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Writing Wiki?


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This probably outstrips the ambitions of H-C in this site, but it might be nice to set up a writing wiki, in which people could create and edit articles a la wikipedia--articles that could then be maintained and updated indefinitely to share information with other writers.

Registration would obviously be required to edit, and possibly more requirements would be in order, but those with experience could really help out us amateurs--and more than that, we could help out each other with pointers on research and story development. Setting it up as a wiki would mean that H-C wouldn't really have to invest in it past setting up the software and server--and wiki software is available via open-source channels, if H-C chose to use them.

Of course, license agreements would be required to ensure that H-C would not be responsible for any information posted on the wiki itself, but I believe this would be a good idea.

Posted: 16/11/2008 23:43:15

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