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Verse_Artiste wrote 22 hours ago   

:) Thanks for backing Expat Wives - the check' s in the mail. ;) xx

lizjrnm wrote 1 day ago   

What else can I do for you sir?

lizjrnm wrote 1 day ago   

I've already shelved it...and then some...DH!

lizjrnm wrote 2 days ago   

in reference to your idea that I remove you...not

KirkH wrote 7 days ago   

Thanks Adam,
I'll check out your book ;-)

rikasworld wrote 7 days ago   

Well, if you could tell me it would definitely improve the weather ...

lizjrnm wrote 12 days ago   

How are we not friends here? Hello? McFly?

Robert Wingfield wrote 12 days ago   

You old groupie you :-)
I've dropped to #4 now, so you can remove my pinup from your wall. How fickle fame is!
I didn't let it go to my head though - I still call people, 'sir' (or 'madam').
Take care and best wishes.

lizjrnm wrote 15 days ago   

Facebook book - interesting. That's all I can say electronically...

lizjrnm wrote 17 days ago   

Thanks, love, for the comments - I will consider rearranging my pitches. xo

Katrina_Allardyce wrote 20 days ago   

Thanks :)

lizjrnm wrote 21 days ago   

Hi Splinker - The only pocket of time I have to comment on this fine book is Wednesday night. ;) liz

vanderlove wrote 22 days ago   

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Lauren Grey wrote 22 days ago   

I PROMISE that IF this book makes it to the desk, I will post a front shot, lol :)

Tonia Marlowe wrote 22 days ago   



Lauren Grey wrote 22 days ago   

...anything I want in return?

lizjrnm wrote 26 days ago   

Thank you for the shelving. xo

AliyaM.books wrote 36 days ago   

Hi! Would you be interested in a book swap? Mila takes place during 43 AD when Rome conquered Britain, taking hostage a young mother, Mila, and selling her as a gladiator. After surviving a battle in the arena that was supposed to end her life by using the fencing skills her father taught her when she was young, Mila's master Servius Mummius Philo decides to make her a deal. If she fights for him and wins back his status as an entertainer, he will grant her freedom so she can find her son. Mila agrees, not knowing that in order to win her freedom, she'll have to win the respect of her fellow gladiators, reject a lovers advance, and unveil lies that could end her chances of finding her son once and for all...

Darius Stransky wrote 37 days ago   

If you're like me, you don't care what crappy book goes on your shelf. I know a lot of people will contact you and beg you to back their books. They think they can bully or shame you into helping them out. Well I say, enough is enough. Let's send all these posers a clear message that we are our own person.
Don't be caught on someone else's bandwagon.

Back "Take A Breather" today, and let the world know that you are an individual.

Thank you.

After you sir and as for being an individual - I am the only person in this universe

tone099 wrote 38 days ago   

My name is Peter Reich, special investigator to the Pope and former captain of the Swiss Guard.

I need your help.

A few months ago, I was approached by a young Spanish woman who claimed to have evidence of a U.S.-led plot to assassinate the Pope and take control of the Vatican.

My son is dead. My wife is missing. And my only friend has turned against me.

I am alone and in hiding.

I do not trust anyone, perhaps I can trust you.

This is my story.