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awomaninspired wrote 573 days ago   

Hi there! I just wanted to say “hi” and introduce myself. My name is Michelle, and I am a Christian non-fiction writer here on Authonomy. I am new, but would love to help you in any way I can.

I have four books here, but would appreciate it so very much if you would take the time to comment and review just one:

I know you may not agree with the content, and that’s okay. I would simply love your opinion on the introduction and my general writing style.

My first book is the one most readers seem to identify with because it is born out of my life experiences. To sum it up, I would say it’s about finding the extraordinary presence of God in the ordinary course of life.

My second book is in a "Dear Abby" format, and the answers can be quite cut and dry.

My third and fourth books are in the style of uplifting daily devotionals.

But, to come and meet me and my amazing family, which I truly hope you'll find us in the first book. :)

I hope my stories put a smile on your face today, and warmth in your heart.

Thank you so much for your time! I will review and comment on your book in return.

I also have shelf space, and if I love your book, I will shelve it and back it!



patio wrote 573 days ago   

Dear friend, would you mind back and/or appraise/proofread a chapter (or part) of my book? I would appreciate. Expect the same from me

ljsnowdon wrote 630 days ago   

Dear Friends, I had a disaster yesterday, hit the wrong button and my book disappeared for a while, when it reappeared I'd lost all my backing. If anyone who previously backed me would be willing to do so again, I would be most grateful. Lesley

jeeeeb wrote 645 days ago   

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mdws77 wrote 646 days ago   

Since you have at least one gold-star book on your shelf, this doesn't help your user ranking. If you are looking for a new potential gold-star book to put on your shelf, please consider my novel called Solian Chronicles: Pluto Genesis. It is a positive Science Fiction novel of the near future that has gotten some very good reviews.

Lucy Middlemass wrote 653 days ago   

Hello Linus,

There is now a Children's Reading Group and we would like you to join. Benedict Brown and I have set it up to bring some much-needed attention to the many children's authors on this site. Please invite the others you know and we'll be delighted to welcome you to the group.

In other news, Benedict’s book, The Princess and the Peach, is getting close to the Editors’ Desk. If you enjoy laughing, general silliness and a great read then it might be just the sort of thing you‘d like. If not, come and join us on CHIRG anyway!


benedict wrote 653 days ago   

Hey there, Linus,

I saw you had Sharda's book on your shelf and was wondering if you'd be interested in reading mine.

I also noticed that, like me, you list Catch 22 as one of your favourite books. I tried to catch some of Heller's incredible humour in my book and hope you'll like it.

many thanks


P.M Gilliver wrote 655 days ago   

Thanks David, glad the humour is age transferable.

Philip (Jurassic Jack and the Search For a Scary Thing)

Eponymous Rox wrote 655 days ago   

Hey there Linus, and hullo from a former HarperCollins gold medalist. My newest work ‘THE CASE OF THE DROWNING MEN, Investigating the Smiley Face Serial Murder Theory’ is classified under True Crime>Serial Killers. CRIME MAGAZINE, a leading resource for followers of true crime, will be featuring this title the first week of July 2012, but I’ve also just uploaded it here on Authonomy to gauge readers’ reaction to the subject matter. It’s live now @ - chapter

*Of course, Authonomy can’t accommodate image files as yet and this is an illustrated publication, so, if you’d like to also preview the fully-illustrated edition of THE CASE OF THE DROWNING MEN online, just visit Amazon-US @ or Amazon-UK @ (Pretty sure the free download there is comprehensive)

Kind regards to you—

rook wrote 657 days ago   

Thank you for your comments, David.

Best wishes

ljsnowdon wrote 657 days ago   

Hi David, Thanks so much for your lovely review. I did laugh when you almost called me Carol. If you head to my facebook page you'd see that my writing is straight from fiction, (at least I hope my picture doesn't show me as a low self-esteemed 50 yr old - not yet anyway) however, as a personal trainer and body image counsellor, I have literally hundreds of clients all only too happy to supply me with input for my writing.
Shameless, be damned. It is fast becoming clear shame must be left on the doorstep, as we clamour amongst seriously talented competition. I shal WL you and read as soon as poss. Lesley

evwalker wrote 663 days ago   

Hi David,
Thanks for taking the time to read my book, and for your comments. I do need a good editor. Do you know any? :)

The story gets a good kick in the butt after chapter four and rolls along nicely from there, though. At least I think it does. Again, that's where an editor would come in handy, isn't it?

I've got Jack Par(r) on my watchlist, and I'll take a look over the weekend.

DWBrown wrote 663 days ago   

I was wondering if you'd chk out my novel Lost Time. If so, I'll return the favor. thanks


JMF wrote 665 days ago   

Hi David
Hope my comment is okay for you. I try to be honest and constructive at the same time, but please ignore it if you don't like what I say.

JMF wrote 665 days ago   

Hi Linus
Thanks for reading Shadow Jumper. I hate asking people to read it, but I can't see how else you can get others to look at your work. You have made some interesting points. I have had some advice to up the age of the mc to fourteen and classify it as 10 plus, so maybe I should do that.
Of course I'll return the read. I have one other to read before yours, so should get to it today, all being well.
All the best

Adam Thurstman wrote 665 days ago   

Hi David

And welcome, if you have time I'd be ever so grateful if you could please take a quick look at my book.

Kindest regards

Isoje David wrote 665 days ago   

My name is Isoje David. I am a young writer who is trying to become an Author. Please I would be very glad if you can take a look at my book title 'Animals In Paradise'. Please I would be glad if you can give me a comment, a back and rate many stars that you could give. I am sure that You would like it, every readers really like the book here o Authonomy. Please you are one of the people that can help me achieve my dream as a young Author if you would kindly read the book, comment, rate it and back it.

Please kindly read the chapter one only if you are too busy. I will also read your work. Please kindly do for me.


Isoje David

Animals In Paradise


AECardenas wrote 666 days ago   

Will do.

JMF wrote 666 days ago   

HI David
Just wondered if I could interest you in a reading swap? I have also written a book for children called Shadow Jumper. You may also be interested to join the Children's Reading Group on the forum. We review and comment on each other's work.
All the best
Shadow Jumper

Please, my dear friend!
My book is actually a historical fiction book based on the early half of the 18th century in India. It revolves around the last Mughal king of India, Aurangzeb Alamgir after his death, when he "escapes" the deathbed. Read ahead to see why and discover the answers to his six secrets.
Read the first chapter or two of my book or if you do not have enough time, you may read the pitch only. Add it to your watch list and comment if you like it. The name is "The forgotten Alamgir: the six secrets" and it is found at:
I fully guarantee you enjoy it or if i am wrong, i take my words back...