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ndaye wrote 919 days ago   

My name is rafica i saw your profile today at ( and became intrested in you,i will also like to know you the more,and i want you to send a mail to my email address so i can give you my picture for you to know whom l am.Here is my email address ( i believe we can move from here.I am waiting for your mail to my email address above. rafica.(Remeber the distance or colour does not matter but love matters alot in life)
Please rpely me with my email address here


Name failed moderation wrote 1165 days ago
My name is anna i saw your profile at and i love it i think we can click so please i will like you to email me back through my email address thus
.so that i will tell you more about me and where i from and also send you my picture for you to know me to well.Awaiting to see your lovely reply soonest.

Miss anna.

Emerald wrote 1747 days ago   


You be the judge!

I request you to kindly spend just 15 minutes to read only one small chapter~7 (seven) about Doctrines of this international ‘World Women’s Equal Rights Party’ for freedom, benefits and equality for all girls and women in all countries like for all men, with many novel and revolutionary ideas written in my book, ‘Third World War’.

As a woman, or as a judge with balance in your hand, how will you judge these doctrines?

You be the judge, and deliver your final judg(e)ment!

Thanking you,
Author of
Third World War.
Dated: 4th July 2009.

PATRICK BARRETT wrote 1830 days ago   

I read your bio. I would love you to read Shakespeares Cuthbert for me but how would I know if you lied to me?
Patrick Barrett.

Emily848 wrote 1941 days ago   

Hi betty, LEAD ME NOT is about deciding how much pain personal growth is worth. It’s a psychological drama following one man’s vengeance towards a younger couple who develop an obsession with him, and describing their eventual freedom from him.

I know there are a lot of books available on this site, so I hope you don’t mind me dropping you a note about the one I have up. If it sounds like it would be of interest to you, please take a look, I’d appreciate any feedback (positive or negative)! Thank you, - Emily Ashley

cmanteria wrote 1943 days ago   

Hi Betty,

I have uploaded a new novel for review and would appreciate it if you would take a look at it.

The novel is Rerun,

The direct link is:

Here are the book synopsis as requested by Authonomy:

Plagued with visions of a future he is not able to change, Charles Williams tries to defy fate to save the love of his life.

Charles Williams has been plagued with visions of the future since childhood. Although he has always known what the future held for him he has never been able to do anything to change the outcome. When Charles begins to have visions showing the death of the love of his life he decides, once more, to try to control the future. Can man change fate and affect their future? Rerun explores the whimsy of fate and man’s obsessive need to control what he can’t.

Thank you in advanced for your assistance. If there is a particular piece of work you would like me to take a look at please let me know.

Best wishes,
Chris Manteria wrote 1965 days ago   

hi betty - just to say i'm another abergavenny person !
It's freezing here at the moment and very misty
My book, 'Every cat has a wish' is set in abergavenny and the surrounding area - i don't mention place names, but you may be able to recognize a few mountains !
best wishes,

Hannah wrote 1969 days ago   

hi Betty Blue
I'm sorry to infiltrate your inbox like this but I am DESPERATE for more people to read my book! Ok, ok, I'm at number one. *sigh* But are people reading it? No! They think I'm safe. Little do they know I am chewing my fingernails like a rabid animal. I have resorted to begging. Forgive me.
If you could spare a find a spare moment I would adore a read/comment/shelf from you. ;-)
I will reciprocate. Many thanks and sorry for the inbox intrusion.