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Johnfrank00 wrote 593 days ago   


One thing I can state without a doubt is the Gay, Lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) community is incredibly supportive and encouraging of their peers. However, for whatever reason, I haven’t seen that here on Authonomy. I did a review of the books listed in the Gay genre and many, even after several months on Authonomy are on a one or two shelves and a couple of watch-list.
One of the most helpful benefits of posting on Authonomy is getting honest feedback from other writers (or in my case: want-to-be writers).
In an effort to connect GLBT writers and GLBT supporters with other like-minded writers I am creating this forum to give GLBT's writers a place to give and receive feedback on their books at:
All forums > Discuss authonomy > GLBT COMMUNITY BOOK LIST
To Join:
Post your name and the link to your book on this thread and we will update the member's list on this, the first post.

1) When reviewing another member's book put the word GLBT Review at the top of the review to show that you are a proud GLBTer.
2) Post a message when you review a GLBT book to let us know what you're up to.
3) Try to give courteous and constructive criticism. Remember that, as nice as it is to receive purely positive reviews, there is nothing so useful as original, helpful advice from another reader.
4) You should always try to return any feedback that you receive. If someone has made the effort to read and comment on your book, it's only fair that you should offer such help in return.

Read -Swaps
If you've got time on your hands and are looking for some help, offer an read-swap in which a like-minded user will swap feedback in a limited time agreed by the two of you.

If you're unsure about anything, get in touch. We're here to help!

John Frank:

ndaye wrote 925 days ago   

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Name failed moderation wrote 1170 days ago
My name is anna i saw your profile at ( and i love it i think we can click so please i will like you to email me back through my email address thus:(
.so that i will tell you more about me and where i from and also send you my picture for you to know me to well.Awaiting to see your lovely reply soonest.

Miss anna.

Daniel Delacy wrote 1232 days ago   

After one year on the site and over 700 reviews, I have accepted many of the suggestions (sometimes, I admit, through gritted teeth) and Apocalypse Then is now fully edited. I believe it is ready for the desk and ask, If you find the time, that you take a look at it. If you then believe that it is good enough, please consider placing it on your desk. All the best DD ;o)

Blousie wrote 1419 days ago   

Can I tempt you into taking a peek at a biography?

The Kid: A True Story of Cocaine, Corruption, Deceit and Betrayal tells how a tragic accident changed the life of a young English sportsman, turning him from a hero who represented his country into a wanted criminal on the run.

Raw, honest, funny and moving, coming clean about his story in this book he is now 'going straight' again.

Any feedback you have would be very welcome – and if you think it's worth backing, we'd be very grateful!

Best wishes

Karen xx

PS If you've already shelved The Kid, please forgive me! Computer glitches and my age-addled brain are playing havoc with my memory/records!

DKTD1 wrote 1449 days ago   

Don't want backing!
If you read my stories and like them, tell a friend, that's all I ask.
Comment if you like :)

More stories here:
or here:

Francine Saint Marie wrote 1450 days ago   

Lend your support to MARS right now, Clint, and you'll get triple return-backing of your fine book as my thanks for it.

(I'm a top ranked Talent-Spotter.)

Dawn DeRemer wrote 1460 days ago   

In the spirit of unpublished writers banding together to mutually help each other attain successful goals and eventual publication, I would like to invite you to read Golden Moon with expectations of my reading your work in return. Hopefully we will both be enthralled in each others work and experience a mutual out come of sharing comments and backing.
Dawn De Remer (Golden Moon)

Jack Scarlett wrote 1463 days ago   

Well at the moment I'm just simply trying to reach the top 50 (97) some would say by any means possible, which to a degree is true. I am not here to undermine peoples efforts.(although I am THE MOLE (el topo) So the deal is this, back my book (Soldier Blue) and I will return the favour. Hey presto!

Dawn DeRemer wrote 1469 days ago   

In the spirit of unpublished writers banding together to mutually help each other attain successful goals and eventual publication, I would like to invite you to read my YA, uplifting horse story (Golden Moon) with expectations of my reading your work in return. Hopefully we will both be enthralled in each others work and experience a mutual out come of sharing comments and backing.
Dawn De Remer (Golden Moon)

mskea wrote 1489 days ago   

Hi Clint,
As someone who read / commented on Munro’s Choice (aeons ago now) and who I therefore think of as one of my Authonomy friends I hope you don’t mind me messaging you.
Munro is going to China! Sadly not for book signing, but with me as I undertake a charity trek of the Great Wall on behalf of the Fostering Network - the UK’s leading charity for everyone involved in fostering.
The Great Wall runs over the tops of mountains and even where it is well-paved the going will be tough, especially for me - my normal walking extends as far as my stairs. Parts of the trek, where the wall isn’t in good condition, add the challenge of rough terrain (not to mention the scary drops!) to the incline. There is a suggested 16-week pre-trek training programme, which I will be beginning in June, building up to walking for eight hours a day on consecutive days. Given my current state of fitness (or lack of) I have already started pre-training training! (That’s where Munro comes in - I’m hoping to use the training time as thinking time for Book 2.)
My aim is to raise £2850.00. (Of which £2250 must be raised by July 22nd) If you can help please log onto where you can donate online and the money goes direct to the Fostering Network. Typing in Margaret Skea in the ‘your friend’s name’ box will take you to my page, where there are more details about the challenge.
This is a really good cause, helping disadvantaged children. Please, please help,
And please, please message me if you do, so that I can thank you.
Good luck with your own writing,

Daniel Delacy wrote 1492 days ago   

Care to swap reads?

Apocalypse Then

DMC wrote 1614 days ago   

I'm putting out a call to try to keep GREEN ORE on the Editor's Desk and wonder if you'd be so kind as to take a look before the end of month selection?
I am more than happy to return all reads and of course if you already backed this book then please ignore this message.
With many thanks and best wishes

andyroo wrote 1615 days ago   


Would you consider having a look at my book, Noah's Ark?

I shall read your book regardles :-)

Thank you,


Alexandra Riley wrote 1616 days ago   

Ooh you read on! I'm really pleased - thank you!

Alexandra Riley wrote 1620 days ago   

Thank you for the comment! Many people have found the mirror a bit odd, but things don't get very fantastical until quite a lot later in the story. I've tried not to make it too high-fantasy! Let me know if you feel that the tone slips again in chapter 2 (if you do read it!).
Thanks again, criticism always welcome! :)

hot lips wrote 1622 days ago   

Yours is a very intriguing title
My book BADD is aimed at both teachers and children.
It is popular, funny and an easy quick read.
In 24 mini commedies a boy grows up. Read any one.
I enjoy a read swap.

JANVIER wrote 1736 days ago   

Hello Clint,

How about w/listing your story for comment shortly? Your view of Flash of the Sun will be highly appreciated.
All the best.

Janvier (flash of the sun

Dwight wrote 1794 days ago   

Clint, thanks for your comment on PROSPECT. I appreciate it.

Richardakray wrote 1794 days ago   

Hi Clint,

I won't beat around the bush here. I'm in contention for the Editor's Desk this month and would love it if you could check out my book, The Zombie Diaries, and consider it for your shelf. It's definitely worth the read if you like a few laughs.

Thank you so much,

P.S. My uncle is a chemist and chemistry was my minor in college. Very cool that you teach it.