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joymab1 wrote 417 days ago   

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Software wrote 496 days ago   

Hello Finnegan1880,

Hope you are well. Maybe you would like to try out my new satire, Doghouse Blues. Here is an endorsement:

I was attracted to Doghouse Blues from the pitch alone because it was so very different. There are so many budding writers out there who want to earn the same sort of money as J K Rowling by writing exactly the same kind of book and , to be frank, I am getting a bit tired of it.
This, on the other hand, struck me as being an original piece of work. The product of a lively mind and written by someone who is an excellent observer of the real world out there and who knows how to translate his observations into print. Just the right amount of dialogue, which carries the story along well.
I have not read the complete book (yet) but have dipped into it fairly freely to see if the momentum is maintained. It certainly is.
Philip John

Looking forward to reading your comments on the Doghouse Blues webpage.

All the best,


lilian wrote 507 days ago   

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Lenny Banks wrote 508 days ago   

Hi Finnegan, I'm reading through books on the site, I got to you and nothings posted. Any chance you can take a look at mine and let me know when and if yours is up and I will be first in the queue?
Kind Regards
Lenny Banks - Tide and Time: At The Rock

dloganw wrote 610 days ago   

Hi Finnegan,
I’ve just posted my new book Stop the Insanity. It is a manifesto for those of us who are fed up with our dysfunctional Congress and would like to do something about it. I’ve put down my ideas on how we can cause a change along with descriptions of some of the things I believe need to be changed.

I would really like to hear what you think about my ideas. No problem if you disagree but please let me know why and what you would do instead.

Of course many Authonomy members are not American and/or don’t care about American politics. For you I have put in two bonus sections, written summaries of two very expensive seminars I attended to learn more about marketing and selling books, particularly for those who self publish. I think these two sections, chapters 11 and 12, will be of interest to all.

I am looking forward to hearing what you think.


David Welch/dloganw

David Price wrote 633 days ago   


The subject matter of my book is one of the defining issues of our times, and yet society has only recently begun to come to terms with it. For this reason, my memoir also tends to polarize potential readers, so it is something of a miracle that I am now within shouting distance of the Desk.

"A gem" Andrew Stevens 'The Poet'
"Beautifully written, heartbreaking yet funny" Elspeth McGregor 'Paragon'.

MASTER ACT: a memoir

miacia7 wrote 634 days ago   

I am in the process of checking my grammar. Thank you all for giving me the feedback I needed. Please do not look at the way I write right now, but at what I have to say. Any more feedback is VERY welcomed

Neville wrote 635 days ago   

Hi, I would be honoured if you could spare some room on your shelf for my children’s book should you deem it worthy. I’m trying to reach the desk, it’s not easy. I would of course repay your kindness with at least an honest comment of your own book, regardless of genre.
Sorry to have bothered you and I thank you for your time.

Short pitch;-
Twelve-year-old boy crippled since birth, walks unaided after meeting a strange old lady and her cat.
However, there is a price to pay.

Kind regards,
Neville. The Secrets of the Forest – The Time Zone.

SpicePepe wrote 648 days ago   

Hi Finnegan 1880

I would like to introduce you to my novel - The Road from Makhonjwa.

Happy reading

I look forward to your comments

All the best
The Road from Makhonjwa

Nathan O'Hagan wrote 653 days ago   

You probably get tons of spam having such a good TSR, but I would be very grateful if you could take a look at my novel "The World is (Not) a Cold Dead Place".
I'm looking for constructive feedback of any kind, and backings from those who think it's good enough, to help my stuttering run for the editors desk. it gets tough clinging on around the top spots, so help is always appreciated and needed.
It's contemporary fiction, that i would like to think has a gritty, urban edge to it, which i think there isn't a huge amount of on this site.
I am of course happy to return all reads.

Hope you can find the time.


junetee wrote 653 days ago   

Hi Finnegan, I wondered if you would be interested in reading and commenting on my book FOUR one.The Rock Star.
Its a supernatural fantasy thriller, about a rock star's dreams of a dystopian future world, his visions of a battle against strange creatures, and his spiritual journey to overcome the evil within himself to save mankind.

Hope to hear from you
FOUR one.The Rock Star
+Future Poems

Terry Murphy wrote 653 days ago   

Hi Finnegan,

Thank you for backing of 'WiW'.

Given your TSR it is an honour.

Best wishes,


Wussyboy wrote 654 days ago   

Thanks for your continued support, Finnegan - much appreciated!


Eponymous Rox wrote 654 days ago   

Many, many thanks, Finnegan, for taking the time to look at my new book and for your generous support today. I really appreciate it and hope you enjoyed the read!


billy.mcbride wrote 656 days ago   

A new book on the landscapes in Nature:

dmroberts wrote 656 days ago   

Hello. I noticed you are a high ranking reviewer so I thought I would ask if you would be interested in reading my first novel, Letting Go and Holding On. The story follows two main characters who become entangled in a backdrop that involves a rash of teenage suicide shootings. Even if you just have some comments for me that would be great. Thanks for any help!

Eponymous Rox wrote 656 days ago   

Hey there, Finnegan. I'm pretty sure you commented on and/or backed my book BOT--thank you once again!--my newest work ‘THE CASE OF THE DROWNING MEN, Investigating the Smiley Face Serial Murder Theory’ is classified under True Crime>Serial Killers.

CRIME MAGAZINE, a leading resource for followers of true crime, will be featuring this title the first week of July 2012, but I’ve also just uploaded it here on Authonomy to gauge readers’ reaction to the subject matter. It’s live now @ - chapter

*Of course, Authonomy can’t accommodate image files as yet and this is an illustrated publication, so, if you’d like to also preview the fully-illustrated edition of THE CASE OF THE DROWNING MEN online, just visit Amazon-US @ or Amazon-UK @ (Pretty sure the free download there is comprehensive)

Kind regards to you—

TDonna wrote 657 days ago   

If you are looking for a new book to back come July 1st, I’d be honored if you’d consider No Kiss Good-bye. It’s unlike any other story on authonomy – one that you’ll live and feel with all your senses. It’s my true-life story of escaping communist Romania along switchbacks that eventually led to America.

Here’s the link: Thank you and of course, I will return reads!

TDonna (Serban) Robison

Tom Bye wrote 659 days ago   

Hello Finnegan-1880-

Hello out there- I need help with my Irish book' from hugs to kisses' please consider reading some of it please-
tom bye
book- from hugs to kisses'

D.J.Milne wrote 661 days ago   

Hi Finnegan1880

I am hoping, given the comments so far about my work, that my book, The Ghost Shirt, might be one to watch. I see you have Joe Kovacs book Ginger..on your book shelf. Joe has given me some great feedback. If you have the time please read the comments on my page.

D.J. Milne The Ghost Shirt