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Software wrote 47 days ago   

Dear Terrill,

As a valued supporter of Doghouse Blues, you may be pleased to learn that the satire is set to be published in paperback and e-book formats by Black Rose Writing, May 2014. Once again, sincere thanks for your support in helping Doghouse Blues reach number one on Authonomy.

You may care to take a look a new work I have posted on Authonomy entitled ‘Zavrazin’, a spy thriller. Radically different in terms of the style adopted for the satire, Zavrazin has demanded a fast moving evocative approach to suit the genre. Like in film, each chapter advances the plot and reveals something new about the characters.

Here is the link:

Should you chose to read a few chapters of Zavrazin, I look forward to reading your comments on the novel’s webpage.

Kind regards,


jrevino wrote 109 days ago   

Hello, my name is James Revino. I am the author of 'Hollow.' I was wondering if you might be able to take a look at my work and tell me what you think, good and bad. Any critique would be much appreciated, it is the best way to improve. Of course, if you enjoyed it, a backing would be great as well. Have a good day, and thanks for your time.

GCleare wrote 199 days ago   

Terrill, thanks for backing Love and Chocolate! I'd love to hear your comments on it, always looking to improve it. Are you a baker? Have you tried the recipes at all? X Gail

Kenneth Edward Lim wrote 216 days ago   

Thank you so much for your past comments. They've helped
me with my long journey thus far. Would you consider a final 10-day backing of "The North Korean," if you think it worthy, that is?

Much obliged,

Maevesleibhin wrote 234 days ago   

Dear Terrill,
Now that Jessup and the Teleporter has been teleported away from us and gone to a better place, I am sure you are racking your brains trying to figure out what to do with the spot so suddenly but not incomprehensibly left available on your shelf.
I wish only to help in your predicament.
Fresh Meat is a comic paranormal novel set in steamy Puerto Rico where the mosquitoes are more frightening than the vampires.
Lola, the diminutive, quarrelsome daughter of two dance instructors, gets kicked off professional women's football due to her excessively violent tendencies. She moves to Puerto Rico to stay with her only friend, only to find that he has become involved in extreme sanitation. Unfortunately for Lola, she is irresistibly attractive to mosquitoes and other blood sucking creatures. Will her dance skills save her?
I am very proud to say that Fresh Meat has led many on the site, including some who are loathe to read paranormal fiction, to fits of hysterical laughter.
Won't you please have a look? The book has been graced by the backing of enough lovely authonomites to have reached the top ten, but it needs quite a bit more support to make it to the promised land.
I return all reads, although admittedly slowly, with thoughtful, witty, and sometimes even germane comments.

najwa wrote 332 days ago   

thank you ever so much for backing my book. I really appreciate it,

Emma.L.H. wrote 334 days ago   

Thank you very much for the backing, it's much appreciated :-) x

BeeJoy wrote 334 days ago   

Hello. How are you? I would appreciate to switch comments and feedback with you! Would you be able to do the same? If you want to read the rest of the book....it is finished and on Kindle and paperback on Amazon.com. Proceeds are going to mental health facilities and burn survivors. Would you support? I am so blessed to be able to help others with my story. I hope I will be able to stop even just one person from doing something drastic like I did. I will put your book on my wl and comment:) and even back your book. Hope for it in return? God bless:)! Bethany

Dean Lombardo wrote 334 days ago   

Hi Terrill, I want to thank you for backing Space Games off and on. I'll be taking all or most of it down soon because it's in paperback and ebook on amazon through Kristell Ink in the UK. Thanks again for all the support and stay in touch. Dean

Maevesleibhin wrote 352 days ago   

Dear Terrill,
I am very happy for Jessica. The Library of Living is such a lovely book, and it so deserved to make it to the desk.
But now that the happy tears have been wiped away, I am sure you are agonizingly trying to figure out which book to back next..
Be careful, you are stuck with your choice until you croak again.
Oh, no, that's not right.
But you DO need something new on your shelf.
I have just the thing.
Fresh Meat is a comic paranormal novel set in steamy Puerto Rico where the mosquitoes are scarier than the vampires. It has led many authonomites to fits of hysterical laughter, causing stomach aches and coughing of milk through the nose, not caused by coincidental ticking.
Won't you please have a look? It has delighted many people who don't even like paranormal, and I return all reads with witty and sometimes even helpful comments.

Brian G Chambers wrote 357 days ago   

Hi Terrill
I thought since it is my birthday month (May) I would contact all my friends here on authonomy to ask for the gift of a place on your shelf to see if I can make it nearer the coveted ED. I know many of you have supported me before and many of you still have me on your WL, but I would like to ask you to consider putting it on your shelf for a while this month. I will be on the site for a long time and will help all of you to the ED if I can.
Thank you in advance.

D. S. Hale wrote 408 days ago   

Hordak!! This is it! The grand finale, the grand push!! After much hard work, and with YOUR much appreciated support, WE’VE broke through and entered the Teens!!!
In appreciation for all your sincere, honest help, I am posting the ENTIRE book, including the epilogue!!! You can now read how Jessup saves the day, and you’ll find out who he decided to live with when he went before the judge. You won’t want to miss the ending! I welcome you to read the last chapters (12, 13, and the Epilogue), and please help me hone these last chapters and get them ready for the desk. I am looking forward to your comments and continued support. Any help you can offer would be humbly appreciated to get me to the desk!


Jessup and the Teleporter

D. S. Hale wrote 413 days ago   

Thank you so much for backing Jessup and the Teleporter!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Jessup and the Teleporter

Brian Bandell wrote 429 days ago   

Great. I look forward to exchange reads.

Brian Bandell
Famous After Death

David1970 wrote 431 days ago   

Hi there
Please forgive me for pestering you again. Only there are two things I need to tell you.
First, I’ve added another story to my mini-series (Time Machine Takeaway).
Secondly, doing this, I’ve accidently erased my watch list and my book shelf, which is a real shame.
I didn’t know that if you go under 10,000 words, you information (book shelf/watch list) will be erased. : (
If you were a backer, could you find it in your heart to put me back on the shelf, or watch list, whichever the case may be?
Thank you

Brian Bandell wrote 432 days ago   

Hi Terrill,

You previously commented on my novel Mute. I recently posted Famous After Death and I'm looking for feedback.

The story:

Everything else has gone viral, so why not murder? Three Miami teenagers turn victims into web celebrities.


Let me know if I could help you with something.

Best regards,

Brian Bandell

Software wrote 446 days ago   

Dear Terrill,

Thank you for adding Doghouse Blues to your bookshelf. I am indebted to you for your generous support.

Very best regards,


D. S. Hale wrote 451 days ago   


You supported my book a year ago, and gave me a bunch of stars. I am going to try for the editor's desk this month and would really appreciate a boost, if you could put me back on your watchlist, or if you could put me on your shelf for a month. I'd be greatly indebted to you, and would do anything you needed from me in return. And if you have a friend or two that you could please ask to read, and watchlist too, would be awesome!!! THank you for your support, and believing in Jessup and the Teleporter!


Jessup and the Teleporter

Brian G Chambers wrote 475 days ago   

Hi Terril
Happy New Year. I have just reached the dizzy heights of 39 here. So I am asking all my friends if they can make this a special New Year for me by supporting Tales for Children with a view of making it to the ED. If you already have it on your shelf, a big thankyou. Your help would be much appreciated at this critical time.
Your friend Brian

Trailer Bride wrote 480 days ago   

Thank you, again :) That's very kind of you.