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fati ahmed wrote 196 days ago   

Calling For Help,
Permit me to inform you of my desire of going into business relationship with you.
I am Fati,the Daughter of the late Ali Ahmed from Ivory Coast. I want to request for your
aid to relocate and invest my ihneritance in your custody, the sum of $6,500, 000.00USD which I inherited from my late father. I will appreciate if you can
respond to me on this email id:( ) For more details.

Awaiting your reply.

Fati Ahmed.

anada wrote 237 days ago

Hi love I saw your profile today and love to contact you,I have something important to tell you. Here is my email,( you can write to me direct with this address.
Be confidence and hope to be good friend,i will be appreciate you if you can contact me straight to my email box.
Have a nice day

kristylove wrote 411 days ago   

my name is miss Kristy i saw your profile and have interest in you i will give you my picture if you reply to me, I believe we can move from here.pls reply me on my email ID here ( not to the site,for more details

miacia7 wrote 598 days ago   

This is my first book, the death of my son gave me the strength to start writing it. It is all real, but sometimes, it reads as a fiction. Incredible stories, sad and funny.Please take the time to check it out and give me very needed feedback and a little help to get noticed by the publishers. Thank you

bebe2u wrote 670 days ago   

My name is Blessing, I just viewed your profile here in (, and it interest me to write you for friendship, please if you don't mind, i will like you to write me back at (, so that we can introduce and know each other better, i will show you my pictures, and i also have something about me to share with you if only you can contact me back directly in my personal email address, because am not use to this site. regard from Blessing.

Razaka wrote 745 days ago   

Hello ,

My compliment to you and your entire household. I am Ibrahim Razak Kumar a citizen of LIBYA and i am a male of 20 years old of age. Please sir pardon me for bursting into your privacy at first, i beg you in the name of GOD i need your listening attention ear to my request and it as a result of my painful sorrowful life that you are living after the war in LIBYA. In the process of the war in my country Libya I lost my parents in a GUN SHOT along with my lovely 2 sisters.

We are 3 in numbers in my family and now after the war i am the only one who escaped from my country Libya in the high series mode of the war in the capital city if Libya Tripoli and that was the time the rebels came and invade our house and killed my parents and my 2 sisters and now i manage to escaped by the grace of GOD who save my life to a REFUGEE CAMP IN Abidjan Cote with the little money in my hand. My father is a Governmental Notable Man in our Country Libya Working with our late PRESIDENT GADDAFI for those years he has being rolling as the PRESIDENT OF OUR COUNTRY LIBYA and As the only Son of my late father he took me to a cool quiet conducive area in our country and showed me all his wealth round all his investment in Libya even the once out side our country Libya and he showed me all his deposit details information as the only son deposited with a Bank here in Cote D'ivoire for years now before the war started and i scanned saved the Certificate of Deposit of the Money Deposited with theBank for safe keeping in their custody and the Bank name / address is in my possession Saved in my private email box for record information and the amount in question is {4 Million US Dollars} deposited in the Bank by my late father .

All i need from you now is to stand for me as a soul foreign beneficiary as my late father business associate and apply for the release / claim of the Money Deposited in the Bank for safe keeping since 2009 for claim and once i send to you the details con

CaroA wrote 836 days ago   

Just wanted to let you know that Feast of the Antlion is now available on Kindle.

You were kind enough to comment on it here, so I thought I'd give you a chance to read the whole book.
If you were interested and willing to leave a comment on amazon I would be truly grateful.
Caro Ayre

ndaye wrote 923 days ago   

My name is rafica i saw your profile today at ( and became intrested in you,i will also like to know you the more,and i want you to send a mail to my email address so i can give you my picture for you to know whom l am.Here is my email address ( i believe we can move from here.I am waiting for your mail to my email address above. rafica.(Remeber the distance or colour does not matter but love matters alot in life)
Please rpely me with my email address here


kinedon wrote 971 days ago   

Greetings from Kine , (
I apologies for intruding into your privacy, since we don't know each other,

I am happy to get in contact with you after my direction to find a nice trusted and sincere reliable friend I was motivated to write to you after see your contact I know this mail will meet you in a good health and also surprised , I am here to seek your advice of which i know that it will helps me to overcome my situation,

I am presently single girl , My dear may it please you to write me back in my email add ( for more introduction ,my pictures and purpose of writing to you.

Please do not neglect a humble and lonely heart . I wait patiently to hear from you,
Yours New Friend, Kine .

Eponymous Rox wrote 985 days ago   

Hullo there. I'm still a reader on Authonomy scouting for new authors to promote on my own website, but I've uploaded a manuscript now as well. If you decide it's not worthy of your backing can you also take a look at the other books on my shelf? Many excellent writers here!


CMTStibbe wrote 995 days ago   

Dear Azam
I wondered if you would have time to read a few chapters of Chasing Pharaohs, a fiction book on ancient Egypt set during the 18th Dynasty. It could really use your support.

Pitch: Three warriors battle an enemy unlike any other. A shadow that outwits all shadows - a thief in the night to cast down kings.

Shelf space and comments would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Claire Stibbe
Chasing Pharaohs

JohnDoe wrote 1042 days ago   

I’m very sorry if I’ve previously messaged you, but I’ve had one of those glitches that wipes out backers and watchlists. I've lost over 60 backers in wipeouts and over 100 watchlists and can’t find most of my old backers as they backed me over 2 months ago and the RSS feeds don’t go back that far..

If I was on your watchlist or if you backed me before I would greatly appreciate your support again for - The Lunatic Sings - or if you’d take a look at it if it’s new to you.


- "like a William S. Burroughs novel with a point"

- "Deftly imitating waves of consciousness"

- "the reader glides through … It’s like dancing in someone’s mind"

- "You should be a playwright as this should be spoken"

- "like a meditation" – "A breathtaking concept"

- "… glorious driving rhythms of the syntax. It's prose that has an inner music that almost compels us to speak it aloud. "

- "Out of the mouth of this one comes reflections of both humanity and sanity."

- "I sit in awe. This is some piece of work. "

Thank you,


Favourlove wrote 1050 days ago   

Complements of the day to you.
I am Favour how are you, hope you are fine and in perfect condition of health. I went through your profile and I read it and took interest in it, if you don't mind I will like to know you much better,this is my email ( I came online to look for a true and loving man that is ready for a true, honest and loving relationship and will be able to take good care of me if you are the kind of man am talking about then send me a mail now on my private email included, so that I will tell you all about myself. Looking forward to hearing from you, thanks and God bless. ( Best Regards

Dwayne Kavanagh wrote 1065 days ago   

Hello again Azam,

I hope you're getting everthing you wanted from the site. We're all trying :)

The honest most writers, we all strive to become better at the craft. The goal in this situation is for us to move toward the desk and get that prized review. I’m tossing this out there, but I think you’ll enjoy A Killer’s Kind, if not for the story, then for the style of writing. I’m hoping you’ll come over and have a look. The book is sitting at 14; keeping there is a challenge. If, you have a look, and it’s something you enjoy (either for the story or for the writing), could you please back me and help me get to the desk.

Your support will always be appreciated and I will do everything (I can) to help you or any of the books that you like get there.


fh wrote 1071 days ago   

Hello there,
Thank you for your interest and kind words regarding the Harper Collins review for The Assassins’ Village.
I found the review highly constructive and positive, and any points the editor raised regarding improving the manuscript I have already addressed. Harper Collins downloaded the November edition of the MS and since then in the five month interval I have edited the whole book. I believe The Assassins’ Village is now crisper, streamlined and superior to the original. (I will update authonomy when I have a spare moment!)
I appreciate your earlier support and splendid comments, especially those who expressed the wish to read the whole MS. And; this is perhaps the best news!
The Assassins’ Village was released on the 26th April on Amazon in the Kindle version, for the cheapest price possible – less than £1.00! (And the equivalent in $.) Since then the book has reached numbers 25 and 31 in and .com respectively in the newly released crime and mystery section. Fantastic! If you wish to know who my murderer is then simply click on the link I’ve put here and you’ll be directed to Amazon.
If you don’t possess a Kindle, (or any E-reader) why not? They are truly amazing and despite my initial reticence in owning one, I wouldn’t now be without it. Again, click on the link to read more.
If you don’t want to splash out on a Kindle then you can simply download a free application entitled, Kindle for PC (found on Amazon).
So ENJOY! Now you can read the whole of The Assassins’ Village for a snip of a price!
Thank you once again.
With all my very best wishes,
The Assassins’ Village and The Crossing

JohnDoe wrote 1076 days ago   

Hi Azam,

I’m messaging you very specifically as a holder of a book that recently earned a well deserved HC ED review - Savannah Passion - to ask you to offer your support to another serious piece of Americana. It’s for a young writer I've had the good fortune to get to know here who has written something very compelling, very original and very highly received. Winston is now making his push for the desk. He gained another 40-50 backers in April, and nearly all from the efforts of people who have read his book and canvassed other writers to consider lending their support

* A Circle in the Woods * is going to need another 20-30 more backers to make desk in May. It can do it. I hope you’ll offer your support and star ratings to this authonomy favourite book and author and take the chance to know the work and the writer.

by Winston Emerson

* A Circle in the Woods *

- "there is a style and use of language that borders on mesmerizing"

- "an incredible piece of writing"

- “very strong and maintains an anticipatory tension”

- “I devoured five chapters at a sitting with much satisfaction … liquid prose”

- “It is quite simply beautiful writing …the flow was lovely”

- “an immersive world that is both brutal and beautiful”

- “masterful composition of an exciting story”

You can find Winston’s book by clicking through my profile name and seeing it on my shelf, and there is a discussion thread in ‘On Writing’.

Thank you,

‘The Lunatic Sings’

Walden Carrington wrote 1086 days ago   

I'm messaging the top talent spotters to ask for your support of Titanic: Rose Dawson's Story. The film is scheduled for rerelease in three dimensions in April of 2012, a hundred years since the disaster. I could use your help to reach the editor's desk in time for my novelization to be published prior to the rerelease of Titanic.

JohnDoe wrote 1090 days ago   

Hi Azam,

A couple of books either of which for you to maybe lend your support to. Both fall into the Literary Fiction category but are at the same time quite different, and hopefully rewarding, reads:

By Winston Emerson

* A Circle in the Woods *

- "there is a style and use of language that borders on mesmerizing"

- "an incredible piece of writing"

- “very strong and maintains an anticipatory tension”

- “I devoured five chapters at a sitting with much satisfaction”

- “I think this is the sort of writing that wins literary prizes”

- "You are crafting a masterpiece"

- “fantastic piece of work”

- “masterful composition of an exciting story”

And my own work,

* The Lunatic Sings *

- "has a very Fight Club vibe"

- "like a William S. Burroughs novel with a point"

- "Deftly imitating waves of consciousness"

- "the reader glides through … It’s like dancing in someone’s mind"

- "a singular foray into the past to reclaim the best part of it”

- "You should be a playwright as this should be spoken"

- "like a meditation"

- "once I started it grabbed hold of me"

- "one is compelled to know more about this man"



j.l. wood-miller wrote 1092 days ago   

Hello Mr. Gill:

"An Unfinished Innocence" explores adulterous alcoholic substance-abusing schizophrenic author/academic/columnist and inadvertent serial killer, Brendan Dogge, and his search for redemption with the help of a small boy and a three-legged dog. A typical love story.

Title: An Unfinished Innocence
Author: j.l. wood-miller

You may enjoy it!

Take care,
-j.l. wood-miller

homewriter wrote 1104 days ago   

Dear Azam,

Do you fancy a read of something a bit different? If so please try my Harpist of Madrid. It’s an historical mix of love, music, scandal and intrigue! Hope you support the thing.

Best wishes, Gordon.

We've backed each other before!