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Tim Waters wrote 171 days ago   

Hi, here's an excellent Christian book for you to read/back. It has strong Biblical symbolism in it but it's also a great wacky story. I've spent years and years writing and polishing it to create an easy to read work of art. It's called "The Water Works of Clear Wash City". Hope to see you on authonmy again sometime soon. You can find out more at the website Tim waters.

writergrl wrote 711 days ago   

Hi! My name is Megan and I'm new on here. Trying to get some people to read my book :) if you wanted to read it I would be appreciative. It's called Precious Jewel, if you would like to check it out.

NicoleScarborough wrote 1146 days ago   

Hi, there! I was hoping that you'd take a look at my middle-grade novel entitled The Fourth Mistake. It's about a girl living a less-than-perfect life and feeling a desperate need for change. I believe it shows the light that shines within all of us, and that sometimes it just needs to be dusted off.

Daniel Delacy wrote 1333 days ago   

After one year on the site and over 700 reviews, I have accepted many of the suggestions (sometimes, I admit, through gritted teeth) and Apocalypse Then is now fully edited. I believe it is ready for the desk and ask, If you find the time, that you take a look at it. If you then believe that it is good enough, please consider placing it on your desk. All the best DD ;o)

Daniel Delacy wrote 1590 days ago   

Care to swap reads?

Apocalypse Then

Nick Poole2 wrote 1639 days ago   


I'm seeking readers and backers for my Mirror In The Sky.

If you comment on and/or back my book I will shelve your book (or any other book you nominate). I will shelve your book EVEN if you don't like my book enough to back it. So you can't lose!

If you would like me to comment on your book also, message me and I will do so


ElizaW wrote 1683 days ago   

Your premise sounds interesting. I'd like to know if you want to swap comments. I'll read and comment on your submission this weekend, if not before.


Emerald wrote 1714 days ago   

Dear Lynn,


The miracle book that will change the whole world history! Who is going to rule all countries in the world within next five years, CUPID (god of sexual love) or Liberty Fairy? Sex or freedom? My book has 45 chapters. To save valuable time, you can read any ONE of the following three topics that may take 30 minutes for each topic.

1) FIRST TOPIC (Freedom and Equal rights for women):--
Teenage girls start Angels Party under holy Angels and fight against Cupid and males with 100 revolutionary ideas in Election Manifesto as 1) Separate Parliament for women to be elected by women only. 2) Compulsory free education till the end of degree for all. 3) Lie-detectors in all courts—judg(e)ment in one day! 4) All politicians must retire at age 60. etc, etc. Read chapters: 8 and 9.
If you are NOT interested in FEMINISM or POLITICAL REFORMS, read the next.

2) SECOND TOPIC (Sexual Revolution):--
Infuriated by Angels’ doctrine of Celibacy, CUPID unleashes sexual frenzy with Tvs showing dozens of tactics to bed hundred types of girls in serials ‘Hear CUPID how to seduce girls!’ and ‘101 honeymoon nights of the bride’—Read 100 pages on Cupid’s tactics on seduction, and the bride’s sexual ecstasy in 6 chapters from 16 to 21.

3)THIRD TOPIC (Final battle):---
To terrorize all girls, Government led by CUPID tries to repress it with ‘Holocaust’ by mass gang-rape of thousands of college hostel girls in the country. To avenge this mass gang-rape, the final battle breaks out. Liberty Fairy and Justice Fairy appear (in girls’ and women’s mind) and lead them in war against Cupid and males. Read the breathtaking final battlefield scenes in two chapters no: 42 and 43. Who wins the war?

If you like any ONE of above three topics, you can hono(u)r me and ‘BACK’ my book. I will reciprocate the same to you. But if this message annoys you, I apologize; you need not bother to reply.

(Author of Third World War)

Bob Steele wrote 1764 days ago   

Hi Lynn
I've been getting some great advice and support recently for my novel SPIN, and I'd be grateful if you'll have a look at it too and tell me what you think. I always return reads and try to offer constructive feedback if you are kind enough to read mine, or I'll go first if you prefer. Do let me know.
All the best
Bob Steele [SPIN]

DMC wrote 1765 days ago   

Hiya. Welcome to Authonomy

Just thought I’d let you know we have a Thread in the Forums for new members. You can cut and paste this into your browser:

Plus we are now voting for our favourite books here:

And if you’re interested, here’s my book - Green Ore:

I hope you enjoy!
Best Wishes,

JANVIER wrote 1766 days ago   

Hello Lynn,
Do you find w/listing your story for backing and comment shortly something to go for? Your backing and view of Flash of the Sun will be highly appreciated.
All the best.

Janvier (Flash of the Sun)

Allianze wrote 1770 days ago   

Hi Lynn, came across your profile and liked it. Fancy a swap read?

Shinzy wrote 1771 days ago   

You're very welcome.

shinzy :)

Patricia wrote 1773 days ago   

I was wondering if you’d like to look at my book,
Godmother’s Wand…

Here is a synopsis: Mary Howard plods along in the small city of Baltimore, where unhappy at home, she flings herself into the arms of chance. In mid-air, she encounters an adventure. Can she learn to clean an oven, entertain two hundred guests at the Plaza Hotel, and sweet talk the devil in Hades? Find out in Godmother's Wand.

Thank you, Patricia

soutexmex wrote 1773 days ago   

Welcome aboard! Wanna swap a read to get ya started on this awesome website? It's the best to get your book noticed and moving up in the stacks

Simon Swift wrote 1773 days ago   

Hey Lynn
Welcome to Authonomy! Wondered if you would mind taking a look at BLACK SHADOWS. That would be just swell! All comments are highly appreciated and reciprocated quickly!

cara_ruegg wrote 1773 days ago   

care to swap reads? i see you're a christian author as am I and would love to read something written by one with such values.
Cara (First, to dream of love)

Freeman wrote 1773 days ago   

Hi Lynn

Welcome to authonomy. Many authors here read each others books in swap read. If a book is good or you like it then you can back it and other will do the same for you. You may not like all book and just back what you want. Many will give helpful comments on how to improve, I've had plenty.

If you would like to swap read with me, click on my name and have a look at my book.

In any case good luck with your book.


klouholmes wrote 1773 days ago   

Hi Lynn, I've begun reading your book and have put it on my watchlist. Maybe you'd like a look at The Swan Bonnet. It's set in 1920s Alaska when the swan population was endangered. Katherine