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Di Manzara wrote 535 days ago   

Hi, how are you today? :)

As we end the month of October and Jinger makes it to the ED, I would like to introduce my book to you, LEO & ROVER: THE PURPLE MARBLE ADVENTURES.

Please take a look, you might like it. Many have enjoyed the story, and I hope you do, too. I'd love to hear from you!

Thank you so much for your support in advance. Have a prosperous November!

Take care,

Maria Constantine wrote 576 days ago   

Hi Sakari, thanks so much for backing Georgina's Family while I was away. Please let me know when you upload part of your book and I will be happy to read your book.
Maria :)

Helianthus wrote 584 days ago   

Good morning, and thank you for the backing!

Lucy Middlemass wrote 584 days ago   

Hello Sakari,

Thank you very much for adding Jinger Barley to your shelf. I'm pleased you enjoyed it! I hope your own work is going well.

Kindest wishes,

Meg Wearing wrote 590 days ago   

Could I interest you in taking a look at my novel, A Shamrock On The Verandah? It's the story of Bridget Flannigan, an Irish immigrant living in a small Kansas town at the end of the 19th century. Follow her as she faces the challenges of life in a frontier hotel.


FRAN MACILVEY wrote 591 days ago   

Dear Sakari

Thanks very much for putting "Happiness Matters" on your shelf. I am hoping to leave it on the site, perhaps until I hear from HC with my review for Trapped.

Meantime, thanks very much for your support.

Fran XXX :-))

David Price wrote 610 days ago   


The subject matter of my memoir tends to polarize potential readers, but I hope you will decide to read it anyway.

"A hugely impressive piece of writing" James Lark 'More Tea, Jesus?'

"Beautifully written, heartbreaking yet funny...the language and flow is perfection" Elspeth McGregor 'Paragon'

MASTER ACT: a memoir

Wussyboy wrote 610 days ago   

Thank you so much, Sakari, for backing my big fat Buddha cat - he'll be trying to struggle onto the desk this month, so your support will mean so much.

How are you, btw? Will you be putting your book back up soon? If so, I would be pleased to read.

Kind regards,

miacia7 wrote 623 days ago   

This is my first book, the death of my son gave me the strength to start writing it. It is all real, but sometimes, it reads as a fiction. Incredible stories.Please take the time to check it out and give me very needed feedback and a little help to get noticed by the publishers. Thank you

alphabetsailor wrote 633 days ago   

Thanks for the backing. Grey

Greenleaf wrote 647 days ago   

Thank you so much for backing my book. I really appreciate it.

Shelby Z. wrote 647 days ago   

Ahoy There!
Permission to come about.
Adventurous historical fiction book Driving Winds would like to sail into your harbor of book.
Adrianna Terrence is the heroine in this gripping adventure. It is filled with cruel pirates, dangerous waters, rough seas, the beauty of the Caribbean islands, the elegance of England, Hatred, action packed sword fights, forgiveness of the heart, and the air of mystery.
Please take time to read and comment, perhaps even consider backing it to the Editor's Desk.
Have a good day.

Shelby Z./Driving Winds

cvblank wrote 649 days ago   

Thanks for backing my book! & best of luck with your revisions. CV

Toe in the water wrote 649 days ago   

Hi Sakari
Please forgive me for approaching you out of the blue, but we are both backing Milk and More, and I just wondered if you'd be interested in my novel, Swimming Naked. It's an elegiac evocation of rural England, a maritime adventure and a love story, which explores gently observed truths about sexual desire, both conventional and unconventional. Here's just a few recent comments:

“The richness of detail and deep sensual descriptions drew me in from the opening lines. Thought provoking, not one to skim over”

“It was the sensuality underlying this book that pulled me in and I think it is handled beautifully”

“Thank you so much for the captivating read”

“I started reading you book based on Richard's recomendation in the forum. I must say it is beautifully written”

“There is something so different and haunting about this book. It seems timeless and it flows like a river. I love the chapter titles that relate to water and swimming, so clever. I loved the natural open eroticism here…I'm proud to back this gorgeous book.”

Hope you think it sounds interesting
Best wishes

Tillerman wrote 653 days ago   

Hi Sakari,

I noticed you've taken Still Waters off your shelf. Just wondering what the reason was?

Hope to hear from you,

Chris :-)

Goonerpat wrote 654 days ago   

Also will add you as a friend via Eftborin.

Goonerpat wrote 654 days ago   

Hi. I contacted the home page with a query. It appears that I am breaking rules by having duel profile. Therefore, with regret, i am removing 'Goonerpat' profile and placing all books under 'Eftborin'.
Hopefully you may continue to support 'Green Justice'. Thank you,

mdws77 wrote 656 days ago   

Congrats on helping Cara's book get her Gold Medal as one of the top 5. Now that she has, continuing to support her book doesn't count with your TSR (user ranking) any longer. Could you please consider switching your support to my novel called Solian Chronicles: Pluto Genesis? I would too helped Cara get to the top 5 and hope you can now help me as we helped her. Thank you for your consideration.

Maevesleibhin wrote 658 days ago   

Cara has had an amazing run, for an amazing fantasy novel. I am a very proud supporter of The Awakening, and am thrilled that it made the desk.
I know Cara has several recommendations for her supporters, but I would like to make one more. It is not my book, but a fantasy by a dear authonomy friend, Lindsay Llewellyn called A Priest's Tale.
It is a fabulous fantasy involving a cantankerous priestess forced on a  journey that challenges everything she believes in for the sake of her country.
I think it is fab, and I highly recommend it. Please have a look while you are considering alternatives for your shelf.
Again, please join me in congratulating Cara for a great run.

Cara Gold wrote 658 days ago   

I just want to say a huge thank you for supporting me. It’s been an incredible journey on Authonomy; I’ve made some amazing friends, improved my writing beyond imaginable, and gained a lot more confidence and self-belief.

I’ve also realized why I write; for the joy of it. It just makes me so happy to be able to share books with all you incredibly talented authors!

This is such a terribly written message because I’m so overwhelmed by everything. Thank you once again, I will not forget your support. I have a nice long list of you all and will be making my way through return reads, and sticking around the site to offer you support too :)

p.s. I’d also just like to also take the opportunity to make a few recommendations:

There are some fabulous books on my young author thread:

Some more: