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P Clifford Mills wrote 11 hours ago   

Hi LizX,
I was pleased to receive your lengthy and entertaining review of my book "Working Men". I think I agree with you that the novel isn't really erotica. I'm changing its genres, based on your comment and another received today. The market has spoken!

Meanwhile, I look forward to reading and commenting on your own work "Avonia -The Quest". A young person's novel should be an interesting challenge.

Cliff Mills
"Working Men"

Cameron Sinclair wrote 1 day ago   

Hey guy, Just looking for some feedback on something I’ve been working on for a while. Any comments or suggestion would be greatly appreciated! If you got time, please check out Dead Star.
Cheers Cam.

Michael Jones wrote 2 days ago   

What's the point in having a bottle party and not being hungover the next day?

Happy Easter ... don't work too hard. :)

Morven James wrote 3 days ago   

Thank you Liz, its always good to have a new friend, and I look forward to reading more,

Morven James wrote 3 days ago   

Hi Liz,
I shuffled my reading list, and I'm so pleased I did, this was a joy to read, and I will return for more, it may take a week [long list] but I will return,
All best wishes,

Morven James wrote 3 days ago   

Hi Liz,
Thank you so much for backing The Third Eye, your support is really appreciated.
I will of course come to read your book - Hopefully, within the next two days.
All best wishes,

rcames wrote 3 days ago   

Hi there,

Thanks for the input on The Download. I do struggle with finding a "home' for my little story. I'll take your comments to heart.

Michael Jones wrote 4 days ago   

Fair enough. There's no rush, btw. Hope this morning finds you well and not hungover. Or ... take 2 x Paracetamol and go back to bed.

AliyaM.books wrote 4 days ago   

Hi! Would you be willing to take a look at my new fantasy/romance novel Wolf Heart? Here is the premise: When Andrea wakes up in a log cabin in the middle of the woods, she can't remember who she is or where she came from. All she knows is that she almost drowned in a river and her rescuer, a handsome but mysterious boy, is determined to help her. Can she trust him and his mother? Why do they live in the woods? Are they hiding something? Andrea, must unveil the truth about her rescuers in order to find the truth about herself.

Michael Jones wrote 6 days ago   

New start is up. Have split C1 and added a new C2 re: antagonist. Would love your thoughts.

Do you want me to delete that forum thread?

I will drink with you on Wednesday ... in spirit .... hahaha

Michael Jones wrote 6 days ago   

I think you should concentrate on reading and reviewing children's lit on here, then you might get the attention you deserve.

Go get 'em, Lizzie.

Michael Jones wrote 7 days ago   

Haha, I really look forward to your feedback. Listen, I can do feminine. I've just put in some of the changes ... ma'am.

Have you been drinking (white wine I bet). You got yourself in a right 'pluph' over C10. It's five-thirty in the evening, woman. I've changed it to seventeen-thirty. The alcohol bit is called creative writing ...

And Bright has been relegated to second place behind Peters. His role isn't as major as it was before. Sorry. But don't let that stop you reading. :)

Btw, you can't just make words up ... if you use pluff, I'll forgive you.

And pluph ... he was gone too.

Darius Stransky wrote 8 days ago   

It's ten-past one in my medieval world so it's off to the local tavern.

Ahhh the smell of stale mead as it's served by the local wenches.

And who can resist a game of bar skittles and shove halfpenny for a small wager of a groat or two.

A nice glass of chardonnay and packet of crisps await you!


Michael Jones wrote 9 days ago   

Haha ... no comment. :P

Declan Conner wrote 10 days ago   

Hi Liz

Thaks for the comment and the support.


Tom Ericson wrote 10 days ago   

Thanks Liz, you give it direct which is what I want. I will review and make some changes.
Best wishes,

Michael Jones wrote 10 days ago   

What an excellent microscope you have there. I've put in some of those changes you mentioned. And thank you for being so thorough ... the Liz I know and love. xx

Tom Ericson wrote 11 days ago   

Thanks Liz,
I have put yours on my W/L and will get to it next week.
Best wishes,

Tom Ericson
The Anger Within

Tom Ericson wrote 14 days ago   

Hello Liz,
I have just read your review on ‘Soft Comes the Wolf’ by Tone Martin and would be grateful if you could take a look at my book and give me your views – it is also a crime thriller with a difference.
Also, if you like it, a ‘backing’ and a while on your Bookshelf would be wonderful – if not then no harm done!!
I am more than happy to read swap …
Many thanks.

Tom Ericson
‘The Anger Within’

Michael Jones wrote 14 days ago   

I am back on the meds and no longer seeing double ... (sorry)