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jeeeeb wrote 649 days ago   

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Adam Thurstman wrote 654 days ago   

Hi Jim

I'd be very grateful if you could please take a quick look at my book.

Kindest regards

Neville wrote 656 days ago   

Hi, Jim, I would be honoured if you could spare some room on your shelf for my children’s book if you deem it worthy. Children’s books can lag behind on the site which is a shame. We’ve all been children at some time.
I would of course give an honest comment on your own book.
Thank you for your time Jim, I really appreciate it.

Short pitch;-
Twelve-year-old boy crippled since birth, walks unaided after meeting a strange old lady and her cat.
However, there is a price to pay.


Kind regards,
Neville. The Secrets of the Forest – The Time Zone.

TDonna wrote 657 days ago   

Jim, when you have the chance and get back on autho for a break from writing the sequel, I’d be honored if you’d consider reading No Kiss Good-bye and backing it, of course :) It’s unlike any other story on authonomy and one that you’ll live and feel with all your senses. It’s my true-life story of escaping communist Romania along switchbacks that eventually led to America.

Here’s the link: http://www.authonomy.com/books/39263/no-kiss-good-bye. Thank you and of course, I will return the read.


Isoje David wrote 677 days ago   

My name is Isoje David. I am a young writer who is trying to become an Author. Please I would be very glad if you can take a look at my book title 'Animals In Paradise'. Please I would be glad if you can give me a comment, a back and rate many stars that you could give. I am sure that You would like it, every readers really like the book here o Authonomy. Please you are one of the people that can help me achieve my dream as a young Author if you would kindly read the book, comment, rate it and back it.

Please kindly read the chapter one only if you are too busy. I will also read your work. Please kindly do for me.


Isoje David

Animals In Paradise


fatema wrote 689 days ago   

i have two books here, please feel free to read and please back them. Thanks

Dianna Lanser wrote 690 days ago   

I wanted to take some time to recognize and thank everyone who has helped Nothing But The Blood reach the desk. Your support whether through backing, reviewing or encouraging is not taken for granted and I am humbled by your kindness.

I truly do pray that God will bless you and your writing endeavors in the same way that you have encouraged me. Please know that I will be here in the months to come to back, comment and promote your work. I count you a wonderful friend in whom I am indebted to.

I’d like to invite you to check out this thread. You and your book are recognized for all Authonomy to see. http://www.authonomy.com/forums/threads/98641/backers-of-nothing-but-the-blood-thank-you-/

Dianna Lanser

Casimir Greenfield wrote 691 days ago   

Hi there - just extending the ink-stained hand of friendship.

I'm still fairly new to the site, but I've found it to be an extremely constructive and rewarding experience so far, though it does pay to have a thick skin sometimes.

Backing books, making friends – that seems to be the way to raise the profile, so here I am. It would be fantastic to hear from you.

All the best, have a great day - Cas

PS: If you do happen to get the uncontrollable urge to look at either of my books, here are the links

Slow Poison is dark and brutal, Bloodstones is a gentler read, but gets tougher as the story progresses. A little like Larsson, Welsh, Niffenegger I have been told. (…but I haven’t read any of their work yet…so you’ll have to be the judge of that…)

KirkH wrote 711 days ago   

Thanks Jim :-)

Shain Knowles wrote 719 days ago   

Thank you so much for your continued support.

Best wishes,

Scott Toney wrote 719 days ago   

Words cannot express how thankful I am to you for all the support you’ve given me in helping me to reach Harper Collins’ desk! In the past 2 years I have made so many friends and learned so much and it is those friendships and knowledge that I appreciate the most now. No matter what happens in the review I appreciate and am thankful for you! I want you to know that I will be remaining active on the site. If you make a press for the desk please let me know and I will find a way to get you a permanent backing.

I also know that you’ll be looking to fill the void my book is leaving on your shelf soon and I’d like to recommend two of my favorite books for you to take a look at! Both of these ladies are wonderful with read-swaps and have helped me immensely in editing!


T.Donna Robison has written a true-life story, No Kiss Good-bye, about her escape from Communist Romania in the early 1980s and it is such an important and inspiring read! Here is her short pitch!

The consul proclaimed our sentence: "As long as I live, you will not enter the United States."

Copy this link and put it in your browser to take a closer look and make an amazing friend!



Cara Goldthorpe has written an inspiringly vivid fantasy novel, The Awakening: Dawn of Destruction, cleverly exploring the plight of the human race - in all its weakness and glory. Here is her short pitch!
It was coming. A plague of darkness greater than ever before...
She had to stop it. But she didn’t even know who she was.

Copy this link and put it in your browser to take a closer look and make another amazing friend!


I cannot express to you enough the value how having these two ladies as your friends! Please consider them to replace my place on your shelf!

Have an amazing day! I’ll be around!

- Scott, The Ark of Humanity

Maevesleibhin wrote 720 days ago   

Dear Jim,
Mrs Maginnes is Dead is a comic murder mystery that has driven many authonomites to fits of hysterics. It features Byzantine gold, a Gypsy, a homicidal goat, five unstable sisters hell bent on getting their hands on said gold and getting rid of said goat with the help of said Gypsy, communist transvestites, a Shakespeare-quoting grave robber, a valorous detective hell bent on stopping this nonsense, true love, and a purple and pink plaid couch.
Won't you have a look? The Ark of Humanity is soon going to get a medal, and I am sure that a change in decor would lighten up the room.
I return all reads, although not quickly, with careful, thought out, witty and sometimes even helpful comments.

Dianna Lanser wrote 723 days ago   

Hi Jim, How's it going? I see that you are backing our mutual friend, Scott Toney’s book, the Ark of Humanity. In three days his book will be off the editor’s desk and hopefully land in the hands of an insightful and forward-thinking publisher! In three days my book will move to the number 11 spot. If you have not already promised your open shelf space to someone else, I’m wondering if you would consider backing my book all the way to the desk too.

I think you’ll find my writing comparable to Scott’s. The story is just as compelling and follows the same moral compass. Many people seem to like it’s message of forgiveness in the aftermath of great evil. Perhaps you would like it too. Any support you have given my book in the past is GREATLY appreciated! Thanks for your consideration.


Dianna Lanser

mdws77 wrote 724 days ago   

If you are thinking of a new book for your shelf after the end of the month to replace your top 5 book, then could you please consider Solian Chronicles: Pluto Genesis? It is close to the top 100 and you could be part of putting it in the top 5 within a few months. It is a very good Science Fiction and complete on the site. Thank you very much for your consideration.

Davidmauriceware wrote 740 days ago   

I would like to invite you to come read my book A True Thug WillSin. In just 3 months, my book is currently ranked 2nd here on Authonomy. If you enjoy it, please support it back backing it and leaving a comment. There is also a benifit to you for backing it. Every top talent spotters 1-20 are people who have supported my book for a lenght of time.None of them were in the top 500 last month. So as you can see the success of my book and having it on your shelf is beneficial to you also. As A top talent spotter, your book gets more advertisisement. Thank you kindly David Ware

patio wrote 742 days ago   

Inside Dead need your support
Thanks in advance

The Knowledge wrote 743 days ago   

Hi Jim,
Thanks for accepting my friend request.
Best wishes and hope you're having a good holiday

Andrew Hughes wrote 745 days ago   

Hi Jim,

“Informers and blackmailers, phrenologists and dissectionists, lowlifes and murderers in early Victorian Dublin.”

I’d really appreciate it if you could have a look at the start of my first novel, The Morning Drop.

I’m happy to return the read.


DaisyFitz wrote 745 days ago   

Haha. I know that feeling! Thanks so much, Jim.


DaisyFitz wrote 745 days ago   

** March Madness **

Hi Jim

I hope you're well.

You took part in March Madness and one of the rules was that everyone who took part would back the winning book.
My book, Forfeit, won and I'd be really, really grateful if you'd
pop it on your bookshelf as agreed.