*************IMPORTANT NOTICE: As of the 8th of August, the Round One competition is closed to new particpants. When Round Two begins, the competition will again be open to new participants.*****************

Here are Club Grimoire's Members who are not currently participating in the competition:

Thalia-- REMOVED BY THALIA rose-of-the-alchemist/
John Lovell-- REMOVED BY JOHN LOVELL hearts-the-sword-of-barra/
Joshua Roebuck (JR)-- REMOVED BY JOSHUA
Brittany Engstrand (BE)-- REMOVED BY BRITTANY
Sebastian-- Non-Participation
Illusion-- Non-Participation
Jordy Pena (JP)-- Non-Participation
Daniel de Molay-Wilson (DMW)-- REMOVED BY DANIEL
Linda Nelson (LN)--
Benjacoto (BJT)--
Linda Nelson (LN)--
Meera Taj (MT)--
chevalier94 (chev)--


If a book has a prologue or introduction, that should be read in conjunction with Chapter One.

If you have already read and commented on a book that is in the competition, and that comment was made within the last 30 days, you can use it to fulfill the requirement. If it's older than 30 days, you should re-read. The reason for this is:
1) We want the book fresh in your memory so that you'll be able to vote on it;
2) Books are frequently being edited/revised, and you may not have read the most current version.

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Writer in Red

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Awesome! Another one! Well my other work is kinda fantasy. It is based off the Grimm tale of Snow White and it has magic, witches and stuff.

Oh and my first chapter is just a list of characters so the real story does not start until chapter 2 (though it is still technically chapter 1)

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Awesome! Another one! Well my other work is kinda fantasy. It is based off the Grimm tale of Snow White and it has magic, witches and stuff.

Oh and my first chapter is just a list of characters so the real story does not start until chapter 2 (though it is still technically chapter 1) <nolink>close quotes</nolink>

Very cool! We have our first member (besides me). I haven't read that book yet, but I will.

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Elizabeth H

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last online 137 days ago

I would like all votes in for the top five by September 23rd. Ideally, I would prefer people to finish their reads on the 9th, but they can continue as long as the voting lasts, with the proviso that anyone who doesn't complete reading at least half the books will not be in the competition and will not be eligible to vote at that end time. Should this happen and someone vote for a book that has been eliminated, I will be in touch with the voter to get them to recast that particular vote.

Round 2:

1) Top five get the first five chapters reviewed in depth and we vote on the best one of those to back for one week.
2) Everyone else gets chapter 2 reviewed and we could have another contest for the best five of those for voting and the backing of one book for a week. This would include all the top five.
3) I open up an alternative club grimoire thread for the new people wanting to join and for anyone with significant alterations to their first chapter, plus or minus prolog. Standing members can be in both groups if they so wish and can undertake the workload. This is their call. The competition will vote for the best five and the best of those will get one week of backings. I will make sure this does not coincide with the original club thread.
4) Rinse and repeat for chapter 3 if everyone is game. Submission packages normally comprise the first three chapters. We can come back to the table to discuss subsequent chapters.
5) We go on to the synopsis and query letter with those who are willing. This is huge and probably the most scary of all. Again, the five best query/synopsis get voted for the best and that gets one week backing. I would like every member who wishes to have the best shot ever of getting agented.
6) Rinse and repeat for the alternative club grimoire group.

I am putting these suggestions on the OP so that they are easy to find and people don't need to wade through the thread to find them. Does this sound like a plan? I know club agatha is running into a few difficulties with the old and new members together so I was trying to find a fix to keep up the incredible momentum. An enormous amount of work has been generated on all the books. I would like to see this continue. So thoughts, guys.


Kiss Me Farewell-The Snow White Play----EH, NL, SH, EF, IS, CS, KH, LN, BE, LM, EM, ER, Callie D, BJT, JL, Elora, Chancelet, KTB, Beany, Thalia DMW, Jenny B, AJ, M2, KT, JT, RW,

Darkspire Reaches----NL, SH, EF, IS, Ferret, KH,LN, BE, Beany, LM, KT, Callie D, Anthrax, JL, ER, WIR, JB,Elora, IOJ, KE, Chancelet, KTB, Thalia , EM, CS, Zyg, DMW, SS, M2, Jenny B, Shelvis, JT, Hyperion , JR, RW, SF,

Sea of Jasmine----EH, NL, JR, SH, IS, KT, EF, CS, EM, LM, LN, KH, Callie D, JL, Elora, Beany, IOJ,Chancelet, ER, Thalia, KTB, KE, Hyperion, SS, M2, BE, RW, Jenny B, JT, JB, Ferret, DMW,AJ,Antrax, SF,

Backward Glances----EH, WIR, DMW, EF, IS, SH, EM, KH, Anthrax, JB, LM, IOJ,LN, Elora, KT, KTB, ER, CS, M2, Zijn, SS, Chancelet, Callie D, BE, Hyperion, KE, Jenny B, Beany, Ferret, RW,JT, Shelvis, AJ, SF,

Zamorna----anthrax, EH, IS , NL, EF, IOJ, KH, Elora, Chancelet, KTB , LM, ER, KT, Shelvis, M2, LM, Jenny B, CS, Beany, JT, AJ, EM, RW, KE, Hyperion, JB, SF,

Acts of The Servant---- KE, EH, IS, Shelvis, Jenny B, EF, EM, KH,KT, Elora, Chancelet, SS, ER, NL, Anthrax, LM, KTB, M2, Hyperion, JT , SH, RW, Beany,

The Seventh Gate----anthrax, IS, Jenny B, EH, Shelvis, KT, IOJ, JB, EF, SH, Elora, KH, Chancelet, Hyperion, ER, JR, KTB, RW, NL, M2 , SS, LM, CS, EM,AJ, Ferret, JT, SF,

Liminal Lights---- EH, IS, SS, Hyperion, EF, Elora, KH, ER, KE, Chancelet, Zijn, KT, NL, KTB, JT, M2 , LM, JT, CS, JB, EM, Anthrax, Shelvis, Ferret, RW, AJ, SF,

Sword Ring and Crown----JR, Shelvis, NL, TC, JennyB, EH, Beany, Anthrax, IOJ, KT, KE, EF, ER,SH, JB, Elora,Chancelet, Zijn, KH, SS, AJ, LM, EM, KTB, M2, CS, Hyperion, RW, Ferret, JT, SF,

The Druids of Gybi----KE, IS , EH, Jenny B, Shelvis , NL, EF, KE, KH, AJ, EM, KTB, Anthrax, LM, M2, CS, KT, RW, SH, SS, Chancelet, EM, JT, Ferret, JB,

Devereux----NL , IS, EH, KT, SH,Anthrax , JB, IOJ, Elora, Jenny B, ER, KH, KE, Chancelet, SS, EM , RW, JT M2, SF, Hyperion, Shelvis, LM, Ferret,

Serpentine----anthrax , NL, KE,EH, EF, KT, IS, Elora, Chancelet, Zijn, KH, ER, RW, AJ, JT, KTB, M2, LM , SH, Jenny B, EM, CS, ShelvisJ, Ferret, Hyperion, SF,

The Paladin Vampire----Ferret, DMW, NL, KE, IS, EH, EF, KT, Ferret, SH, SF,JB, Chancelet, Shelvis, ER, KH, KTB, M2, LM, Jenny B, CS, EM, RW, JT, CaileD

Dolorelamia----NL, IS , SS, KE, EH,EF, IOJ, Anthrax, JB, Chancelet, ER, KH, KTB, M2, EM, Jenny B,LM, Shelvis, CS, RW, Ferret, JT, SF, CailieD,

A King in Time----NL , SS, IS, EH, SH, Hyperion, IOJ, KE, WIR, Elora, Zyg, EF, Chancelet, KH, ER, MT, KT, KTB, M2, JB, LM, Ferret, Shelvis, EM, JT, RW, Jenny B, CaileD, SF, AJ,

In the House of Mer----anthrax, KT , EM, SS, IS, EH,JL, Jenny B, NL,EF, SH, KE,Hyperion Zijn, RW, Chancelet, JB, M2, CS, KTB, JT, AJ, Caile D, LM,Ferret, Shelvis SF

Dear Cinderella---- DMW, CS, IS, Hyperion, Shelvis, EH, EF, KT, KE, Jenny B, Anthrax, NL, JB, EM, ER, Chancelet, KH,KTB , M2, LM, JT, Ferret, RW, SF, Caile D

Paragon---- SS, KT , IS, EH, EF, JB, NL, KE, Chev, Elora, RW, ER, KH, Chancelet, Jenny B, M2 LM, Shelvis, JT Caile D, SF, Ferret,

A Light Reborn/Resurgence-- SS, Anthrax ,IOJ, IS, EH, JR, EF, Elora, KH, KT, Chancelet, Jenny B, ER, M2 , EM Shelvis, JT, RW, LM, NL, KE, JB, Caile D, AJ,

Roanoke—SH, DMW,EM, LM, KT,JL, IS, EH,EF, JB, KE, Shelvis, NL, Elora, Anthrax, MT, ER,RW, KH,Chancelet,AJ, SF, M2, Ferret, JT, Caile D

Jinger Barley and the Murkle Moon---IS, TC , JL, EF, Jenny B, EH, KE, NL, AJ, RW,ER, KT, KH, Anthrax, JB, elora, SS, EM, Chancelet, Shelvis, CS,M2 , Hyperion, JT, Caile D, SF, Ferret,

The Rage of Atlantis—DMW, Hyperion, Shelvis, IS,SH, EF, EH, NL, KH, Elora, ER Chancelet, M2,KT, JT, RW LM, KE, JB, Ferret,

Mother of Monsters- JL, Jenny B, NL, EF, EH, Hyperion, Anthrax, KE, KT, JB, Elora, EM, KH, KTB, Chancelet, Ferret, M2, CS, JT, RW, SF, LM, Shelvis , AJ,

The Witches of Syhe—KT, IS, Jenny B, RJ, EH, EF, KE, NL, JB, Anthrax, KH,EM, Shelvis, ER, Chancelet , AJ, M2 , JT, RW, LM, Hyperion, CS, Ferret,

Anticipation of the Penitent-- IS , NL, Jenny B, KE, RJ, EH,,Anthrax , EF, JB, Beany, KT, Shelvis, EM, KH, ER, M2 , JT , RW, CS, LM, SF, AJ,

The Green-eyed Girl –IS, AJ, EF, KE, JB, EH, Anthrax, KT, Elora, EM,KH, ER, Chancelet SF, RW, Shelvis, NL, JT, Ferret, CS,

The Circle of the Frealings – EF, M2, IS, Anthrax, SF, JB, Hyperion, KE , RW,ER, KH, Jenny B, NL, Chauncelet,KT, Shelvis, EH, JT, Ferret, LM,

Four Corners The Rock Star—JB, RJ,EF, Jenny B, NL, MT, KT, KE, KH,ER M2, SF, Anthrax, CS,Chancelet, Hyperion, RW, EH, LM, Shelvis,

Broomsticks, Walking Sticks and Zimmer Frames, Please read the Musicians chapter- JB, KE, Anthrax, MT, EF, EM, Hyperion, NL, KT, elora Jenny B, AJ, Ferret,ER, Shelvis, KH, SF, M2, JT, KTB, Chancelet, EH, LM, CaileD

Here' s recap of the number of books read, so far, by each of our participants:
Writer in Red (WIR)--5
Elizabeth H (EH)--44
Nancy Lopez (NL)---41
colin smith (CS)--27
K E Shaw (KE)--32
Inkysparrow (IS)--44
Hyperion-- 21
Eftborin (EF)--45
John Bayliss (JB)-- 26
Ian Oliver-Jones (IOJ)--12
Karataratakas (KT)—39
Sharahzade (SH)—17
Kayla H--44
eloravelle (EV)-- 29
Ellie McG (EM)--31
Sabina Frost (SF)-- 26
Stormshine (SS)—19
Lucy Middlemass (LM)--34
Caile D--15
Emily Rebecca(ER)--42
K.T. Bowman (KTB)--26
Chancelet – 40
Mat012 M2)-39
Arnbjorn (AJ)-24
Junetee (JT) -37
Rikasworld (RW)—37

Withdrawn by author
Brittany Engstrand (BE)--
Melanie and the Mirror---- EH, IS, EM, Jenny B, CS, NL, WIR, EF, KH, Chancelet, ER, LM, KTB M2, KT,
Brittany Engstrand (BE)--4
Heights of Obsession----NL,IS, EH, Jenny B, JL, SS, EF, SF, KE, Chancelet, ER, KH, M2, KT, LM, KTB,
Daniel de Molay-ilson (DMW)-- 12
Luna----EH, IS , EF, NL , KH, Shelvis, Elora, Chancelet, ER, KTB, LM, M2, CS, KT, Jenny B, JT, Ferret, AJ, RW,
Beany-- 9
The Eye of God----EH, IS, NL, SH, EM, EF, KH, EM, Elora, Chancelet , LM, LN, KTB, IOJ, ER, KT, M2, Callie D, RW, CS, JT, Jenny B, Beany, Hyperion, AJ, Ferret,
R.J. Blain (RJ)-- 4
Aaron & Keja: Time Dragon---- IS, EH, NL, Jenny B, Chancelet, EF, KH, ER, Chev, M2, KTB, LM, CS, KT, Shelvis, RW, JT,
Linda Nelson (LN)--6
The Dancing Soul of Fire----TC , KT, SS, IS, EH, Jenny B, NL,EF, Elora, M2, RW, Chancelet, ER, KH, KTB, M2,DMW, LM, JT,
Benjacoto (BJT)-- 1
Children of the Beast----EM, IS, NL, EH,JB, JL, EF, KT, SF, Chancelet, KH, KE, AJ, ER, RW , SS, M2 KTB, LM, Jenny B. CS, Shelvis, JT,

Day 19.
I am going to put the following books on hiatus as the authors have not participated. I have left a message to that effect. Do not crit these books unless I put one or all back on the list.
Ezeldren: Spirit of Ezereth--SS , IS, EH, EF, ER, KH, KT, Chancelet,
Children of Celainedhil--- TC , EM, IS, Shelvis , EF, Elora, EH, AJ, RW, ER, KH,
Jordy Pena (JP)--
A Liars Game: The Allik---- SS, IS, EH, EF, ER, Chancelet, KH, KT, M2
Jordy Pena (JP)--0
Flawless Ritual- DMW, IS, EF, EM, Elora, ER, KH,NL, Chancelet, Jenny B, KT,M2, JT, RW,
chevalier94 (chev)—3
The Pendulum Blade—EF, IS, LM, Elora, KT, NL, DMW, EM, Jenny B, ER, KH,M2, JT, Shelvis RW,
Meera Taj (MT) --4

Ok, so it seems you guys would like to get your teeth into the query process. I will get something posted tomorrow with some whys and wherefors and some examples. I suggest you go to and start having a look at which agents might suit your book. This is a free site and a useful resource as it gives a good insight into what people are doing and if they are actively looking or not.

Address part: This is where you real name and physical address goes, along with your telephone number and your email address. For the purposes of this query boot camp, we will assume you have already done this, so just stick to the contents. If you are using a by line, then it should go in this part, too.

The first part of the query letter that is vitally important is the introduction paragraph. It is better if you look as if you have researched the agent and haven't just sent out a generic bunch of queries. It is easy enough to modify that first para to put something specific to the agent, such as 'I see from your website/twitter/blog that you like (genre) books and mine seems to be in keeping with this theme'. Right up there in that first para you need the book title, the genre and word count. Yes, the word count is very important. High fantasy can score as much as 120k words, while urban fantasy is relegated to around 90k. Go over the counts and it becomes what is known in the industry as a BFB. The acronym stands, most unfortunately, for Big (f-bomb gerund) Book. Don't kill the messenger over this, I am just passing on what I know. Note: for Colin's attention, enormous books aren't automatically ruled out if they are stellar in their opening. What will happen is that they will require the book they are interested in representing to be cut into smaller books to sell as a series.

The second paragraph of the query letter has to encapsulate the concept of the book, much like the long pitch does here. If it is good enough, this is what will be used on the back cover. This is the mind-blowing misery paragraph. It has to be catchy and it has to get the main points of what the book is about.

The third paragraph is about you. Do you have any publishing credits? Have you sold any short stories to a paying market? Yes? List them and the publications. Do you work in the industry? Do you work in a job that could have any bearing on the things you put in your book? Have you a degree in English Literature? Do you work in the theater? Note: no one is interested in the minor factoid of your third grade teacher really liking your stories, or your Auntie Muriel/other family members/best friends/authonomy colleges thinking your book is the best thing since sliced bread. If this book has an editor's comment on authomomy, then yes, include it. If this book has won any competitions for writers, then yes, include it.

Final conclusion and signing off. Thank the agent for their time and attention and say you hope to hear from them soon. Yours sincerely, your name. We will take it as read that you have done this.

Ok, get thinking and submit here at will. I will put some of mine up tomorrow. They are loaded on my desk top and I am currently working on my laptop. Please remember that it is crucial to be honest when reviewing a query. Say what works and what doesn't and why in your opinion. I will also probably shove this comment on my update tomorrow so it doesn't get buried.

Please remember there is oddles of time to do this, so there is no rush and no pressure. If a person doesn't want to do this, that is also fine. I have run quite a few book camps on this and I think it helps. I know those that have finished are getting antsy, so it would be a good exercise to get going. Also be thinking about your synopsis, which is part of the query package. Some agents ask for one page and some ask for two. Think about doing both, as it is a pain in the ass to reduce or expand after the fact. Have fun!

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first registered 04.01.12

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Sure, I will play.

I don't suppose my other book qualifies as it is a science fantasy. <nolink>close quotes</nolink>

Fantastic! Welcome.

Posted: 20/07/2012 04:02:19

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Thanks for the invite! ^_^

Posted: 20/07/2012 04:35:21

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Elizabeth H

first registered 14.09.08

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I thought I would make a start so have just critted Writer in Red's

I am in awe.

Posted: 20/07/2012 04:41:08

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Nancy Lopez

first registered 23.11.11

last online 7 mins ago

R.J. Blain

retired user

Sure, I'll play! Smile

Posted: 20/07/2012 05:52:41

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Writer in Red

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I did not realize we started so quickly. Thanks Elizabeth for the first comment for this thread. I like all your suggestions and I am surprised you read more than you were required. I love fantasy just as much as I love mystery, though fantasy is harder for me to write so I may learn some things from this thread.

Posted: 20/07/2012 09:41:42

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