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The Alliance of Worldbuilders


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Please do not post any further material on this thread.

Thank you.

The Alliance of Worldbuilders is a forum for fantasy writers to give each other constructive commentary to help build up and polish those imaginary worlds.

I will give comments to all those that join, although it may take a little time (cursed real world and its demands). All I ask is that all those that join do the same for each other too as I am sure there are much better commentators out there than me. Please post the comments here as well as on the books' pages: we can all learn from somebody else's comments on somebody else's book.

There is a Facebook page for the Alliance:

There is also a web page for the Alliance:

My own stuff can be found here:

1.">Darkened Voices

2.">The Ratter’s Tale

Essentially, I just want to figure out which one to finish.

The following list is just my reading list, i.e. everyone I’ve rashly promised a read to. It’s not a syllabus or anything, so take a look at whatever you fancy and do please offer up your crits for general consumption.

I have commented on:

1.">Stephen Winterflood -">The Last Mask

2.">V Crowe -">Daimon I now have the paperback of this super book.

3.">Jenny Barber -">Taurus

4.">Laurie A Will -">Magistrum's Lair

5.">S E Raeburn -">Saffire Drake and the Three Keys This one’s an ED’s desk winner by the way.

6.">Simon Verde -">A Guiding Light

7.">Rik Roots -">Spin Trap

8.">Ray Jones -">The Chosen No longer on Authonomy?

9.">Sam Dogra -">The Binding (Please note the change of book!)

10.">Kate Jack -">The Land of Midnight Days

11.">Tom Greenwood -">The Light That Never Went Out

12.”>K A Smith -">Blood Sisters

13.">Michael Pileggi - ">Eternium

14.">Kay Kauffman - ">The Lokana Chronicles

15.">Ted Cross -">The Shard of Kathkalan No longer on Authonomy?

16.">Andrew Bartzis -">The Gremlin Armageddon Clock No longer on Authonomy?

17.">Don Martinez -">Dinetah Dragon

18.">Debbie Kirts -">Dragonslayers (Book 1)

19.">Sophie E Tallis - ">White Mountain, Volume One Of The Darkling Chronicles

20.">Richard J Dean Jr -">Rebirth – Book 1 of The Phoenix Sorcerer

21.">D A Darlington -">The Coven

22.">Julia Simion -">Children of Light

Books sadly withdrawn from Authonomy before I could get to them: Craig Ellis – The Sun and the Saber; DDD Bryenton – Elysium Burning; LL Su – Wonderflies; clara_w – Jade’s Hurricane; B L Milner - The Endless Awakening; Edward Larel - Arawn’s Quest; Mark R Faulkner - The Long Path; Lucy Leid - The Second Prince of Aelwin; Ren Nowaki - Chasing Shadows; Geoff Thorne - Winter of the Wild Hunt; Tricia Drammeh - The First Protector; Monica Torres - Spark (Bk. One of The Iridescence Trilogy); Emily Slusher – Ova; A G R Moore - The Unseen Chronicles of Amelia Black; Ian J Smethurst - E.D.F Chronicles book 2 – E.D.F Resurgent; Kenneth Hill - Into the Dark; Jane Warren – Glimmers / Download; Nicolas Kotar - Raven Son; M M Mancey - The Cripple and the Staff.

Still to read:

1.">Elizabeth Smith -">Benjamin's Gift

2.">Kelsey Mitsdarffer -">Faeyte

3.">S Smith -">I Had To Fall

4.">Nick Poole -">The Shattered Mirror

5.">A F E Smith -">Dawn Rising

6.">L L Rook -">Gwenhyfar

7.">A P Shinners -">Craven Isle

8.">Stephen Johnson -">The Lost Cactus

9.">Carl E Wilde -">Arcane

10.">Colin Smith (I think!) -">Prince of Wands: Volume One of This Iron Race

11.">Sean M Bazaar -">The Fallen Book1: Dark Genesis

12.">Ryan Holmes -">Age of Resurgence

13.">Kristofer Ryan Murray -">God of the Slaves Bringer of War

14.">Conor Souness -">The Hydromancer

15.">Mike Kavanagh -">Born of the Flame

16.">Will Macmillan Jones -">Snort and Wobbles Note the change of book!

17.">J Nathan -">The Second Shadow

18.">S C Thompson -">Viene la Tormenta

19.">Bradley Wind -">Bulb

20.">Mark Hagen -">The Wanderer

21.">Sandie Newman -">The Crown of Crysaldor

22.">W S Sosebee -">Haktaw Heart

23.">J Lawrence -">Verado – the Workers

24.">Leah Cowden -">The Glass Wing

25.">Greg Lionwhyte -">The Aria of An Archon’s Rise Note the change of book!

26. Spot saved for">Jeremy Rodden’s next project.

27.">Damien Dax -">Song of Sorrows: Melody of Darkness

28.">Kira Morgana -">The Angel’s Crown (The Secret of Arking Down: Book One)

29. (spot saved for">Lisa L Wiedmeier’s next project)

30. (spot saved for">G Normerton when his next project is up)

31.">Dani Tetley -">The Chestnut Unicorn (and the Quest for Planet Tara)

32.">K.D. Vassall -">The Spinners Wheel

33.">Katherine Edwards -">Strata

34.">Lindsey J Parsons -">Vortex

35.">Gilbert Martin II -">The Ten Scrolls – The Journey of Trust

36.">R X Yaxley -">Fools of a Broken Land

37.">Peter T Allen -">Mother Knows Best

38.">Joe Pace -">History

39.">Steven J Pemberton -">A Wizard’s Daughter

40.">David Kitson -">Turing Evolved

41.">E R McKeon -">Down the Wooded Path Note the change of book!

42.">Stuart Meczes -">The Awakening This is an ED’s desk winner by the way.

43.">Paul T Hughes -">Telekinesis

44.">Katherine Salavarria -">The Antitype

45.">J B Wilson -">The Brotherhood of the Sword: The Call of the One

46.">Zee Rose -">Skinbane

47.">Richard A Wentworth -">Aracelis

48.">Duane Simolke -">Worried: A Science Fiction Adventure

49.">Annastacia Simon -">Innocent

50.">Amy Craig Beasley -">The Women Who Fly Kites

51.">Paul Freeman -">Tribesman

52.">J T Bennett -">Four Corners

53.">Bob Pickup -">Troubled Minds Saga: Grace

54.">K M E Knight -">These Dark Waters and Dusty Attics

55.">Cora Bennet -">Beasts and Maidens

56.">Rose Wall -">Leah – Book 1 of the World’s Apart Series

57.">Luciana House -">Burning Angel

58.">Cassadie Rose Drake -">The Takeover

59.">Missy Fleming -">Happily Never After

60.">Pam Balsdon -">The King’s Blessing

61.">Hazel Butler -">Chasing Azrael

62.">Ryan White -">The Return to Avalon

63.">Matthew Mallicoat -">Alannian and the Sword of Azallyan

64.">Brian Newsome -">Cynebold and The Son of The Prophecy

65.">J C Rutledge -">To Slay a Dragon

66.">Jack Cerro -">The Nymph’s Heart

67.">S S Prince -">Ymaed Eras

68.">Bek Mars -">Dark Star

69 .">Akemitsu K Honda -">Valkyrja Order

70 .">Michel Prince -">Chrysalis

71 .">Jay Amelia -">Cast In The Shadows

72.">Mike Brooks -">Blood Sports

73.">Ana Ailemac -">Amulet of I’nea

74.">Meaghan Baker -">Far from Normal, More than Special

75.">Mary Enck -">A King in Time

76.">Luke Johnson -">The Grim Company

77.">R J Blain -">Betrayer’s Truth

78.">J N Khoury -">The Heiress of Rhiangar

79.">Areeq Chowdhury -">Cyber

80.">Lexx Greshock -">Winged

81.">Gretchen Steen -">Dragon Spawn

82.">Mae Tindell -">Ignited – A Golden Twins Novel

83.">Sean Dougherty -">Tanner Spirit – Dawn of Darkness

84.">Brittney Herndon -">Heart of Stone – Book One

85.">Lela Markham -">The Willow Branch

86.">Olivia Archer -">Mythical Creature Crusader

87.">P M Daley -">Birth of the Warrior

88.">Barnard Cullen -">A Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing

89.">Kevin Sabovitch -">When Dragons Stoke Fires

90.">Sarah Macklin -">Darkening Horizon

91.">Samuel Z Jones -">Akurite Empire

92.">Jasmine Qureshi -">Redemption

93.">Peggy Saunders -">The Untold Stories of the North Pole

94.">JackWracker -">In The Company of the Damned

95.">Rebecca Tester -">The War of Poisoned Wombs

96.">Richard Crawford -">Traitor Blade – Book One

97.">M P Fry -">The Gnome warriors of Seraphina – The Scourge

98.">D M Sharples -">The Mark Bearer’s Path: Emergence

99.">Yannis Karatsioris -">The Book of the Forsaken (First book of “The Game” series)

100.">Marjorie F Baldwin -">Conditioned Response

Come on, join in!

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Lady Midnight

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Remember good feedback is like gold.Wink

Posted: 07/09/2010 20:51:53

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I suppose there's nothing like commitment: I will review the works of all fantasy writers who join this thread. I will provide honest and detailed feedback. Don't care about backings. And please be patient, it might take me a while but I will comment.

All I ask is that all those who join do the same for as many of the thread members as they can. The point is to help all those who band together to hone their art, not play the numbers game.

Come on then. Bring it!

Posted: 07/09/2010 20:54:46

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And Katrina, do stay in touch. You're just the type of person who should be here.

Posted: 07/09/2010 20:55:37

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Lady Midnight

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And Katrina, do stay in touch. You're just the type of person who should be here. <nolink>close quotes</nolink>

Thanks mate. Might come back one day, just haven't got the patience at the moment. Take care, good luck and hope everything goes well for you.Smile

Posted: 07/09/2010 20:59:50

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If you all want to know what sort of comment I'm happy to leave, please see:

Libby Marshall's Guardian of the Empire:

Rakhi Jah's Sir William an Urban Knight:

Keith C Blackmore's The Troll Hunter:

NB Keith is also an excellent commentator - Join us (well me so far) Keith!

Shakat's Stand:

NB Shakat too is a top notch commentator

Ren Nowaki's Shadows in the Dusk:

Esme Carpenter's The Summoner:

Both Ren and Esme have given me great comments as well, really useful pointers.

Roll up! Roll up!

Posted: 07/09/2010 21:11:41

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On those books and more you can see the comments of other members of Katrina's thread and the value those comments have brought.

Really, really worth while for those who want to better their craft and get themselves ready for a proper writing career.

Come one, come all.

Posted: 07/09/2010 21:14:18

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retired user

Sounds interesting, nothing like a good bit of world building Smile

Posted: 07/09/2010 21:14:25

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No world breaking, though.

World polishing is highly desirable.

Posted: 07/09/2010 21:15:29

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Holy crap, TRM. Those aren't mere comments you leave, they're essays. Nigh on theses, by gum.

Posted: 07/09/2010 21:16:29

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