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Lenny Banks wrote 531 days ago   

Hi Lainie, I'm reading through books on the site, I got to you and nothings posted. Any chance you can take a look at mine and let me know when and if yours is up and I will be first in the queue?
Kind Regards
Lenny Banks - Tide and Time: At The Rock

Stark Silvercoin wrote 624 days ago   

We did it. We got Emmett Delaney’s One Wrong Turn to the desk where it belongs. Fingers crossed that HarperCollins will like it as much as we did.

I was humbled by Emmett’s recommendation of my novel, Old Number Seven, in his thank-you address to his supporters. He’s a real class act and I’m so happy that he felt so highly of the story.

Of course I would be overjoyed if you wanted to take a look. Written as an action-packed literary fiction tale, it’s the story of an old man, his dog and an antiquated steam powered pumping station trying to take on the might of Hurricane Katrina. It’s based loosely on events I witnessed as a reporter covering that terrible time in history. I welcome your comments and thoughts, and thank you in advance for your support.

Kind Regards,

John Breeden II
Old Number Seven

Adam Thurstman wrote 653 days ago   

Hi Lainie

I'd be very grateful if you could please take a quick look at my book.

Kindest regards

cynthiababy wrote 687 days ago   

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Davidmauriceware wrote 763 days ago   

Okay now, this is a special plea to just my personal friends here on Authonomy. Iv'e reached #22 in the rankings. This is where I need that extra push from you guys. Could you PLEASE place me on your shelf for just this coming week and if you truly enjoyed my book, I need some 6 stars. There are some on here who are purposely giving me 1 star ratings in attemp to keep me from progressing.Please pray for them, as I do. Alot of you still have me on your watch list, which isn't doing me any good. At least leave me a comment if you can't find space on your shelf. Be a blessing and help me out. Sincerely David Ware. I won't forget the favor.

Paul Beattie wrote 763 days ago   

Harper Collins have just chosen my novel, Filthy Luca as the official 'One To Watch' for this week. Here's the link to their blog if you're interested in what they have to say:

All the best. P

Davidmauriceware wrote 771 days ago   

This is a special plea to just my friends here on Authonomy. I'm currently ranked #32 and I have come to a stand still. Could I depend on you to shelve my book as a personal favor, for a few days PLEASE? I'm so close now. I won't forget it. Thank you ever so kindly.

Paul Freeman wrote 773 days ago   

Thanks for the kind comments, Lainie.


KirkH wrote 773 days ago   

Thank you Laine :-)

Eden Ashley wrote 774 days ago   

Thanks Lainie! Glad you enjoyed. And keep reading. It gets better!


EMDelaney wrote 774 days ago   


Thank you for your support of One Wrong Turn. I appreciate you very much.


Sharon.v.o. wrote 774 days ago   

Thank you, Lainie. :)

Damkina wrote 775 days ago   

Thank you for backing my book, Lainie. Very much appreciated.

I've been working on it almost non-stop recently (work and life permitting) and have the next 35,000 done... It's still incomplete, but hopefully, will have some more for you to read soon.


Adeel wrote 775 days ago   

Thanks for your nice comments. These are really valuable for me.

God bless you


Disciple wrote 776 days ago   

Hi Lainie,

Thank you for queuing my book on your watch list for a read. I truly appreciated your comments.

Tom Funderburg
Christmas Harbor

Disciple wrote 777 days ago   

Hi Lainie,

I uploaded my new book, Christmas Harbor, just this week. Really need some feedback of how the story reads. Would you kindly take a look at my book and if it interests you, please read and comment. Thanks.

Christmas Harbor
Abby receives a registered letter that contains a new Last_Will_&Testament from her Dad marked DO NOT OPEN. The Only Copy. Read the accompanying letter.

Tom Funderburg

Eden Ashley wrote 777 days ago   

Hi Lainie!

Do you think you could find a moment to take a look at a few chapters of The Siren's Heart when you get a moment? Your profile said that you are an avid reader.

Short pitch: Betrayal and mass murder tore them apart four centuries ago. Now they finally have a second chance.

I hope you enjoy!


Marita A. Hansen wrote 777 days ago   

Hi, Lainie. I've uploaded a new edgy YA book called "Graffiti Heaven," which is set in New Zealand. If you have the time to check it out that would be great, if not no worries. All the best, Marita.

DerekTobin wrote 778 days ago   

Hi Lainie - thanks so much for commenting on The Angel Chord - it means a lot to me and I really appreciate it. Its been on the same no of shelves for a few weeks now - seems for every backer I gain, I lose one - (avg 2 gained and 2 lost per day) not sure what Im doing wrong but if you have any tips please let me know. Thanks again Lainie and all the best

Damkina wrote 779 days ago   

Lainie, Thank you so much for reading and commenting on my book. Very much appreciated.

Happy reading!