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jeeeeb wrote 650 days ago   

My name is miss Jelin, i am looking for a new friend i saw your profile today and became interested in you,i
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Casimir Greenfield wrote 677 days ago   

Cas Greenfield: writer, broadcaster, musician, artist

Hi there - just extending the ink-stained hand of friendship.

I've been on-site for a little while now, and I've found it to be an extremely constructive and rewarding experience. The range of writing and subjects available here seems to cover a broad spectrum of styles and ability, but it does pay to have a thick skin - some of those critics can be pretty fierce!

Adding books to your stylish virtual bookshelf, making oodles of friends, commenting where you can – that seems to be the way to raise the profile, so here I am.

I'm usually around, so it would be fantastic to hear from you.

Anyway…happy writing, reading or whatever it is you’re doing today...all the best, Cas

PS: If you do happen to get the absolutely uncontrollable urge to look at either of my books, here are the links. I’m moving slowly but surely through the ranks with my dark stories, so I could do with your backing now, more than ever…

Slow Poison is dark and brutal, Bloodstones is a gentler read, but gets tougher as the story progresses. In the vein of Larsson, Welsh or Niffenegger I have been told. (…but I haven’t read any of their work yet…so you’ll have to be the judge of that…) The books are both complete and completely free to read.

Warning: both of my books contain explicit sexual acts, frequent swearing and disturbing scenes of violence. Please do not read if you are of a sensitive nature or under age in your territory.

monicalovee wrote 681 days ago   

My name is monica,i am interested in you, Also I like to know more about you and establish a relationship which based on truth and trust
with you.I want you to send me an email to my email address ( i will give you my picture for you to know whom i am. please i have something very important to tell you.I believe we can start from here.
(Remember the distance or color does not matter the age, but love matters a lot in life)
I will be happy to see a good responds from you
Thanks and remain blessed.
Yours sincerely in love with Monica,

patio wrote 710 days ago   

I write with greetings and invitation to read a chapter or more of my memoir, INSIDE DEAD. Please leave comment and rate and put on your shelf if it deserve your backing/support. You can expect same support from me. Thank you

Big Daddy wrote 710 days ago   

Today and tomorrow are the last days Stormbringer will be available free of charge from Amazon. UK link:

US link:

Please pass this message on and enjoy this great book. Thank you.

Olga13 wrote 712 days ago   

Hi Natuchi,

Could I also suggest that you change the tittle such " WHAT ELSE COULD BE WORSE NOW" or something similar ...

Your book is about a little girl who didn't have a life yet - just start flourishing...I really hope you can understand what I am trying to say...

It is bit silly you may think...but when I read the tittle, I will think that your book is about daily life (work / husband / family issues)..

although this is just a suggestion...

jasonronin wrote 727 days ago   

I have put it on my watch list and will read it soon.

Bobby Bo wrote 727 days ago   

Hi Nato,

I don't spend too much time up here, as I am mostly trying to finish my own book. I am almost done. I did take a look at your summary, and I did a quick scan of the two chapters up here that I saw.

You have a powerful tale to tell, and I like your voice, so that is a great start. there is definitely a story here. I know it is very hard to write in a non-native language--i still struggle with English on some days too, so it is commendable of you to do so. I know I would never be able to write effectively in the other languages I struggle with even more. Language and expression is tough to do in non-native format. That being said, that struggle will take away from your tale and make it harder for readers to get into the story. Is there anyone you know who can help you edit in English, or perhaps write it in your own language, and look to have someone then translate for you after the fact.

You should maybe consider those options, as I think it will make the story come out all that much more, and make it more powerful in the end.

I hope this helps a bit, but I am no expert in these matters.



emeraldraj wrote 728 days ago   

Dear Natuchi,

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sodyt wrote 731 days ago   

Be glad to swap reads. after u eric

patio wrote 731 days ago   

I write with greetings and invitation to read a chapter or more of my memoir, Inside Dead. I want to share my story with the world but first I want it to be presented well and reader-friendly. Please leave positive and/or negative comment. Thank you

Atieno wrote 731 days ago   

Hi Natuchi,
Would you like to take an amazing trip to Africa? The Night Runner will give you the pleasures of the heat under the sun.
I would be happy for a read swap.

ssurfer wrote 731 days ago   

Hi Natuchi,

I just want to encourage you to find Jesus Christ, and seek to know Him intimatly. He loves you beyond all this world has to offer, and so very much desires for you to love Him back. Seek Him and you will find Him, and in Him you willl find peace.
I am having trouble managing my book shelf. But will look to have you up soon. God bless!

Very sincerely, Bill

Tillerman wrote 732 days ago   

Hi Natuchi,
You have a story to tell here, but I do not think many will read it because of the grammar, and as you say, English is not your first language. I would recommend you find a ghost writer, someone who could translate your story into perfect English. I think this would increase your chances of getting your novel noticed.


Branestawm's cat wrote 732 days ago   

How right you are.

The Knowledge wrote 732 days ago   

Nato....please meet 'Madeline'

Terence Brumpton wrote 732 days ago   

HI i am new to this site and trying to get interest in my book. If you feel that you like the sound of it i would love for you to read it, and let me know what you think . Here is a quick description of my book.
Have you ever stayed in a hotel and wondered what goes on when you sleep? And goes bump in the night?

Edward Williams is twenty-five and starting a new career as a hotel night manager. Ellsworth House Hotel is a place of beauty and splendor. Edward should know not to judge a book by its cover . From the second he sets foot into his new life , events unfold which can't be explained away by logic and science. Only he and his fellow night staff know the truth about what goes on at night in Ellsworth House Hotel.
Thanks Terence

Old Bob wrote 736 days ago   

Hi Natuchi. I was reading profiles to see who might want to read my book and came a cross your page. I don't often find someone as new as you on this site, welcome aboard.

This may be a little premature because you're not set up yet and I don't know what you like, so let me just make you aware of my book: A PLACE IN LIFE. It's literary fiction about the life of a boy told through a series of catastrophic events and failed relationships. When you have a chance I'd appreciate it very much if you'd take a look at a chapter or two and let me know what you think. Also remember, if it doesn't come up to your standards, all you have to do is stop reading - no strings.

In any event, many thanks for your time.

Old Bob