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ikraft wrote 1378 days ago   

Hi. Would you mind taking a look at my book "The Freel of Streel"? It is, to use the language of the book, a "smatterblaffing" story that uses a great deal of word play whilst creating a world and creatures unique to itself.

Best Wishes,
Ian Kraft

Gauis wrote 1423 days ago   

You seem to be making the right calls - Have a look at The Soul of Charlie Marconi - one page should be enough

Dawn DeRemer wrote 1433 days ago   

Hi, a friend of mine, Fanchon McClaren, has been a reader on site for awhile and I finally got her to up load her book, The Initiate. I've read the entire MS and it is fantastic and I know she doesn't have much time at home, so I'm trying to give her some help starting out. It's really quite good and I know she would return your read.

Dawn DeRemer wrote 1440 days ago   

Hi Gordon, would you like to trade reads? I would gladly look at a friend of yours, or perhaps a favorite book in return.
Thanks ever so much,

David Fearnhead wrote 1441 days ago   

think you can give bailey 5 seconds on your shelf and help me reach the ed's desk?

A Knight wrote 1444 days ago   

Everyone knows the rule: Stay inside the Wall, but Tisha believes rules are made to be broken.

Hello Gordon,

I'm looking for people who may be interested in reading my young adult fantasy, Relic, and I would be honoured if you were to take a look at my efforts. If you have time to give it a spin on your shelf and/or comment, then even better!

I know you don't have a book on authonomy, but if there is one you are currently supporting up the ranks, then I would happily give it my backing at your request.

Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you!
Abi xxx

ipaintwithwords wrote 1447 days ago   

I'd love if you would consider taking a look at my first chapter and let me know your thoughts. More than happy to return the read to any book here you may be supporting.
The Forever Girl

Kirkling wrote 1447 days ago   

Hi Gordon, I'm now very close to the ED, and would be most grateful if you could spare the time to have a peek at Alby and Me, and back it if you feel it's worth your support. Many thanks.

MickR wrote 1448 days ago   

Just last week The Nightcrawler received its 1,000th backing.
It has gotten hundreds of positive, sometimes even glowing reviews. Yet it has been falling in the rankings. Please give it a read/backing if you feel it worthy.

MickR - The Nightcrawler

Mark Adel wrote 1449 days ago   

Hello, Gordon. Would you care to try THE MAGIC U? - M

Groaner wrote 1450 days ago   

please do me please please


ipaintwithwords wrote 1450 days ago   

Hello :) I was wondering if you would look at my book? I'd be happy to look at any book here you are supporting in return. Please let me know.
The Forever Girl

bojan wrote 1451 days ago   

Dear Gordon,

I would really appreciate if you could take a look at my novel (if you haven't already) and help me stay at the ED.
The Twelfth House is an adventure thriller steeped in paranormal, politics, religion and conspiracy theories, set between ancient times and the present day.
It is currently in the 4th place.

All the best
Bojan (The Twelfth House)

Francine Saint Marie wrote 1452 days ago   

If you have time, Gordon, can you take a trip to MARS?

J.West Hardin wrote 1454 days ago   

Thx for the support