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Susan Boyes wrote 41 days ago   

Hi the version you read is unedited when I upload the new chapters that have been revised an edited by a professional I will let you know. Susan AOV Peace out Oh PS in Chap one my letter I think I found a way to make clear that the Morning Star is not Christ. If you get some free time and you feel like it check it out and let me no your opinion on it. Thanks

Susan Boyes wrote 46 days ago   

Hi Liz
Thanks for commenting on AOV.....I hired an editor so what you read is about as far as I could take it without proffessional help due to lack of english education. I will let you know when I upload the first chapter when I get it back from my editor. Peace Out Susan AOV

Callaghan Grant wrote 46 days ago   

Thanks Liz,
I get all of that. Nae worries.
Loving regards,

Callaghan Grant wrote 48 days ago   

Hi Liz,
I hope this missive finds you well and happy. I am writing to ask a small favor of you because you read the original Prologue and first few episodes of Chalice. I have, since you read for me, greatly changed the Prologue of Chalice, in keeping with your admonishment that I ought not start with a dream. The new opening is intended to give much more continuity to the series as a whole which starts at Jan 19, 1977, hops backwards to May 15, 1975 and moves forward and then catches up to Jan 19, 1977 in the beginning of "Traveller". Since you read the original and the new version is a fusion of the old version and the new, I was hoping I might impose upon you to read the Prologue and fist couple of Episodes again for me and give me your honest impressions of the changes and how much better (or worse) they work for you. Please let me know if there is any way I can help you in reciprocity. Hope to hear from you soon and thanks ahead of time for any help you may be able to offer.
Warm regards,
Cailin Callaghan Grant
Chalice, Beacon, Traveller, Maker

Morven James wrote 49 days ago   

Hi Liz,
I have taken time out to write, started catching up with reads now [weeks behind] and should be with you tomorrow.
Sorry for the long wait - but hey, we are writers after all, we write! :))
All the best,

Susan Boyes wrote 51 days ago   

Hi friend I’ve never met, my name is Susan and I am hoping to get your unbiased opinion on a very controversial subject. The bright and Morning Star, do you know him as Christ or Lucifer? I realize you are probably very busy but if I could steal a couple minutes of your time I would greatly appreciate your advice. AOV (Angel Of Vengeance) needs a solid genre I am leaning on literary fiction because of my findings of factual data about the Star. Chapter one is a personal letter from me to the readers and writers here on autho, would you please read it and give me feedback. Should I even take on such a controversial matter concerning the churches and their different views of who the Star is, or have I bitten off more than I can chew? AOV is Satan’s untold story with a twist of truth.

Callaghan Grant wrote 55 days ago   

Hey Baybee,
Es me, mang. I have been reworking the prologue of Chalice and, as you read the original, I could really use (and would appreciate deeply) your feedback on the new prologue. It is designed to bring to the surface the story arch that embraces the entire series. The series starts at Jan 19, 1977 and then it goes back to May 15, 1975 and moves forward from there in Chalice. The series catches up to the beginning at the prologue of Traveler. So, as some have found the start of Chalice a little "lumpy" and as I could not really get rid of the lumpiness, I decided to make clearer what the lumpiness is about. Hence the additions to the prologue. PLEASE, *PLEASE* take 40 minutes to have a look at the Prologue of Chalice and let me know what you think. Jyou know I love jyou for eet Baybee! }:-)
Warm (very appreciative) regards,
Cailin Callaghan Grant
Chalice, Beacon, Traveler, Maker

John Okaka wrote 56 days ago   

I became aware about the problem of young Africans on the occasion of the United States President’s speech, Barack Obama in South Africa, 2013.

Currently, regarding the situation of young people in African societies, pessimistic diagnoses are followed, similar, and lasted for the past four or five decades. With a bleak monotony in a tiring rumination where the same themes, the same facts, the same tunes and the same current situations are worn down to rope, young people have accustomed us in almost all our countries and with an astonishing regularity, to decline the same unfortunate stations and to recite the same scansion of an unspeakable ordeal. Strength to hear the same disc and listen to the same rhythms of claims where nothing decisive seems to have tempted to stop the mechanism of a descent into vertiginous hell, young Africans are already accustomed to misery and despair of their countries.

Mr. John Okaka through his program of accompanying the education of young people around Africa, tries to inculcate in boys and girls essential knowledge to become enlightened educators. In fact, they will be able to provide education for future generations and offer to Africa a promising future.

tone099 wrote 57 days ago   

Thank you to all who supported my book, “Soft Comes the Wolf”, and helped it reach the ED.

I have found a lot of great writers on Authonomy, but I had to dig to find them. While Authonomy is a great site to improve your writing skills, it does little to improve your business sense. And these days, an author must be equally proficient at both writing, and the business of books.

As I enter the mass marketing phase of my business plan, I am faced with learning target demographics, social media advertising, and other sales models. If you would like to pioneer these processes as a team, to share information, or to merely network outside of the Authonomy site, please click on the link below.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Best Wishes,

Tone Martin
“Soft Comes the Wolf”

Tom Ericson wrote 57 days ago   

Hi Liz,
Yes, it is a little nerve wracking ... could do with the end of June being tomorrow!!
You are right - you did comment on my book 54 days ago and I made a number of changes as a result. I just didn't match the name when I saw your review of 'Macintyre' (sorry, it's a busy time!).
Thanks for your original input and don't worry about reading further if you are also busy.
Best wishes,

Tom Ericson wrote 64 days ago   

Hello Liz,
I have just read your review on ‘Macintyre’ by Michael Jones and would be grateful if you could take a look at my book and give me your views – it is also a crime thriller with a difference.
I hope to reach the top 5 next month and, with your help, want to make sure that ‘The Anger Within’ is as good as it can be.
I am more than happy to read swap and will remain an active member of the site even if I reach the ED as I will be uploading my second book in a few weeks time.
Many thanks.

Tom Ericson
‘The Anger Within’

Michael Jones wrote 68 days ago   

Had a bit of a re-shufle ... made some changes you suggested and have updated the first ten chapters.

I think C2 is better.

I know you're doing and reading other things so no rush. :)

Mick xx

PhizGill wrote 70 days ago   

Thank you for you comment on Dead Boys Liz. I see what you mean about the pov thing.

Morven James wrote 72 days ago   

Hi Liz,
Thanks for your message. Look forward to reading your new book - Ley Travellers, I am rather behind - list lengthening, but will be with you asap
all very best wishes,

Morven James wrote 73 days ago   

Hi Liz,
Came over to continue reading, but notice you now have a second book. Do you wish me to continue, or read the second book? - I am happy either way.
All the best

celticwriter wrote 74 days ago   

Hi Liz, sorry for the delay in responding. When I read, I read visually. Probably why I gravitate toward scriptwriting for film/tv/stage. I'm not a critic/editor, I'm just a story teller that enjoys a good journey, like yours. I can't help but visualize, and yours is a terrific visual. All things considered, I'd love to make my living as a scriptwriter and nothing else. :-)

Callaghan Grant wrote 74 days ago   

I am pleased to be able to help. I will read on when I have some time off on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of this next week. And I'll be hefting your work up on to my bookshelf as well.
Warm regards,

Darius Stransky wrote 74 days ago   

Pubs open in 21 minutes!!!

You're becoming a 'lightweight'

Be there or be square.

Oh I do like my Sunday bacchanalias

Hope you remain well and under-worked.

Callaghan Grant wrote 75 days ago   

Hiya Liz,
I will continue with T. L. Travelers. Interesting! Today I just uploaded the third book in my Chalice series and it is called Traveler. If you gave me the chance to pick which book I'd have you look at it would be Beacon as it is book two in the Chalice series and needs to do a little catching up with Chalice. But the series certainly works better when read thru from Chalice to its 4th book, Maker. If you want to (and have time to) read the series as I have it so far, I would be happy to trade time with you doing suggested revisions for both Mimesis and T.L. Travelers. I must say I am enjoying T.L. Travelers much more than I did Mimesis and I think your writing has really matured in this second offering.
Warm regards,
Cailin Callaghan Grant

Callaghan Grant wrote 75 days ago   

I don't think I have expressed adequately how much I appreciate your backing Chalice. NOR have I looked at your work yet. I am REMISS! I shall remedy that by starting your work tonight. I have been busy editing the third book in the Chalice series, "Traveler" and it's ready to post now. As I see you also write more than just one book at a time, I would be pleased to look at both of your books if you would look at the sequel to Chalice as well. Course, it helps if you read all of Chalice. I know time is precious but I am willing to make as much time for you as you make for me. If you read all of Chalice, I'll read all of one of yours. Of you read all of Beacon, I'll read all of your second book too. AND I WILL GIVE YOU CANDID FEEDBACK AND HELP. I need a test reader for the series: someone who will tell me honestly if it is working for them and, candidly, I hope to lure you into reading Traveler as well, but I realize that may not be do-able. I shall start tonight on the book of yours that has risen higher in the charts. Do let me know if you can take time to read Chalice completely or if you can only spare some time to look at Beacon. Both works are very sexy but Chalice is a warmup to Beacon.
Warm regards,
(Cailin) Callaghan Grant
Chalice, Beacon, Traveler, Maker
The Shouting Tree, The Fiddler's (Laughing) Bride