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A G Chaudhuri wrote 887 days ago   

Dear Agent S,
Apologies if my message is reaching you at a busy time.
May I please request you to read the opening chapters of my story ‘Shining Dawn’? A science fiction thriller based in a dystopian alternate reality, it deals with the consequences of man’s irresponsible actions in the backdrop of a civilisation crippled by greed and corruption.
Should you find it deserving, then a few days on your bookshelf can do my story a world of good. I am willing to swap reads and offer my feedback.
Thanks and regards,

Mark Williams wrote 893 days ago   

Hello Agent Smyth,
My name is Mark Williams, an unpublished writer wishing to become an author. I would like you to have a look at my book, The Protege, to give you an idea of my work. If you could add me to your book list, or five star list I would be very happy.
Mark Williams

MrKarats wrote 925 days ago   


Would you like to take a look at some contemporary fantasy, ranked 40th in just two months? :D
if you decide to take a look tell me what you think,ok?

I always return a read.


KirkH wrote 935 days ago   

I hope you can get a chance to read parts of my college caper crime story that takes place at the Oktoberfest.
"How to Steal a Lion"

karenrosario wrote 995 days ago   

Thanks so much for backing Katie Moonshine :-)

William Holt wrote 1000 days ago   

Hi, Agent Smyth,

Your backing of Faust's Butterfly is much appreciated. Some readers advise against reading it late at night.


Sabastion wrote 1022 days ago   

Do you remember the children stories you read, that are still popular today? Magic of the Frogs, is the next era of children's fantasy adventure. I hope you will see what so many have already discovered.
JJ Marro

RobertMyles wrote 1022 days ago   

Hi there! I see you have a space on your book shelf, so it'd be silly of me not to ask you to take a look at my humble offering! It's far better than this message, so you'll be improving your reading experience just by giving it a try!

Venom Of The Malice Striker is a Historical Fiction novel. In 1348, the last Viking journeys out of exile and into Christendom in search of a cure for the Black Death; what he finds is Ragnarok.

Here's the trailer to whet your appetite:

If you feel it's worth your backing, I'd really appreciate your support.



JohnDoe wrote 1023 days ago   

Hi Agent Smyth,

As a book you've been supporting - Isabel - has made ED now, could I ask you to please take a little look at "The Lunatic Sings" if it's new to you.

It's currently at 17. If you think it's worth a spot on your shelf, for a couple of days or maybe longer, your support would be really appreciated.

– "the reader glides through … It’s like dancing in someone’s mind."
 - Lucia Adams, Vein Fire

– "like a William S. Burroughs novel with a point." - 
Winston Chad Emerson, A Circle in the Woods

– "I sit in awe. This is some piece of work."
 - Kristin Gleeson, Selkie Dreams

Thank you,


Mark Williams wrote 1024 days ago   

Hello Agent Smyth,
My name is Mark Williams, an unpublished writer wishing to become an author. I would like you to have a look at my book, The Protege, to give you an ideal of my work. If you could add me to your book list, or five star list I would be very happy.
Mark Williams

karenrosario wrote 1056 days ago   

Thanks for backing Isabel! :-)

Intriguing Trails wrote 1058 days ago   

Please read Echo and let me know what you think.

Mark Kirkbride wrote 1059 days ago   

Hi Agent Smyth,

Just wanted to thank you very much for backing The Devil's Fan Club.

All the very best,


writerwithacause wrote 1060 days ago   

Welcome to Authonomy. Will you have a look at one or both of my books, offer some constructive criticism and shelve if you like? Lisa

Andi Brown wrote 1061 days ago   


Looking for a fast-paced, smart, funny read?

If Carl Hiaasen and The Office had a baby, it might look something like ANIMAL CRACKER.

Can a bunch of smart, sassy women get the goods on their boss at Boston’s venerable Animal Protection Agency? Hal Mason is Brad-Pitt handsome, with a Harvard professor wife and an adorable but shiftless son who wins the heart of Diane Salvi, the organization’s new communications director and the book’s narrator.

The malapropping, narcissistic Hal, famous for his animal-themed ties and jokes, has managed to earn the adulation of the organization’s board of directors and the scorn of his staff. When his negligence leads to the dogshit literally hitting the fan, Diane and her reporter roommate Genie set out to dig up some dirt on him, with a little help from friends in the office.

There's never a bad time for a fun read in which the good guys (or gals) wreak vengeance on a conniving boss who deserves no less.

Thanks for considering ANMAL CRACKER. And I do swap reads.


winstonemerson wrote 1063 days ago   

Give your bookshelf a modern look with the all new circle-shaped shelf space! Appealing to the eye as well as the mind, this simple-to-do remodel accommodates all backings of A Circle in the Woods and repels the growing Circle Spam infestation eating up newsfeeds Authonomy-wide.

Don't hesitate! Be one of over 335 members who now enjoy the Circle Shelf free of charge!

[Limited time offer. Novel subject to selection for review by HarperCollins. Side effects may include entertainment, intrigue, shock, and terror. Talk to your doctor if you experience a rise in TSR. Void where prohibited. Quotation marks not included.]

Juliusb wrote 1063 days ago   

Hello Smyth,

What about! We are racing for the same prize - reaching the Editor’s table. However, it is NOT “The winner takes it all” prize! Would you please peruse at least through the pitch and prologue of my book, "Destined To Triumph" and see if it appealing to a reader and, therefore, deserving your favor of commenting and, or at best, backing it up on your good shelf.

Remaining in anticipation to hearing from you, be blessed


Julius Babyetisza

Winterflood wrote 1063 days ago   


Thank you for the backing, it is appreciated.

Jo Whittington wrote 1063 days ago   

Thank you. I really appreciate your support. If you have the time to get back to me, I'd love to know how you came across my book and why you chose it.

Lucia13 wrote 1063 days ago   

Thank you so very much, I really appreciate the support.