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Eliza Moon wrote 21 hours ago   

Hello Splinker, thank you very much for taking a quick look at Weeds. You are quite right, when black fades to grey, it does indeed get lighter. It happens a lot to my clothes actually, the intensity of colour tends to fade after so many washes. But maybe your clothes lighten...;-)

I'll take a quick look at one of your books sometime, but I've got lots of IOU's to work through first, including your friend's book A Fine Pickle funnily enough, I'm sure you'll be pleased to hear that. x

Helianthus wrote 1 day ago   

Hehehe, you are the bomb.

LlZ wrote 1 day ago   

Ha ha!

LlZ wrote 1 day ago   

Thank you ever so much!

Sierra Kummings wrote 1 day ago   

Thanks so much for the backing! God love authonomy lottery :)

katie78 wrote 1 day ago   

thanks for the support, splinker. you're a-ok, too!

skaterwriter wrote 6 days ago   

As per pseudo-mom's request I have put you on my shelf although the verdict is still out on your motives dude. I'm watching you.

lizjrnm wrote 6 days ago   
lizjrnm wrote 7 days ago   

Hi Splinker - I tried to back your book but my work computer is saying I have too many backings from here so I will try tonight at home - I will also ask Christopher to try because his TSR is better than mine. I feel terrible - if you need to remove me from the lottery I understand. liz xoxo

C. A. Thomson wrote 7 days ago   

Hi Splinker,
I've just returned to sunny England from 'Niwat,' near Boulder
in Colarado. I was out there for a few weeks,visiting a business colleague and I loved the State. So, when I read your profile, I thought... "Regardless of the book, I'll give this guy a shot!" No seriously, I loved your profile and I've stuck your book on my watch list for now. I will return later for what sounds like a damn good fun read!
Craig Thomson. (From Largs) 'Search for the Sunlight.'

Callaghan Grant wrote 9 days ago   

Lol! Resorting to sweet talking me, eh... }:-)

Callaghan Grant wrote 10 days ago   

Morning Splink,
I hope this finds you well. Do tell: Why did you have me send you the Prologue of Chalice? I mean, to what end? It's fairly apparent that you've either made a pissload of promises you're running to catch up on, or you're just a self serving liar. Just wondering and I'm sure you can understand why.
All the best to you,

Verse_Artiste wrote 10 days ago   

Thanks for the backing. :)

F.S. wrote 11 days ago   

They just look so soft.

F.S. wrote 11 days ago   

Think you've seen a few of those before. xxx Sock Puppy (can I fondle your ears?)

evermoore wrote 11 days ago   

Whaaaaaaat happened to ya, Splinker? There's a ton of pics for you to weave your words around. (winks)

LuvsikPuppy wrote 11 days ago   

So, how do you like it? Hot, strong, sweet and steamy?

Your coffee, I mean. ;)

LuvsikPuppy wrote 12 days ago   

Hello there!
Just so you know - I'd buy you coffee any time, without you having to earn it. ;) xxx

lizjrnm wrote 16 days ago   


Callaghan Grant wrote 16 days ago   

The Lifeway Kefir will also seriously help your health. GET THE PLAIN -- NOT THE FLAVORED.
Hope you feel super soon.