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Eponymous Rox wrote 982 days ago   

Hullo there. I'm still a reader on Authonomy scouting for new authors to promote on my website, but I've uploaded a manuscript now as well. If you decide it's not worthy of your backing can you also take a look at the other books on my shelf? Many excellent writers here!


Kevin Sand wrote 1057 days ago   

Last month the Dark Lord Matabu threatened to steal my red pen unless I got to the editors desk. I failed of course, so my red pen is gone.
This month he has sworn to take my green highlighter if I don't get a thousand comments on either Sentence or Finish.
Please help, Kevn Sand.

CarolinaAl wrote 1185 days ago   

Hi Smokem,

I'm here looking for your consideration of "Savannah Fire," a contemporary southern suspense I posted on Authonomy three weeks ago.

Would you please review "Savannah Fire" critically and see if it meets your criteria for inclusion on your bookshelf?

There is no reward for shelving "Savannah Fire" other than the satisfaction of knowing you are supporting a quality book on the Authonomy list.

I hope you and your loved ones have a sensational New Year.


SRFire wrote 1483 days ago   

Hi there,

I’m trying to reach the Ed in April as I have an important deadline to meet by May. This is my last chance to make my dream come true, so I would really appreciate it if you could put me on your shelf, even if its only for a couple of minutes. A second backing will count, even if you have backed me before.

I will be watching my newsfeed for your reply/backing so I can immediately thank you for your support/reciprocate (you get the most points from me, because of my high TSR). Even if you dislike YA fantasy/sci-fi - I have found that most people enjoy my writing…

Many thanks, Sana

Gunslinger wrote 1490 days ago   

Dear Writers, Readers, and Esteemed Sock-Puppets,

It was the 28th of December, 2005. Bush was still in office. Lehman Brothers were still in business. Britney and K-Fed were still together. And I began writing a story for my brother called “Value Systems” about an altruistic scientist trying to bring about world peace by strategically toppling global financial markets.

The idea was simple—take away the measuring stick for material worth by making rare things common; and in a world with blood diamonds, desserts topped with edible gold, and 3 million people dying each year from malaria, it kind of seemed like a no-brainer. I’ve been running with this idea ever since, and while it’s been through a lot of changes, the same basic notion has landed on the Editor’s Desk.

So, if you’re not one of the 1300 people who’ve already backed “Every Atom Belonging,” then perhaps you might take a few moments and judge for yourself whether it’s my spamming or my storytelling that has put “Atom” where it is today. April is almost here, and it’s up to you whether the Desk is about two-for one backings and social networking, or whether craftsmanship, a good yarn, and dare I say even a bit of substance have any part to play.

Thank you kindly for all your support.


Dan McKinnis (aka Gunslinger)

Lorri wrote 1491 days ago   

I know there are so many messages, but times are hard here on the race to the ed's desk.

After three days I managed to get back to 7 but I need your help to hang on.

Would you help me out with a reading/backing on Euphoria?

Much appreciated.