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JaneM wrote 12 days ago   

Hi there! :)

This is Jane and I really hope you won't mind me writing to you unexpectedly. I don't usually do this sort of thing but just wondered if you like to read poetry? I have a book uploaded here called Ripples & Reflections, which I hope poetically shares thoughts and feeling about a whole load of topics. Ones like love, life and death, nature, the funny side of life, things we learn about, the seasons.... maybe it is something that interests you and you might like to dip in and have a read? Perhaps, if you liked it enough, you may even like to support me. I am thrilled to say it seems to be quite popular as you can see from the comments.
Let me give you the link just in case :

Thank you so much for reading my message and best wishes! :)

kambledinesh wrote 34 days ago   

Would you like to read my book ??? WILL WE NEVER KNOW THE TRUTH ???

tone099 wrote 128 days ago   

My name is Peter Reich, special investigator to the Pope and former captain of the Swiss Guard.

I need your help.

A few months ago, I was approached by a young Spanish woman who claimed to have evidence of a U.S.-led plot to assassinate the Pope and take control of the Vatican.

My son is dead. My wife is missing. And my only friend has turned against me.

I am alone and in hiding.

I do not trust anyone, perhaps I can trust you.

This is my story.

Andreea Daia wrote 176 days ago   

Hi Iman–

Would you be interested in a swap read? I write science-fiction, which I’m not sure how well fits your tastes.

If swapping is even an option, would you mind checking out my first 3 paragraphs or so, to make sure that my writing style suits you? If not, that’s perfectly all right—I just don’t want to make anyone read 3,000 words if my writing is not their cup of tea.

Thanks for you time and have a good day!

lucidreamer wrote 204 days ago   

Hi I just wanted to let you know that both The Crossroads and Heart of Fire are on Amazon. Kindly leave a review if you get a moment

lucidreamer wrote 204 days ago   

Hi I just wanted to let you know that both The Crossroads and Heart of Fire are on Amazon. Kindly leave a review if you get a moment

nautaV wrote 218 days ago   

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year, dear Iman!

Kenneth Edward Lim wrote 305 days ago   

It's been a long journey for me, and I've taken a tumble to number 3 in the authonomy rankings. Could I ask you to back "The North Korean" for a week, to stop the slide and get my book over the final hump, if you think it worthy, that is?

Much obliged,

carol jefferies wrote 320 days ago   

Just downloaded your book from Amazon. Amazing value for 77p

Carol Jefferies
(The Diary of a Bad Queen)

Susan Boyes wrote 321 days ago   

Thanks for the uplifting words. Rachel from administration backed A.O.V. you can not see it on the shelve but in my messages Aug 27 page three. She is a talent seeker and chose my book and now your comments coming from you means a lot Thanks Susan Boyes A.O.V.

Jack Waters wrote 324 days ago   

HI Iman, just wondered if you would be interested in taking a look at my novel Reuben Falls, Dark Legacy. Your opinion would be much appreciated.

Jack Waters.

Software wrote 328 days ago   

Hello Iman ,

Hope you are well. Doghouse Blues. currently at 2. Happy to reciprocate with a swap read.

Looking forward to reading your comments on the Doghouse Blues webpage.

All the best,


fayha wrote 328 days ago   

hello sorry for late reply we have just finished illustrations for the book and its in the final stages before release have been told to set up a website or facebook page to promote the book. its really longer process than I imagined and amazing to see your story come to life. should be out later this year. hope alls goin well with you. whats the latest with your book?

Meg Wearing wrote 330 days ago   

Could I interest you in taking a look at my novel, Charlie Parker's Corner Of The Prairie? It's a slice of life view of Kansas at the turn of the century complete with tornadoes, horse races and frontier romance. Life and death was cheap, and prejudices could ruin families struggling to eke out a living on an unforgiving prairie.


Hayleigh Harper wrote 331 days ago   

Your book really sounds great and I definitely would love to take a look at it! I am just starting out on authonomy and finding it difficult to attract people to read my story, I would really appreciate a review from you. Thank you so much!


Acinorev wrote 332 days ago   

Hi Iman, are you interested in reading an erotic romance? There is more to it than just sex. The sex is necessary to explain how a guy with a small penis is capable of being a caring lover: if given the chance. Kind regards, Kylla.

SBishop wrote 332 days ago   

Hi Iman,

Thank you for your introductory message. I'm still trying to get a footing in Authonomy, trying to figure the in's and out's.

I'd be flattered if you took a look at my work. I'm not asking anyone to do this. I figured if people are drawn to taking a look at it, whether it's a chapter or two or however many, they'll do it on their own. I'm afraid I'm not a very good self promoter. : ( It's the way I'm wired.

Plus, I feel bad because my schedule is so crazy and I have such a limited amount of time that I could not possibly reciprocate in kind.

The only thing I can offer, which is supposed to be of value (no ?), is agree to watch list another author's work if they watch list mine.


Kate Steele wrote 333 days ago   

Dear Iman,

Thank you so much for your lovely remarks, backing the book and for taking the time to note down and pass on your observations - most generous in every respect! I was sorry to hear about your grandparents. So many people are affected directly or indirectly by this terrible illness and it is true that we are all frightened by it. So we must live life to the full, as you say.

I appreciate feedback as there are always details to be ironed out and it seems that no sooner have I corrected one typo or error than I have created another! So a huge thank you to you and the very best of luck with your book.


Marissa O wrote 333 days ago   


Yes I'll take a look at your book. It'd be great if you could take a look at mine and give some feedback.


(The Woman by the Sea)

4everunwritten wrote 333 days ago   

I would love to take a look at your book when I get the chance, and I will be sure to leave a comment too! Thank you for the invite! I have 2 postings on the site so far: Unwritten and As Darkness Falls. I would be lovely if you got the chance to take a look at them, if not, that's fine too! Thank you for your time!