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TDonna wrote 634 days ago   

Hi Brian,
If you’re looking for a new book to read and back (if you find it worthy), I’d be honored if you’d consider No Kiss Good-bye. It’s unlike any other story on authonomy and one that you’ll live and feel with all your senses. It’s my true-life story of escaping communist Romania along switchbacks that eventually led to America. I was fourteen at the time.

Here’s the link: Thank you so much!


GCleare wrote 645 days ago   

Brian - I am reaching out to the other writers of romance fiction on this site for support. SECRETS WE KEEP has been floating in the mid-20s for months and it's time for it to move up. I hope you'll take a look and consider it for your bookshelf. It's a "marvelous romantic mystery, full of unexpected twists and turns, full-bodied characters, and a surprising ending," and I've posted the whole book so you won't be disappointed. Hope you'll give it a try, we need more romance on the ED!

jeeeeb wrote 645 days ago   

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Eponymous Rox wrote 649 days ago   

Hey there, Brian. My investigative piece ‘THE CASE OF THE DROWNING MEN: Investigating the Smiley Face Serial Murder Theory’ will be featured this month in Crime Magazine, a leading resource for followers of true crime. I’ve also previewed it on Authonomy this week. You up for solving some murders…?

(And if you hate the book, then please consider backing the other truly excellent ones on my shelf—tons of talented writers on this site who could really use some extra support!)

Kind regards to you, and best wishes—

Casimir Greenfield wrote 678 days ago   

Cas Greenfield: writer, broadcaster, musician, artist

Hi there - just extending the ink-stained hand of friendship.

I've been on-site for a little while now, and I've found it to be an extremely constructive and rewarding experience. The range of writing and subjects available here seems to cover a broad spectrum of styles and ability, but it does pay to have a thick skin - some of those critics can be pretty fierce!

Adding books to your stylish virtual bookshelf, making oodles of friends, commenting where you can – that seems to be the way to raise the profile, so here I am.

I'm usually around, so it would be fantastic to hear from you.

Anyway…happy writing, reading or whatever it is you’re doing today...all the best, Cas

PS: If you do happen to get the absolutely uncontrollable urge to look at either of my books, here are the links. I’m moving slowly but surely through the ranks with my dark stories, so I could do with your backing now, more than ever…

Slow Poison is dark and brutal, Bloodstones is a gentler read, but gets tougher as the story progresses. In the vein of Larsson, Welsh or Niffenegger I have been told. (…but I haven’t read any of their work yet…so you’ll have to be the judge of that…) The books are both complete and completely free to read.

Warning: both of my books contain explicit sexual acts, frequent swearing and disturbing scenes of violence. Please do not read if you are of a sensitive nature or under age in your territory.