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Tom Ericson wrote 198 days ago   

Hi Michael,
Just to let you know that I have posted the complete book now and would welcome your comments, and any stars or time on your bookshelf if you feel it merits it.
Best wishes,

Tom Ericson
The Anger Within

T.J. Evan wrote 239 days ago   

a legal thriller? can't wait. sorry for taking such a long time to get back to you, but it's on the reading list... T.J.

Steven Bordeaux wrote 259 days ago   

Thanks for your comment. I'll put it on my read list and get to it as soon as I can. Thanks!

jhorsfall wrote 266 days ago   

I'm guessing one of the reasons your book has stalled is that you've posted only 4 chapters. According to Authonomy's FAQs, complete or mostly-complete books stand a better chance of being backed. Your few chapters show me your writing skills but nothing about your plot's twists and turns, character development, or use of dialogue to move the story forward. You have fine credentials and a wealth of background info, but at this point all I can do is put your book on my watchlist for now. Hope this helps.

robert9557 wrote 266 days ago   

be happy to could you return

Steve Hawgood wrote 266 days ago   

Michael - am happy to swap reads. I would first you read my bio and previous comments first. I do not guarantee backings but do endeavour to provide balanced comments. My own requirements are on the bio page. If after that you are still keen convention is the one making the approach fires first - I should be able to do your read in the next couple of days. best. Steve.

Charles Knightley wrote 266 days ago   

Hi Michael

I've just left some comments and stars on your book which I found interesting.

I look forward to your comments on our book, hopefully before the end of the month as hopefully we will have reached the editors!

Best wishes


Tanya2 wrote 269 days ago   

Hi there. Yes, I shall be happy to look at your book. Perhaps a read swap? Mine is Under Mary's Oak, a fairly gentle crime novel set in the north east of England.

Tom Ericson wrote 270 days ago   

Hi Michael,
Happy to read your book - I have put on Watchlist and will get back to you.
Any chance you could give me some feedback on mine when you have time?

Tom Ericson
The Anger Within

diane_stiffler wrote 270 days ago   

Thanks for the backing. I have a few owed reads but will gladly check out your book in a few days.


KirkH wrote 270 days ago   

Thanks Michael,
I'll check out your book.
Kirk :-)

Charles Knightley wrote 270 days ago   

Hi Michael
Thanks for your message, I'll be happy to do a swap read/comment. Normally the person requesting goes first either by comments or backing the book or both! We do keep our promises. At the moment our book is number 1 and we want to keep it there until the end of the month.
Best wishes

CrazyChick wrote 270 days ago   

Thanks for your message, interesting bio. I spent 25 years in law too. I'll certainly give it a read it sounds fascinating. Maybe you will find Due Process of interest too

BeeJoy wrote 310 days ago   

Hello. How are you? I would appreciate to switch comments and feedback with you! Would you be able to do the same? If you want to read the rest of the is finished and on Kindle and paperback on Proceeds are going to mental health facilities and burn survivors. Would you support? I am so blessed to be able to help others with my story. I hope I will be able to stop even just one person from doing something drastic like I did. I will put your book on my wl and comment:) and even back your book. Hope for it in return? God bless:)! Bethany

Leslie Rocker wrote 339 days ago   

Hi: I'm sorry for the delay in replying to your message. My computer has been giving me trouble. It is obvious that you have a wealth of legal knowledge and experience to bring to your books and obviously have a good command of English. However writing a novel needs as much care over planning and organisation as I imagine a complex legal case does.
You start off introducing us to a learned judge, who is quickly despatched. Then we are engaged sympathetically with someone accused of her murder. In Chapter 3, however, the narrative moves into the first person and our interest is turned to the man who will presumably be the novel's chief protagonist.
This change of "sympathy" does not involve me as a reader and others may feel the same. I have been a writer of one kind or another all my life - journalist, magazine editor, poet, playwright - but have only recently turned to writing novels. I find there is as much to learn as there would be for a novice lawyer taking on his first cases, so forgive me if I appear hyper-critical. The intention is to be helpful.
Leslie Rocker

JohnMcD wrote 348 days ago   

"Hi: Another Nevada City guy on Authonomy? Wow."

Yeah. How 'bout that? Heh. Haven't seen it since '92--but my guess is that it hasn't changed much so far as the outward look of the place, which is the beauty of those old Gold Rush towns, locked in time as they must be, for posterity.

We lived in a small one room cabin below Gold Run and Dutch Flat on Bear River where we worked and served as caretakers for a large old patented placer mine. Though we were far closer to Colfax, a truly dreary town, we traveled to Grass Valley/Nevada City twice the distance to do our bi-weekly shopping at Town Talk.

Those were wonderful years for us filled with many an adventure that I really must take time to write about before those fond memories are fled.

I'll have a look at your book!

tim templer wrote 356 days ago   

Thats no problem Michael Ill take a look at your work. However ill appreciate it if you can check out THE JOURNEY too and back it . will be looking forward to it many thanks.

Tim Templer

The Journey

ShirleyGrace wrote 357 days ago   

Love to do a read swap. Placing you on my watchlist.
Shirley Grace
The Devil's Stepchild

KirkH wrote 357 days ago   

Hi Michael,
I hope you get a chance to read my steampunk story.
Kirk (Munich)

NicolaHoppe wrote 378 days ago   

Hello Michael,
thank you so much for the backing. It's truly appreciated. I had a quick look at your pitch and watchlisted your book for further reading.
All the best,