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LlZ wrote 6 days ago   

Do you- Ha! I didn't know that!

Wonder if that's been reported!

LlZ wrote 7 days ago   

I know!! I can't bloody believe it.

It was SO inoffensive and it was in the flippin Shameless Plugs section.
When you see the things that go on in some threads and how really, deeply unpleasant they are, I cannot believe that a) someone reported mine and b) someone at authonomy deleted it!

KirkH wrote 7 days ago   

What's this about you leaving Autho at the end of the month. Are you crazy?

wanjie684 wrote 7 days ago   


Thank you for accepting to join my Authonomy circle of friends. You are welcome to stop-by if you get a chance.

Take care,

African Woman, American Adventures

Eliza Moon wrote 9 days ago   

Hello Splinker, thank you very much for taking a quick look at Weeds. You are quite right, when black fades to grey, it does indeed get lighter. It happens a lot to my clothes actually, the intensity of colour tends to fade after so many washes. But maybe your clothes lighten...;-)

I'll take a quick look at one of your books sometime, but I've got lots of IOU's to work through first, including your friend's book A Fine Pickle funnily enough, I'm sure you'll be pleased to hear that. x

Helianthus wrote 9 days ago   

Hehehe, you are the bomb.

LlZ wrote 9 days ago   

Ha ha!

LlZ wrote 9 days ago   

Thank you ever so much!

Sierra Kummings wrote 9 days ago   

Thanks so much for the backing! God love authonomy lottery :)

katie78 wrote 9 days ago   

thanks for the support, splinker. you're a-ok, too!

skaterwriter wrote 15 days ago   

As per pseudo-mom's request I have put you on my shelf although the verdict is still out on your motives dude. I'm watching you.

lizjrnm wrote 15 days ago   
lizjrnm wrote 15 days ago   

Hi Splinker - I tried to back your book but my work computer is saying I have too many backings from here so I will try tonight at home - I will also ask Christopher to try because his TSR is better than mine. I feel terrible - if you need to remove me from the lottery I understand. liz xoxo

C. A. Thomson wrote 16 days ago   

Hi Splinker,
I've just returned to sunny England from 'Niwat,' near Boulder
in Colarado. I was out there for a few weeks,visiting a business colleague and I loved the State. So, when I read your profile, I thought... "Regardless of the book, I'll give this guy a shot!" No seriously, I loved your profile and I've stuck your book on my watch list for now. I will return later for what sounds like a damn good fun read!
Craig Thomson. (From Largs) 'Search for the Sunlight.'

Callaghan Grant wrote 18 days ago   

Lol! Resorting to sweet talking me, eh... }:-)

Callaghan Grant wrote 18 days ago   

Morning Splink,
I hope this finds you well. Do tell: Why did you have me send you the Prologue of Chalice? I mean, to what end? It's fairly apparent that you've either made a pissload of promises you're running to catch up on, or you're just a self serving liar. Just wondering and I'm sure you can understand why.
All the best to you,

Verse_Artiste wrote 19 days ago   

Thanks for the backing. :)

F.S. wrote 19 days ago   

They just look so soft.

F.S. wrote 19 days ago   

Think you've seen a few of those before. xxx Sock Puppy (can I fondle your ears?)

evermoore wrote 19 days ago   

Whaaaaaaat happened to ya, Splinker? There's a ton of pics for you to weave your words around. (winks)