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Bill Scott wrote 700 days ago   

One man's mange is another man's cheap Brazilian. It does itch, btw.

Loz_d wrote 711 days ago   

You're back. Obviously the exorcism of the Unholy Trinity didn't work.

Bill Scott wrote 717 days ago   

Dear Mutiny,

I saw this video and it reminded me of what we used to have — heading into town in my pick up to get a Sonic cherry limeade, you right next to me even though you like to hang your head out the window, visiting Mew Tinny in the detox center where we'd had her committed, rubbing salve on the areas where she'd licked hot spots, you getting excited about licking your hot spot.

Whatever happened to us?

I swear I've no idea where the flea you found on my jacket came from. There is only you.


Michael Dale wrote 751 days ago   

thx for the support!

Mew Tinny wrote 776 days ago   

Your wife was forced to marry you to get off of that chicken ranch in Nevada, huh?

Bill Scott wrote 777 days ago   

I sent it off to be reupholstered.

Mew Tinny wrote 817 days ago   

Where ya been, Mutt? :D Did you get them fleas taken care of?

Mew Tinny wrote 833 days ago   

I heard you were causing trouble, but that must be a lie since you weren't deleted.

Mew Tinny wrote 843 days ago   

So we meet again, my foe.

Bill Scott wrote 844 days ago   

I didn't see hostel. You can never have too many tattoos in my neighborhood.

Bill Scott wrote 844 days ago   

Thanks for supporting HAKTAW HEART. It has now completed its journey. Feel free to take it off your shelf.

Thanks again


Perdu Shoshanna wrote 847 days ago   

1. Aaron thinks you're hilarious.
2. He peed blue, too
3. He made me delete the thread. Somefink about being a CHILDREN'S AUTHOR...yadayadayada. *sigh*


Perdu Shoshanna wrote 849 days ago   

Srsly, that was TOTALLY WICKED.

You rock. You rule. Knobs drool.

THANK YOU for turning my frown, upside-down.



August Taylor wrote 854 days ago   

Hi Mutiny,
Hope all is well with you. Just wanted to let you know that I have a new account now under username Painted Pony:) I pray you have a blessed Christmas friend. Ruby

Paul Freeman wrote 859 days ago   

Because I am a warrior! Didn't you know?

Mew Tinny wrote 859 days ago   

Gone for a month and then you appear again? What are you, a rabbit popping out of a hat? :@

Paul Freeman wrote 859 days ago   

Well thank thee much. xxxx

Mew Tinny wrote 897 days ago   

Have you moved out of your third world country yet and come back to America?

Mew Tinny wrote 934 days ago   

Can't you say something positive to me for once? If they find tufts of fur all over the compound, i'ts your fault. Your messages to me make me lose my fur/ pull my fur out. I haven't seen anyone so bitter since I opened the fridge and exchanged words with Mr. Lemon.

Dr Ajay Kansal wrote 940 days ago   

This time, my book may slip from ED. I need your support for four days only. Kindly back my book and oblige.