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vanderlove wrote 24 days ago   

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tone099 wrote 54 days ago   

My name is Peter Reich, special investigator to the Pope and former captain of the Swiss Guard.

I need your help.

A few months ago, I was approached by a young Spanish woman who claimed to have evidence of a U.S.-led plot to assassinate the Pope and take control of the Vatican.

My son is dead. My wife is missing. And my only friend has turned against me.

I am alone and in hiding.

I do not trust anyone, perhaps I can trust you.

This is my story.


oneil wrote 99 days ago   

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fidelia20 wrote 108 days ago   

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favor1 wrote 129 days ago   

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Richard Maitland wrote 166 days ago   

How kind of you to back The Annals--it is a compilation of posts from a very happy thread that ran for over six months and gave us all a lot of fun. Hope you enjoy it.

Elizabeth Kathleen wrote 275 days ago   

Frank I can't thank you enough for such a nice comment for "The Sticks and Stones of Hannah Jones" it really blessed my heart. I am beyond blessed that you backed it, too. That's a double-huge blessing! You don't know how much I appreciate it all! I hope God blesses you real big for it!
God bless!

Bocri wrote 1293 days ago   

Frank, I'm living in what is known as The Midlands, a couple of hours by train from the capital. Salford, near Manchester, is well know throughout the country since it regularly the scene of plays, docus, books about working class England. The canal would probably be The Grand Union canal. Haven't you ever tried to research your roots for your own interest? Take care. Bocri

Stephanie225 wrote 1300 days ago   

Hi again. I hope life is treating you well.
We have general conference this weekend, and someone gave a really good talk today on our (Mormon) view of prophets. Since it also mentioned Brigham Young and a little bit about when our church first arrived in Utah, you can listen to it on-line if you want (http://lds.org/conference/sessions/display/0,5239,23-1-1298,00.html). It is by Kevin R. Duncan (Saturday Afternoon Session).
Also, if you wanted to ever see the inside of one of our temples, they are going to be having an open house for one in Hawaii (Oct. 22-Nov. 13), and they just announced 5 more temples are going to be built. So, depending on where you live, you can go see them when they have their own open houses. They will be in Portugal, the Phillipines, Mexico, and 2 in the USA (Indiana and Connecticut.)

Ti Jean wrote 1405 days ago   

Feeling a warm glow from reading your book....is there an 'and' or something missing from the line about Rosie being pushed off the pier (beginning of first chapter)? Feel a bit of a nob-head in saying this...But I feel a genuine warmth towards you and I also feel it in the writing....it might just be me, maybe take a look...and feel free to call me a 'nob-head' !

quackers wrote 1407 days ago   

Hi Eltopia, I'll bet my book will catch you in the first two paras. Then I'll see if yours can do the same. Just a bit of fun not asking for backing.
Keith - Unit T

Awash wrote 1409 days ago   

Thanks for commenting on and backing Chronicles of the Broken. I am married to a black man by the way, and he has pride in the fact that he is a black man. I'm not sure why I would not say a black man or an Asian girl, just like I would a white girl? Strange. My son is mixed, and we say he's mixed. He has pride in both his races (he's the most adorable little boy on the planet after all). So I do not "get" your nit. If you've ever lived in a black community, that's what they call themselves. Marcus wouldn't refer to himself as anything else that I know of.

domingo wrote 1410 days ago   

Hi Ellsworth. I'm pleased you are not only trying but actually reading the book. Please read on Chapter 3 (really chapter 2 of the book). That is the nitty-gritty of what interest you and me. The beginning of it. Sometimes it might read tiresome after all it is a formal paper in disguise with the necessary supporting evidence. Skip if you wish part of the arid evidence, and finish it.. Cheers Dom.

soutexmex wrote 1410 days ago   

sir - the first posted chapter is the summation of the missing 31 chapters; now, the second posted chapter is Chapter 32 and this is the third part of the book; may I recommend you actually READ the book starting in the second posted chapter as opposed to the summation chapter only? I had no clue what the hell you were talking about until I figured out you only read the first posted chapter which is the summation only. I figured this out as you spoke about a passive voice. This book is in first person. You would see this if you started reading in the second chapter. I am gonna delete your message and when you do read the correct chapters, please place your comment in the comment section, not the message section - cheers!

Roger Thurling wrote 1412 days ago   

Thanks for your sane and sustaining messages.
I have negotiated a truce with Robert Mourningstar ... I think that he is a good chap who was probably having a very bad day ... probably mainly as a result of my comments on his English.
The other Robert (whose surname I think I will not mention again in the best interests of avoiding the libel laws) looks like a nice lad in his photo, but seems more dangerously crazy and obsessed - he might be going to announce today that he is the Messiah ... so I think I'll have to just keep my head down there.
Is this really the sort of stuff the wicked have to read for all eternity? On their final voyage into the unknown? If so I had better mend my ways. It would be worse than to spend an eternity on the treadmill of Authonomy, forever climbing, forever reading books about vampires as they flash ahead of one to the editor's desk, forever stuck at rank Mille et tres, with Don Juan.
Help, HELP!

Cait wrote 1413 days ago   

Elto, thank you so much for your observations. I just stuffed a rag into my mouth and I nearly puked! Will def change that. How about covered her mouth with a rag and tied it at the back of her head?

I've always been a slow learner but I want this to be the best I can get it.


Cáit :o)

domingo wrote 1413 days ago   

Hi Ellsworth. Thanks for your support and pertinent comments. So my prose remains you of the staccato prose of computer language?. Good. Have you noticed the title of the preface of my book (Chapter 1 in Authonomy)? Drivers are not elements of the human make up but rather of computers and their programmes. Do I need to say more?. The notion of People and Non-People is enmeshed in the body of the Preface. Please read it carefully and you will perhaps understand these terms better. Nevertheless, if still unsure of what I mean by this terminology may I suggest you glimpse into Chapter 3 (Chapter 2 of my work), where there is a ample discussion of both references. Indeed a psychotherapist, while at work, is dealing nearly exclusively with the subjective schemata of his clients. The problem of us humans is not reality, but our subjective perception of such. Remember there are at least three I’s in our make up. One, is the I we perceive as ourselves. Two, is the I others perceive in us. Three, is the real I.
Duplicating or repetitious wording or phrasing is a well known artefact applied for millennia as a dialectic, didactic, and oratory stratagem. I just copied it from better thinkers than myself. Read Goethe, Standhal, or even Faulkner to see what I mean.
I know my work is not easy reading, no matter how I try to do it so. My main aim is to put across notions mostly hidden from a long time to our everyday knowledge. I beg of you to read on and see if eventually some of this theme makes sense to you. Cheers. Dom.

Roger Thurling wrote 1413 days ago   

Ho, Ho .... it hasn't been a very good day of responses to my comments / messages. Here's another one received today:

"Dear reader, thank you for your kind comment! In "Iconostas", Robert Sharon courageously regresses English toward its correct and classical roots (his etymological scope can extend, and has extended, further back in time than the Exodus). For in "Iconostas", he has successfully defended his tongue against the contemporary, market-driven scourge of "creative writing" ie. (1) the annihilation of vocabulary, (2) the minimalisation of sentences into profane join-the-dots, object-subject, sequential-dependent phrases that make the language in modern literature a laughing stock among such reading peoples as German and Russian, (3) the senseless purge against the passive voice and past perfect tense (the latter noted by Quigley in "Tragedy and Hope" to have provided such a significant lexico-cognitive basis for the early logistical growth of Western civilisation).
In Hamlet, the Bard had Kent remark to the effect that "My master calls me. I must not say no." To the student of "creative writing", this is double negation blended with "needless words"; the individual would seek to "edit" towards "Oh my God! I'm going to die!". When the Moor of Venice laments with "Methinks this must be some huge eclipse of sun and moon", "creative writing finds "huge" an "unnecessary" adjective. He therefore rebels against those who are the etymological and anagrammatical Liliputians!
And to those who have been enraged by the complex tapestry of his organically liberated and groundbreaking prose, he says: "first return to Aeschylus and Euripides! In mother tongue! Then, revise your intemperate and minatory diatribes against him! In the cryptic, revolutionary text of "Iconostas", both he and the etymological irridescence of English literature are once more irradiated and vindicated!"


Roger Thurling wrote 1413 days ago   

Have you seen "Red Sky in the Morning"? I enjoyed the first Ch on that one.

Yes, I read it and backed it five or six weeks ago.

Roger Thurling wrote 1413 days ago   

Thanks for your message
I was quite tempted to delete it - as you (sort of) say, most people don't really welcome adverse criticism.
But here is his reponse:

"Thank you for your comments. I can see by your comments that you are not a native-speaking english person. Honestly, you actually sound like someone from a foreign country that comes to the United States that speaks broken english. Most the time these people come to the states with a good grasp on the english language and even though they speak proper english they can't express what they are trying to say very well. It was honestly very hard for me to understand your reply since it seemed very awkward. Where are you from? How long have you been speaking English? What is your native tongue? As far as my book, it is written in very easy to understand english, but understanding that you aren't really a native to the english language, then I can understand how you wouldn't understand the quirkness in the delivery of my language. I would understand why you would think that english isn't my native language. It is my native language and the only language that I speak. I will look at your book and review it. I promise I will give an honest accessment of your book. Which very well might be very well written, but honestly after reading your reply I can't image that your spoken voice is going to be any better written than your message. The language barrier between us might be as simple as the countries that we are from."

I'm less tempted to delete it now.