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Sam Barclay wrote 14 days ago   

Hi Tollam,

Just read your 'about me' page. Would you be interested in a read trade? I note that you love fantasy and you know how to write it too. Will you upload something soon?
Fast approaching the ED, I am looking for a fresh pair of eyes to take a peek at 'Dax'. How weird do you like your fantasy by the way?

Cheers, Sam

tone099 wrote 17 days ago   

My name is Peter Reich, special investigator to the Pope and former captain of the Swiss Guard.

I need your help.

A few months ago, I was approached by a young Spanish woman who claimed to have evidence of a U.S.-led plot to assassinate the Pope and take control of the Vatican.

My son is dead. My wife is missing. And my only friend has turned against me.

I am alone and in hiding.

I do not trust anyone, perhaps I can trust you.

This is my story.

LlZ wrote 103 days ago   

I bet you have! That's totally normal to feel like that.
It's better to let it all out, I reckon, and it will start to get easier and you'll start to feel better soon.
It's really tough though, so look after yourself x

miltongiffon143 wrote 104 days ago   

Hello Tollem,
Sorry for your loss.

LlZ wrote 104 days ago   

I'm ever so sorry to hear about your friend.

I was friendly with a woman on here who passed away in sad circumstances and it was ever so upsetting and I hadn't even met her, so I can't even begin to imagine how upset you are. Just wanted to let you know my thoughts are with you xxx

Susan Boyes wrote 120 days ago   

Hi, I'm Susan writer of A.O.V. Angel of Vengeance a supernatural religious thriller but probably nothing like you would expect. I have High hopes for A.O.V. just like the ant who moved that rubber tree plant I plan to try and move it to the editors desk then the publishers then the films. It is a story the world hungers for and based on some facts. It really is a good read I was hoping you might check it out and offer up some feedback. I am currently submitting to agents and trying to get as many people to read it as possible. Its controversial contents will bring to mind the possibility of a worldwide hoax and we have been nothing but the pawns to the very ones trying to pull it off. Hope to hear from you Susan. A.O.V.

D.J.Milne wrote 148 days ago   

Hi Sophie
I hope you can have a look a The Tiger Farm. Any support you can give it in the next few days, if you like it, would be welcome.

BeeJoy wrote 272 days ago   

Hello. With the month coming to an almost end, I would appreciate if you would consider Facing the Truth of your support. Any help will be much appreciated. I will be on this site for a long time and will support others. Hope you are having a great day:)!Bethany.

Yasmina wrote 273 days ago   

Hi Sophie
Thanks for the message, shocking! But I guess we'll continue and take the risk. The alternative is to self publish and we could get ripped off anyway! So, feel free to back us if you wish.
Best wishes

Yasmina wrote 273 days ago   

Hi Sophie

Congratulations on being a published author!

I hope you don’t mind a cheeky request, but I notice you have some space on your bookshelf and I was hoping you would support our children’s book, “The Secret of Netley Abbey”? Placing it on your bookshelf and leaving some stars would help us get to those elusive editors, currently we are at the top but we can’t afford to be complacent and would appreciate your help to stay there. We won’t forget any help!

The book has been posted under Charles Knightley and may be seen on my bookshelf.

Your help will be very much appreciated and not forgotten! We are happy to read and comment on books! Charles and I intend to stay on Authonomy for the long term and we are currently writing other stories. Your help won’t be forgotten!

Best wishes


"The Secret of Netley Abbey", is an easy to read children's book where three children, pursued by treasure seekers, search for the secret of a 13th century ruin. There are ghostly goings-on and a government cover-up of alien artefacts. The book has been loaded under “Charles Knightley”. It has been described as the Dan Brown for children which adults enjoy!

Z. Z. Ali wrote 390 days ago   

That's really cool, I could never be a professional artist lol. I literally draw once every two to three years, get really inspired and draw something really detailed and then don't draw again for years. And thanks, my avi was the result of one of my drawing moments a couple years ago :)
Yeah, I saw the AWB but have kind of been keeping a distance because there are SO many people already on there and into the throe of things, I think I might wait until spring semester is over before trying to join lol as right now classwork just keeps me too busy.
Great to meet you too :)
Z. Z. Ali

Z. Z. Ali wrote 395 days ago   

A fellow dragon on the site :O Sorry, I just had to message you after seeing your avi :) Did you draw it yourself? It's quite impressive!

Z. Z. Ali

D. S. Hale wrote 405 days ago   

Tollam, I saw your message in the forums and saw you were doing a book signing tour. Can you please tell me how that works? My book, Jessup and the Teleporter, has been accepted by a small christian publisher and said there would be book tours and book signings. I am excited!!! Just wondering what to expect! Does the publisher pay for this tour, and pay me to be away? Please let me know all the tiniest details. I'll eat them all up!!! THANK YOU!!

Jessup and the Teleporter

kelliewallace23 wrote 461 days ago   

Hi Sophie,

I noticed you have a book by Safkhet Publishing. I have been offered a contract with them. How do you find them? Are they any good? Thanks!

PMQKLQ wrote 506 days ago   

Hi Congrats, Who did you sing with and what was ther process?
How do i contact and submit my manuscript?
Paul Quinn

Software wrote 508 days ago   

Hello Sophie,

Hope you are well. Maybe you would like to try out my new satire, Doghouse Blues. Here is an endorsement:

I was attracted to Doghouse Blues from the pitch alone because it was so very different. There are so many budding writers out there who want to earn the same sort of money as J K Rowling by writing exactly the same kind of book and , to be frank, I am getting a bit tired of it.
This, on the other hand, struck me as being an original piece of work. The product of a lively mind and written by someone who is an excellent observer of the real world out there and who knows how to translate his observations into print. Just the right amount of dialogue, which carries the story along well.
I have not read the complete book (yet) but have dipped into it fairly freely to see if the momentum is maintained. It certainly is.
Philip John

Looking forward to reading your comments on the Doghouse Blues webpage.

All the best,


Brian G Chambers wrote 508 days ago   

Hi Sophie
I’m sitting here at 120, with your help I can get further towards the ED. My stories are titled ‘Tales for Children’. The title says it all really, but adults like to read them too. So if you fancy something different then please give it a try. I will read swap and give comments.
Thanks in advance

Rose Princess Kaysielynn wrote 515 days ago   

Something's gotta give, in the end. Thank goodness for Facebook, right? :D

Rose Princess Kaysielynn wrote 516 days ago   

I totally understand, Sophie, and I'm sure everyone else does, too. I've been doing so much lurking lately it's just crazy and then when I do pop in, it seems no one's around. Ah, well. :)

Hope you get to have a nice relaxing weekend! :)

jrevino wrote 522 days ago   

Hello, my name is James Revino. I am the author of ‘Hollow.’ I was wondering if you might be able to take a look at my work and tell me what you think, good and bad. Any critique would be much appreciated, it is the best way to improve. Of course, if you wanted to back it, that would be great as well. Have a good day, and thanks for your time.