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Raymond Crane wrote 4 days ago   

Hi, although I am not a fan of fantasy fiction I would welcome your comment on any of my uploaded works even if it's only on the pitch. Yours with thanx for your efforts - R

Kenneth Edward Lim wrote 9 days ago   

Just to let you know that "The North Korean" is now on Amazon/kindle
just as it is at smashwords


fledglingowl wrote 12 days ago   

Thank for your kind words and encouragement. Have published The Milch Bride on Kindle at Wish all the kind reviews were transferable to Amazon. If you would like to read the revised edition or know someone else who loves westerns, please share the info. Good luck in your own writing. Janet

Meg Wearing wrote 15 days ago   

Could I interest you in taking a look at my novel, Charlie Parker's Corner Of The Prairie? It's the story of a family carving out a life on the Kansas prairie at the turn of the century. Perils meet them at every corner, but through it all, they persevere. This is a tale that hearkens back to the sunset of the Old West when age old prejudices and ignorance could destroy those who trod those golden plains.

Any reads will be returned.


vanderlove wrote 17 days ago   

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Kenneth Edward Lim wrote 27 days ago   

It's been a while, and I do hope you're doing well. My book "The North Korean" is now available in full-length at smashwords, nicely cheap for mass consumption. Click on
for easy access. If you're so inclined, could you leave a brief comment by linking onto "review?" Thank you so much.


Ellytkam wrote 32 days ago   

Hi! You see am knew to this community. I need to know how to invite the greater majority to read and advise me on my book.
I already published one book in South Africa ( Why Africa Fails: Case for Growth before Democracy?

I now want to reach a wider audience-----such as publish in the US or UK.

Short Story Writer wrote 43 days ago   

Many thanks, Nanty,
Now I do feel honoured.
All best wishes,

LiveinPI wrote 46 days ago   

I've just added a collection of short stories... Three Pigs in NYC... if you have a sense of humor please give it a read.. Thanks... LW O

Sebnem wrote 47 days ago   

Oh, Nanty, so nice to hear from you and I'm absolutely delighted that you backed the Child. Thank you so much, I'm honoured to be on the shelf of a brilliant writer. The review on Amazon is only a few words that try very hard to describe your beautiful writing.
I'm most grateful and I wish you the best of luck with the book on Amazon.

Lara wrote 55 days ago   

Hi Nanty. Glad to have your book on my shelf. ARI has recently lost 12 places so if you can recommend it to anyone, I would be very glad. Thanks, Rosalind

Tim Waters wrote 72 days ago   

Nanty, I don't know if you remember me or not. Three years ago I submitted my book "The Water Works of Clear Wash City" to authonomy and every person who read it loved it - including yourself. Well I'm back and since then I've completely re-written the book and, in my opinion, improved it beyond all recognition. Its now a really mature read and I'm seriously looking for a publisher. If you’re still using the authonomy website then please have another look for me - I think you'll be quite surprised at what you find. If you like it can you back it again for me again? You can also see more of my book at its website – thanks Tim Waters

M.J. Fahy wrote 72 days ago   

Hello, C.
On Angelika's recommendation (she started a thread on the forum), I have just downloaded your 1st book on my Kindle. That means - in all fairness - that I'll WL, read and comment on part 2 of your trilogy. I'm just coming to the end of book 5 in the GofT series, so I'm very much looking forward to reading some more Fantasy.
Jane x

Thank you for my free book :o)

Darius Stransky wrote 74 days ago   

They've all gone now.
You OK?
And what about that wet furry creature splashing his way all over the Ed's desk?

Darius Stransky wrote 78 days ago   

Hi 'C'

Just to say got visitors descending on me.
AND changing broadband providers
AND I can't even pop back to my medieval world for a bit of piece and quiet.

Normal service will be resumed on Saturday. In the meantime here is an interlude (cue clay pot spinning on a wheel)

Cait wrote 79 days ago   

Thanks, Nanty! Hope I can turn Keedy into a novel. I've done some revisions since I got the review.


Darius Stransky wrote 82 days ago   

Just realised you've been busy again
It's Sunday and I HAVE to go for a few beers (I know, but its in my contract)
See you Monday

Darius Stransky wrote 84 days ago   

Hi 'C'

(no you don't need to sing it - just hum) Hi C get it?

Thanks for the comment on 16 and even more thanks for the backing.

When I'm rich and famous (don't hold your breath) I'm going to pick you up in my chauffeur driven tandem and sidecar and take you for a cup of bovril (no expense spared eh?)

Tom Ericson wrote 85 days ago   

Thanks Nanty - a couple of people have mentioned that line so I have just changed it to '... a deftness of touch so light that not even his finger seemed to move ...'
I hope you enjoy the rest.
Best wishes,


Lindsay Cross wrote 85 days ago   

Just thought I'd introduce myself. I just uploaded my book a week or so. Wondered if you would take a look at it.
I am a cancer survivor and wrote the story about a boy who loses a family member to the dreaded disease, and his fight to regain his life afterwards.
Please let me know

Lindsay Cross