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tone099 wrote 51 days ago   

My name is Peter Reich, special investigator to the Pope and former captain of the Swiss Guard.

I need your help.

A few months ago, I was approached by a young Spanish woman who claimed to have evidence of a U.S.-led plot to assassinate the Pope and take control of the Vatican.

My son is dead. My wife is missing. And my only friend has turned against me.

I am alone and in hiding.

I do not trust anyone, perhaps I can trust you.

This is my story.

Matteon wrote 62 days ago   

Hi, Lavinia
Thanks very much for backing The Second Coming.
Hope you enjoyed it.
Any comments you may have will gratefully be received.
Thanks again

Sandie Newman wrote 93 days ago   

Hi Lavinia, thanks so much for your backing, very much appreciated. All the very best, Sandie

Neville wrote 109 days ago   

Hello Lavinia,
What would prison be like? Most of us have to go by what others say.
I would love to hear what you think.
Please read the first chapter, or even part of it. It’s written with the help of someone who served
a prison sentence in 1974, (not myself). Things may be a bit different now though.
I would appreciate your support, it means a lot.
‘I will of course check out your own book and give it an honest comment.’
Thank you for reading my message.

Short pitch:-
Big Ed Riley’s paid his debt to society. Over four years behind bars.
He now knows who shopped him for a post office robbery. Powerfully built, honed to perfection.
Someone won’t sleep very well tonight—Big Ed’s out!

Neville Kent. ‘One Off, Sir!’

JustinSirois wrote 111 days ago   


I thought you might be into this new novel about an app that lets people schedule their own kidnAppings:

The series is currently optioned for TV. :)

Thank you for your time!

Justin Sirois

Fiona Haven wrote 137 days ago   

Hello Lavinia
Thank you so much for backing Falling Upwards.
I hope you enjoy the read.

Kate J Squires wrote 138 days ago   

Thanks for backing Feather Light Lavinia - I like the look of Teacher's Pet, would you like a return read?

KirkH wrote 155 days ago   

Hi Lavina,
Maybe you can give me a hand for a few days.
I did some editing of my book 'Aethunium' and accidentally lost my backers. I've been rallying for new backers since I'm in danger of losing my spot on the Editor's Desk.
Maybe you can help me out until I build up my base again.
Any help is appreciated.

Narcissus wrote 163 days ago   

Hello, Lavinia,
Your support of Isles End at this time is a real blessing! It can be pretty bouncy in the top 10...
Thank you so much!!!
I see Teachers Pet is doing very well... I will keep an eye on it and check it out when I can.
~Joe :o)

R. Dango wrote 243 days ago   

Dear Lavinia,

Thank you for having supported No Ice Cream in the Land of the Cannibals for such a long time. Truly appreciated.

Best wishes,

Gary Bullock wrote 270 days ago   

My pleasure, I assure you. Please write more. I need to know what happens next. Isn't that what all authors want their readers to feel? You have done it. Good work.
Gary Bullock

D. S. Hale wrote 284 days ago   

Hi, Lavinia, I see you write romances. Would you check out mine? It is a YA romance. I normally write YA action novels. Jessup and the Teleporter is at #11 at the moment. No one has checked out my romance yet, and would be honored to see what you think of it. Thanks!

A Thief in the the Night

Tonia Marlowe wrote 291 days ago   

Under #600! Well done. I hope you will upload some more of this soon.


feelove wrote 295 days ago   

How are you today?
I wish you the best of the season
My name is Elina,
i will like us to know better
to discuss important issues.
write me through my email
so that I can send you more details about myself.
Hope to hear from you
take care,

BL1 wrote 298 days ago   

Hello There

I had to start my profile from the beginning when the work I had updated didn't appear on authonomy. Looking for all the support I can get on my first self published book based on a true story written while living on 90 francs for three months in 2009. Ever since friends helped in editing as my resources were limited.

You'll get my support in return.

I don't criticise work since I am starting out, I just read a little, and reply, rate, and rank positively to show you my support.

My chapter 5 has snippets of the book to show you how the style of the book changes so you can compare it to how it starts.

This is my amazon and fb pages

(P.S do send me your fb and amazon pages to help you too)

The Immigrant: Stargazer
T M Patel

Gary Bullock wrote 301 days ago   

Thanks very much for backing "Elsewhen". I am intrigued by your work and will have a look when I get the chance.
Gary Bullock

DDickson wrote 302 days ago   

thank you very much for backing my bit of nonsense - :-)

Sandie Newman wrote 302 days ago   

Hiya, thanks so much for your backing, really appreciate it. All the very best, Sandie

R. Dango wrote 360 days ago   

Dear Lavinia,

Thank you so much for backing No Ice Cream…! I am happy that you liked it. If you have any suggestion on how to improve it, please let me know.

Best wishes,

Cara Gold wrote 464 days ago   

Dear Lavinia,
That's so kind of you to support my book, thank you! I'm not that active on authonomy anymore because of uni taking up all my time, so it's so nice for me to find, when I do log in, that people are still reading and enjoying my work :) I hope your 2013 is off to a fabulous start and I wish you many successes with your writing and in life generally!
Take care and have a lovely weekend