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soukeyna wrote 81 days ago   

Nice To Meet You
My name is favour.
here is my privet e-mail '(
I would like to know you the more, I can send you my picture and my detail's, I'm waiting for your mail to my email address above. please do not chat with me here just send me email and I'll get back to you with love.

Andreea Daia wrote 88 days ago   

Hi Eric–

Would you be interested in a swap read? I write science-fiction, which I’m not sure how well fits your tastes.

If swapping is even an option, would you mind checking out my first 3 paragraphs or so, to make sure that my writing style suits you? If not, that’s perfectly all right—I just don’t want to make anyone read 3,000 words if my writing is not their cup of tea.

Thanks for your time and have a good day!

Kenneth Edward Lim wrote 100 days ago   

How are things with you? I have "The North Korean" in full length, complete and unabridged on

priced cheaply for mass consumption. I hope you can find the time to review it.

Thank you so much.

Software wrote 146 days ago   

Dear Eric,

As a valued supporter of Doghouse Blues, you may be pleased to learn that the satire is set to be published in paperback and e-book formats by Black Rose Writing, May 2014. Once again, sincere thanks for your support in helping Doghouse Blues reach number one on Authonomy.

You may care to take a look a new work I have posted on Authonomy entitled ‘Zavrazin’, a spy thriller. Radically different in terms of the style adopted for the satire, Zavrazin has demanded a fast moving evocative approach to suit the genre. Like in film, each chapter advances the plot and reveals something new about the characters.

Here is the link:

Should you chose to read a few chapters of Zavrazin, I look forward to reading your comments on the novel’s webpage.

Kind regards,


JustinSirois wrote 213 days ago   


I thought you might be into this new novel about an app that lets people schedule their own kidnAppings:

The series is currently optioned for TV. :)

Thank you for your time!

Justin Sirois

rev1 wrote 236 days ago   

Email reply: or

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I will tell you the name late client and current amount of funds involved once I read from you.

Thanks and have a great day as I look forward to read from you soon.
God bless,
Rev. Chris

Janet/Helen wrote 288 days ago   

Many thanks for the backing Eric. Much appreciate your support. Best wishes, Janet & Helen

Sam Barclay wrote 301 days ago   

Hi Eric,

I guess we writers are allowed cliches when we message each other, so I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for backing 'Dax'. Whatever shelf time you give it, I shall be genuinely grateful.

If I can help you with anything, please let me know,

Cheers, Sam

Kenneth Edward Lim wrote 314 days ago   

Thank you so much for your past comments. They've helped
me with my long journey thus far. Would you consider a final 10-day backing of "The North Korean," if you think it worthy, that is?

Much obliged,

Iva P. wrote 324 days ago   

Eric, thank you for backing Fame and Infamy. Read your bio, it's hilarious!

Maevesleibhin wrote 348 days ago   

I read the whole thing. This is brilliant. Can't imagine what it is doing in the 900s. I will back it when I have some room on my shelf. Comments soon.

Maevesleibhin wrote 348 days ago   

Dear Eric,
I will be taking a look at Degree of Exposure today. Sorry it has taken me so long, and thank you for your continued support.

D. S. Hale wrote 380 days ago   

Hi, Eric, how are you? Your book is rolling along! I love your bio!

I am in the top ten, barely! Have you read Jessup and the Teleporter? If not would you check it out, and back it if you find it worthy? It is about divorce and it what it does to kids. Not many books, if any, discuss this subject and kids are left flapping in the wind, trying to deal with broken hearts and broken families. If you could support me, it would be dearly appreciated! I've had a few teachers who want this book on their shelves to help students in their class. Thank you for any support you can offer to help me reach the desk!

Jessup and the Teleporter

BeeJoy wrote 383 days ago   

Hey:). How are you? I am currently at No 5 with my book Facing The Truth. I am looking for support to keep me in the top 5 this month. Would you be able to help out? I will be here for some time and will support anyone who helps me push the book. I would glady appreciate any help. Thank you for your time:).


Maevesleibhin wrote 389 days ago   

Dear Eric,
Thank you SO very much for backing Fresh Meat. I really appreciate it.
I will get to Degree of Exposure in a few days. Please be patient, as I am a wee bit behind on return reads.
Thanks again.

Nathan O'Hagan wrote 394 days ago   

Im sending you this speculative message in the hope you will take a chance on my first self-published collection of short stories, entitled 'Purge'.
My novel "The World is (Not) A Cold Dead Place" reached the desk here last year, so I'm hopeful members of the Authonomy community will be interested enough to download 'Purge'. I know it is asking a lot for people to part with their cash, but it is only £1.54, and i hope my previous success on this site will be enough to convince people to take a chance, and provide feedback/reviews.



Maevesleibhin wrote 396 days ago   

Dear Eric,
Now that a space on your shelf has been suddenly vacated due to the happy ascension of Mary's Magic Muffins, I am sure you are racking your brains trying to figure out what to do with it. Perhaps I can be of help.
Fresh Meat is a comic paranormal novel set in steamy Puerto Rico.
Lola, the diminutive, quarrelsome doughtier of two dance instructors, gets kicked off professional women's football due to her excessively violent tendencies. She moves to Puerto Rico to stay with her only friend, only to find that he has become involved in extreme sanitation. Unfortunately for Lola, she is irresistibly attractive to mosquitoes and other blood sucking creatures. Will her dance skills save her?
I am very proud to say that Fresh Meat has led many on the site, even some who are loathe to read paranormal fiction, to fits of hysterical laughter.
Won't you please have a look? The book has been graced by the backing of enough lovely authonomites to have reached the top fifty, but it needs quite a bit more support to make it to the promised land.
I return all reads out of principle. I will admit that it may take me a while, but I will get there eventually with witty, concise, and sometimes even germane comments.

Yasmina wrote 397 days ago   

Hi Eric

I hope you don’t mind a rather cheeky request, but it is nearly the end of the month and I was hoping you would support our little children’s book, “The Secret of Netley Abbey”? Placing it on your bookshelf, or rating it would help us get to those elusive editors, currently we are hovering at around 22.

Your help will be very much appreciated and not forgotten (we will return reads etc)! Charles and I intend to stay on Authonomy for the long term and we are currently writing other stories.

Best wishes


"The Secret of Netley Abbey", is an easy to read children's book where three children, pursued by treasure seekers, search for the secret of a 13th century ruin. There are ghostly goings-on and a government cover-up of alien artefacts. The book has been loaded under “Charles Knightley”. It has been described as the Dan Brown for children which adults enjoy!

Meg Wearing wrote 406 days ago   

Could I interest you in taking a look at my novel, Charlie Parker's Corner Of The Prairie? It's a slice of life view of Kansas at the turn of the century complete with tornadoes, horse races and frontier romance. Life and death was cheap, and prejudices could ruin families struggling to eke out a living on an unforgiving prairie.

Any reads will be returned.


BeeJoy wrote 432 days ago   

Hello. How are you? I would appreciate to switch comments and feedback with you! Would you be able to do the same? If you want to read the rest of the is finished and on Kindle and paperback on Proceeds are going to mental health facilities and burn survivors. Would you support? I am so blessed to be able to help others with my story. I hope I will be able to stop even just one person from doing something drastic like I did. I will put your book on my wl and comment:) and even back your book. Hope for it in return? God bless:)! Bethany