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tone099 wrote 16 days ago   

My name is Peter Reich, special investigator to the Pope and former captain of the Swiss Guard.

I need your help.

A few months ago, I was approached by a young Spanish woman who claimed to have evidence of a U.S.-led plot to assassinate the Pope and take control of the Vatican.

My son is dead. My wife is missing. And my only friend has turned against me.

I am alone and in hiding.

I do not trust anyone, perhaps I can trust you.

This is my story.

LiveinPI wrote 30 days ago   

Have you ever wondered about what happens to a human soul after death? If so AND you have a sense of humor please read "God's Mechanic" in the short story collection by LW O'Neill entitled 'Three Pigs in NYC. Tongue in check please... LOL.. LW O

R. Dango wrote 69 days ago   

Hi Alan,

It must be about a comment I left for your book. It's a very short one. I've been quite busy and hadn't had time to read much (of anything,really) and so far I've read four chapters of your book and I like it. I've taken some notes so sometime this month, I will get back to you with more comments if you like.

Best wishes,

Spilota wrote 90 days ago   

You're welcome, Alan ... I'm still reading my way through it ... there are just SO many books here to read! My (real life) friend Jehni has also backed it.

Andreea Daia wrote 122 days ago   

Hi Alan --

Would you care for a read swap? I write science-fiction so this may not be your cup of tea, but if you are interested to give it a try, let me know.

Thank you and have a great day!

Spilota wrote 122 days ago   

Thanks for the message, Alan.
Oh, I wouldn't really call my reading of your book a proofreading. I think we just spot other people's typos more easily than our own.
All the best with getting it published, and I do see your point re the voices.
I will probably leave your book on my shelf for a few more days. There are several I have supported long term but I like to be able to shuffle some, too.

Spilota wrote 123 days ago   

hi Alan,
I'm almost to the end of what's on here and when I've finished I'd like to read the rest. Shall contact you after Christmas and all that, i think.
Two things struck me though while I was reading, and please note this is just imo and you can ignore me ... it seemed in parts very much like a report of events, rather than a story. The other point is that maybe you could make your characters' dialogue varied a bit. It seemed to me they all spoke in the same style (although early in the book your nurse had a distinctive style of speech) – maybe just variations in expressions they use. Other than that, no complaints.
Nitpicky bits ... somewhere you have 'the the' but I can't remember exactly where, and watch out for 'it's ' – this always means either it is or it has and is never the possessive.
ps I'm backing it for a week or so ... five spaces are not enough for all the good books I've found on here.

Spilota wrote 125 days ago


Spilota wrote 125 days ago   

Thank you, Alan. I haven't yet got to the end of what you've uploaded here (I would love to read 24/7 but that's just not possible!) but I have not given up. I really like it. Agreed, to get anywhere on this site it's necessary to be visible, not so much to do the 'you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours', but to promote oneself. And I *am* going to put your book on my shelf after the end of this month, when I have a space.

Spilota wrote 129 days ago   

Hi Alan,
I've started and only read a little but intend to keep this on my WL and will get back to you after I've finished what's here. This is, not to put too fine a point on it, bloody good!

Wilson Smillie wrote 156 days ago   

Hey Alan,

I'm climbing back in the saddle, my dalliance with agent failed, so I sat down to think again, as my countrymen say. I've re-written much of the first-half of Final Demands with what I hope is more focus on the main characters, more drama, some exposure of the under-lying plot and I've cut out a lot of fluff. Could I ask you for a quick read of a couple of chapters for your view?


Final Demands - Dead Ends

Sneaky Long wrote 165 days ago   

Hi Alan,

Computer crashed and I've been offline. Thanks for the comments. I'll look at your suggestions.

Thanks again,

jrevino wrote 166 days ago   

Hello, my name is James Revino. I am the author of 'Hollow.' I was wondering if you might be able to take a look at my work and tell me what you think, good and bad. Any critique would be much appreciated, it is the best way to improve. Of course, if you enjoyed it, a backing would be great as well. Have a good day, and thanks for your time.

Sneaky Long wrote 199 days ago   

Hey Alan,

I'll look forward to your return.


Sneaky Long wrote 200 days ago   

Hi Alan,

Since we write in the same genre, I was wondering if you would like to do a swap? My story is a who-dun-it in the tradition of Agatha Christie, but set in modern day New Orleans. I'm afraid it's not as action packed as yours, but may hold some interest for you.

I'll be glad to read and comment on "Ambush in Sa'adoun" in exchange.

Just let me know.


Iva P. wrote 232 days ago   

Hi Alan! I backed your book with pleasure as it is very much my kind of read. Perhaps you could explain something to me. I know from other sources that soldiers listen to rap or other loud music wearing earphones. What I cannot imagine is how they can react to orders or be aware of the enemy. It just does not add up for me. Your thoughts?

Software wrote 251 days ago   

Hello Alan,

A backing sooner rather than later would be appreciated.

Kind regards,


Steve Hawgood wrote 255 days ago   

Alan - I indicated I'd reply first. I've takena decent read and have some thoughts. I'm travelling this week so should be able to send out a decent reply probably Friday when i get back home. Best. Steve.

Steve Hawgood wrote 258 days ago   

Alan - I've been here 3 times now so take my writing seriously - i took HD down when it was 13 because it needed editing.

Please look at my previous comments and you'll see my general approach to reads. i also do exchanges via email. Then let me know your concerns if any. I'll start with a decent read and if you feel I'm helping, am happy to take on more.

I've had a full MS request for my own book, and am trying to see what was misisng. Think I know but want 'readers' to tell me.

Which unit were you in and when?

Once I get your concerns I'll take a look. Best. Steve.

Software wrote 259 days ago   

Hello Alan,

Hope you are well. Maybe you would like to try out my new satire, Doghouse Blues. Happy to reciprocate with a swap read. Here is an endorsement:

I was attracted to Doghouse Blues from the pitch alone because it was so very different. There are so many budding writers out there who want to earn the same sort of money as J K Rowling by writing exactly the same kind of book and , to be frank, I am getting a bit tired of it.
This, on the other hand, struck me as being an original piece of work. The product of a lively mind and written by someone who is an excellent observer of the real world out there and who knows how to translate his observations into print. Just the right amount of dialogue, which carries the story along well.
I have not read the complete book (yet) but have dipped into it fairly freely to see if the momentum is maintained. It certainly is.
Philip John

Looking forward to reading your comments on the Doghouse Blues webpage.

All the best,