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Daniel Delacy wrote 1328 days ago   

After one year on the site and over 700 reviews, I have accepted many of the suggestions (sometimes, I admit, through gritted teeth) and Apocalypse Then is now fully edited. I believe it is ready for the desk and ask, If you find the time, that you take a look at it. If you then believe that it is good enough, please consider placing it on your desk. All the best DD ;o)

Wild Mother Lightning wrote 1378 days ago   


I was wondering if I could interest you in taking a peak, at my book?

Any comments or support would be gratefully received.



Karen louise wrote 1390 days ago   

Hello ,
I am not an author myself and am here purely as a fan of literature but I fully endorse David James Pickering's books, especialy 'convergence' which I think you will find a thrilling and compelling read.
If you would give his a look then I shall be happy to read yours and of course back you if I enjoy the story.
Thank you and good luck,

Daniel Delacy wrote 1590 days ago   

Care to swap reads?

Apocalypse Then

Rocky Lastinger wrote 2005 days ago   

Hi, JH, from a fellow newbie.

Just to give you a heads up on some of the common mistakes no one took the time to warn me about:

When you open a project to read, you can change the font size with the control bar above each chapter (saves the eyes).

When you get ready to post your work, the website software automatically inserts a blank line between paragraphs.

Any message you receive will take you to that person’s page when you click on their name. Some members (like me) always reciprocate after you read and comment on their work. Others don’t, or worse, say they will and never actually follow through.

I would truly appreciate your taking a look at my fiction project, The Autobiography of Smokin’ Joe Bidloe. In return, I will be glad to read and comment on your work.

Thanks, Rocky Lastinger.