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Eponymous Rox wrote 666 days ago   

Hey Lady Laxmi, I’m pretty sure you commented on and/or backed the first 12,000 words of me novel BOT—thank you once again!—and I wanted to let you know that the complete 58,000+ word manuscript is in the Kindle store this season (only) so that, hopefully, I can get some more feedback now on the rest of the story and its tumultuous end. Not sure any search tags are visible yet on Amazon, but if you do view the page and have a moment ‘science fiction’ and ‘apocalypse’ ought to do it.

UK =
(And, meh, I don’t know the other site addresses just yet.)

My next book about a gang of serial killers on the loose in America’s northland is a work of nonfiction and the first in my True Crime series . I’ll prolly upload a few chapters of ‘The Case of the Drowning Men’ on Authonomy soon, but it too has been published in its entirety in one illustrated volume: and

Once more, thank you for your kind support of my work in the past. I still truly value and appreciate it—

j.l. wood-miller wrote 675 days ago   

Hello Ms. Hariharan,

In the past you were kind enough to back “An Unfinished Innocence”. It is currently ranked around #10. I appreciate your previous support and hope you might be kind enough to help me in the final stretch by providing further backing or stars.

Thank you for being a good reader!

All the best,
-j.l. wood-miller

Adam Thurstman wrote 685 days ago   

Hi Laxmi

If you get time I'd be ever so greatful if you could take a quick look at my book.

Kindest regards

BNLauritzen wrote 690 days ago   


Interested in doing a first chapter read swap? My book is a WIP collection of short stories set in a semi-gothic science fiction setting. Let me know.

Regards, Lauritzen

Master Bowman Lucas wrote 732 days ago   

Hitting up all those who are currently backing Capritare: Discovery.

Just uploaded my new novel FREEBORN.
Poor thing needs some comments and stars.

Back it while it's new & watch that personal ranking soar! ;)


bunderful wrote 746 days ago   

I was wondering if you might find a space on your shelf for Claire Lyman's book "Inevitable" - in my opinion, she is one of the nicest and most talented writers on the site. Check out her book - you won't be disappointed! Even just a few days of support will be very much appreciated.

Scott Toney wrote 749 days ago   


I noticed that you've supported a friend of mine's book, Lykaia, and was wondering if I could convince you to take a look at my book, The Ark of Humanity, and consider lending it your support as well. Here's the pitch.

God flooded the earth to annihilate humanity's sins. What if that sinful race didn't die when floodwaters covered them but instead adapted to breathe water?

Let me know what you think. Have a wonderful day!

- Scott, The Ark of Humanity

Maevesleibhin wrote 749 days ago   

Dear Laxmi,
That is a very interesting name
As a fellow backer of Lykaia, I want to share how absolutely thrilled I am that that it made it to the great open plains beyond where it can frolic with the other werewolves. 
I backed this book back when it had a four digit ranking, and have watched with smugness as it rose to number one. 
And I am very proud to have written a book which has been on Sharon's shelf for months now, a book that Sharon really likes, a book that sent her into fits of hysterics (I understand paramedics were on stand-by).
Now that she does not need your backing any longer, I would like you to consider giving that lovely spot on your shelf to Mrs Maginnes is Dead, a comic murder mystery that has made many laugh in a most undignified way.
I return all reads, usually with insightful and witty comments.
Won't you take a look? I always guaranty a laugh, or your money back.

M. E. Harrow wrote 750 days ago   

Dear laxmi,
Are you ready to challenge the current version of human history?
Join me in a thrilling journey of discovery to resolve the greatest mystery in human history.
As Portents Rise is ready to be devoured by those willing to open their minds to a new view of our past.

writingbear wrote 766 days ago   


Thank you for backing DIFFERENT DIRECTIONS! I'll check yours out during the course of the next couple of days. Good luck and happy writing.


DerekTobin wrote 767 days ago   

Hi Laxmi
Given what's on your shelf - I thought my book might fit you. The Angel Chord is a supernatural thriller - three strangers stumble into an End of Days demonic plot and discover that atheistic, hooker-using, guitar playing angels are the world's only hope. I'd love to hear any thoughts on it if you had time. It's at number 32 and I'm trying to keep it climbing but the editors desk feels like a world away. All the best Laxmi and I always return reads.
The Angel Chord

mdws77 wrote 768 days ago   

If you like a positive Science Fiction novel, please consider looking at "Solian Chronicles: Pluto Genesis". You may enjoy the read and it is complete on the site. I would appreciate any support or comments that you can give this novel.

LizX wrote 768 days ago   

Thank you for the backing and sorry not to have responded sooner, but have been tied up with family visits etc.

Have noted your book and will return a read as soon as I can.
Thanks again. liz

diane2012 wrote 769 days ago   

Hello Dear,

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Sharon.v.o. wrote 769 days ago   


Thank you very much, I am more than happy to return the read.

All the best,

Sharon :)

Simon Swift wrote 769 days ago   

Hey Laxmi

You may be able to do me a BIG favour! Today's the last day that BLACK SHADOWS is FREE on Kindle!

That is right! Authonomy Gold Star Winner from the critically acclaimed 'best desk ever', BLACK SHADOWS FREE! Two days only – grab it while you can! (No Kindle? Download the free Kindle app for your computer or phone from the Amazon page.)

Come on guys, who would like to spend the weekend with Errol and help take a crime thriller compared to the mighty Chandler, Ellroy and Hammett to many many more households? The links...

I'm hoping all my friends here (and a few who may not know me) will support me in this by downloading a free copy of a hardboiled crime thriller compared to Chandler, Ellroy and Hammett (if you haven't already bought the Kindle version – I know some of you have.)

Thanks enormously, guys!

RoseWall wrote 769 days ago   

Thank you for backing "Worlds Apart:Leah" I really appreciate your support, and hope you enjoyed reading it.


Master Bowman Lucas wrote 770 days ago   

Thx so much for the backing laxmi!

BTW: your cover art is phenomenal!

Paul Freeman wrote 770 days ago   

Cheers for the support, Laxmi.


Vice Captain Sam wrote 770 days ago   

Thank you! Hope you enjoyed what you read.