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maretha wrote 266 days ago   

Dear Prashant, I'm hoping that you might be able to support my book next month, if you have space available. I'm simply using the "Shameless Plug" thing and asking all my friends. If you can't you might know of someone or be able to recommend my book to your friends. I will really appreciate your help. All the best on authonomy in the months to come. Kindest regards, Maretha
African Adventures of Flame, Family, Furry and Feathered Friends

Brian G Chambers wrote 475 days ago   

Hi Prashant
Happy New Year. I have just reached the dizzy heights of 39 here. So I am asking all my friends if they can make this a special New Year for me by supporting Tales for Children with a view of making it to the ED. If you already have it on your shelf, a big thankyou. Your help would be much appreciated at this critical time.
Your friend Brian

Big Daddy wrote 487 days ago   

Well the time has finally come. Apocalypse Day is here. No not the end of the world, Apocalypse Then Part Two is in the shops now (well it's on Amazon anyway). So take a wander down The Boulevard of Broken Dreams, it's more reliable (and funnier) than a Mayan calendar.

Merry Christmas :o)

Software wrote 488 days ago   

Hello Prashant,

Hope you are well. Maybe you would like to try out my new satire, Doghouse Blues. Happy to reciprocate. Here is an endorsement:

I was attracted to Doghouse Blues from the pitch alone because it was so very different. There are so many budding writers out there who want to earn the same sort of money as J K Rowling by writing exactly the same kind of book and , to be frank, I am getting a bit tired of it.
This, on the other hand, struck me as being an original piece of work. The product of a lively mind and written by someone who is an excellent observer of the real world out there and who knows how to translate his observations into print. Just the right amount of dialogue, which carries the story along well.
I have not read the complete book (yet) but have dipped into it fairly freely to see if the momentum is maintained. It certainly is.
Philip John

Looking forward to reading your comments on the Doghouse Blues webpage.

All the best,


Big Daddy wrote 503 days ago   

To celebrate the upcoming release of Apocalypse Then Part Two: The Boulevard of Broken Dreams we're giving away Part One for the next 4 days! Pick up Stormbringer in full at Amazon by clicking on the links below.

US link

UK link

Please pass this message on if you can.

maretha wrote 506 days ago   

Dear Prashant, I'm going for the "shameless plug" type of scenario and have decided to take the plunge and ask all my friends to please support me for the next month. I need your backing and top rating, because I've restructured my book and listened and applied many fine suggestions which hopefully, helped me to produce a top book here on this site. While I've been busy doing this, I've been stuck in the doldrums of the 200's. With your help and if you think the story warrants it, I might be able to move a few steps closer to the coveted editor's desk.
Please remind me if I've not commented or backed your book so that I can also get my act together. Thank you.
Kindest regards
African Adventures of Flame, Family, Furry and Feathered Friends :-)

CMTStibbe wrote 525 days ago   

Dear Prashant

I just wanted to thank you again for your incredible support of Chasing Pharaohs last year. Without you, I would not have reached the editors desk for a review. I wonder if you would have time to read a few chapters of my new book, uploaded a few weeks ago. If you enjoy Historical fiction, you might enjoy The Snare of the Fowler. It’s a novel of Ancient Egypt.

Short pitch: A raging fire sweeps across the desert towards Thebes, a fire that hungers for retribution, a fire that confounds the sanest of minds.

Any comments and suggestions you might have to improve these chapters would be greatly appreciated. And if it finds a place on your shelf, even better still.


Thank you for being a friend.

Claire Stibbe

kingsdaughter wrote 553 days ago   


Christian and Arabella is free on Amazon for 5 days in exchange for your review here


LCF Quartet wrote 581 days ago   

Hi Prashant,
I hope all is well. I was only wondering if I'm still in your Watch List for further feedback in the near future. I've uploaded some new chapters and look forward to receiving your comments.
Best wishes,
Lucette- Ten Deep Footprints

ubulord wrote 586 days ago   

"The Prince and the Singularity – A Circular Tale" is a book with one big advantage, one only needs to read the first 40 lines to know wheteher one is going to like the story or not. If after the first 40 lines you're not hooked, no need to bother reading the rest.

Lenny Banks wrote 597 days ago   

Hi Prashant, I am reading through my friend’s books, I got to you and yours isn't posted yet. Any chance you can take a look at mine and let me know when yours is up and I will be first in the queue? I also noted you dont have any books on your shelf, if you back other peoples books i helps your talent spotting rating and this helps you get noticed.
Kind Regards
Lenny Banks - Tide and Time: At The Rock

KoriBates wrote 598 days ago   

Thank you so much for backing my book. :) I really appreciate it.

Joshua Roebuck wrote 598 days ago   

Hi Prashant

Yes, this is Spam, but not your usual kind. It’s to notify all backers and/ or Watchlisters of ‘The Sea People’ (past or present)

I would like to let you know that I have decided to withdraw my book from Authonomy to concentrate on writing and completing it for the next few months. Your support hasn’t been wasted, far from it! All the encouragement and comments I have received were invaluable, and have shown me how I should proceed with finishing this. If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing well.

Any last minute comments, words of encouragement or home truths would be gratefully received. Check out my forum thread on the subject here:

In the meantime, I will be continuing on the site as a reader and supporter. There will be a little rotation on my shelf from time to time, but Sea of Jasmine is there until it reaches the Ed.

I will continue to catch up on the outstanding read returns I owe to any of you.

Thank you once again, good luck and see you around!


Ryan_Gomes wrote 599 days ago   

Hi Prashant,

I have noticed that you are no longer supporting my novel. I hope you can come back sometime soon, but if not, I hope you were able to enjoy my novel a little. Thank you for your previous support!


LCF Quartet wrote 599 days ago   

Hi Prashant,
It's good to see bold and confident people around like you.
I wish you all the best with your book, and I'll take you to my Watch List so that I can read and make comments about it.
I will also recommend you to take Ten Deep Footprints to your shelve by backing the book. You may read the uploaded chapters and make a comment as well. You may also WL me. I'll never forget.
A wise man once said; friendship is silver, loyalty is gold.
Stay well,
LCF-Lucette Cohen Fins
Ten Deep Footprints

Edwin P. Magezi wrote 599 days ago   

Thanks so much for backing my book. Appreciate the support. Will check out yours.

Ryan_Gomes wrote 603 days ago   

Hi Prashant!

Thank you so much for backing "2175"! I've added your book to my watchlist and hope to get around to reading it soon. Thanks so much!


Ryan_Gomes wrote 605 days ago   

Hello there, Prashant!

In the mood for a fast paced read? Perhaps you would be interested in hazarding a few chapters of 2175! You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll be on the edge of your seat! Follow Angelo Rodriguez as he is confronted with the age old question, “Can one person make a difference?” As his eyes are opened to the dystopic world around him, Angelo is forced to choose sides in what looks to be an imminent war between those who rule and those who wish to fight back.

I would truly appreciate any time you donate to reading 2175, and would be immensely thankful for any stars, feedback, watches or shelves you can spare. I’m always good for a book swap, and I will always comment back. It has already risen 5000 positions in four weeks with strong support from this community. Your support could push it even higher!

I hope you can drop into the world of 2175 soon. Thanks!

Ryan Gomes

Writer in Red wrote 607 days ago   

Thanks for backing my book! Much appreciated. :)

David Price wrote 609 days ago   

Prashant Mokshya,

The subject matter of my memoir tends to polarize potential readers, but I hope you decide to read it anyway.

"A hugely impressive piece of writing" James Lark 'More Tea, Jesus?'

"Beautifully written, heartbreaking yet funny...the language and flow is perfection" Elspeth McGregor 'Paragon'

MASTER ACT: a memoir