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Chris Bostic wrote 1 day ago   

The time really flew by. It seemed like it was over way too soon. There was a pretty big turn out, but I didn't sell many. With all those other authors there too, it kinda watered down the sales. But it was still pretty fun.

Two of the other book signers run little publishing companies. They both asked me to send them my books (GC and PK)! They're little indies, but what the heck. I'm thinking I might just do that.

Soooo, did you get any writing done yesterday?

Chris Bostic wrote 1 day ago   

Mostly I feel all tired and I'd rather not be bothered to go to the signing tonight. I'm pathetic. It would be better if I knew that some people were coming. I'm sure there will be plenty with 10 writers there, but I'm not sure that I'll know any of the 'fans' that show up.

How dare CM? But you know, if you're bored, you could write something. That would give me something to read when I wake up. I'm running out of swaps (and motivation)

Chris Bostic wrote 2 days ago   

Silly people. Is it that hard to understand? I had someone back GC a week ago and couldn't get them to look at the new one.

Signing books tonight. Are you coming?

Snow's all melted and almost warm now. Got the slightest bit of a sunburn on Sunday. It's positively lovely, though the dreaded bugs are soon to arrive.

You should be out watching CM garden.

Abby Rose wrote 2 days ago   

Hi Lucy!

I'm new on this site and I have posted a YA book that one of your members say is interesting and I should post on your YARG thread. I have read the thread and looked through it but I'm not sure how to post the book because everyone at the end of the thread is reviewing another book and it says you have to be invited to join the thread. Because you're in charge of the thread I would just like to ask your permission if I can post it or not.
Thank you much!

Chris Bostic wrote 2 days ago   

Happy belated Easter. Hope you had a good one. It was quite lovely here for a change.

Your medal winning books are all gone. I'd have liked to look at them forever. Maybe something new is coming...

Adam Richardson wrote 3 days ago   

Hi Lucy,

Thanks for adding my link.
Already had some great feedback from a YARG member.

Looking forward to more.



Pippa Whitethorn wrote 4 days ago   

Hi Lucy,

I'm guessing you don't have much time for reading on Autho at the moment as you're so busy elsewhere, but if you do I particularly enjoyed

which is one of the newer YARG books. Might be worth a look


JosephIsaacs wrote 5 days ago   

Hi! Would you mind taking a look at Soul Hosts when you get a chance? Thanks!
Joseph Isaacs

GhostOfTheRain wrote 6 days ago   

Hey! I hope you have a great time on here, and if you have any free or leisure time on your hands feel free to checkout the first few chapters of my story "The Walking Game" and tell me what you think! :)

M.Edwards wrote 8 days ago   

Hi Lucy-

Being as you are one of the "top talent spotters" (according to HC) I thought I'd ask if you'd give my book "Come Back, Johnny" a read. I'm currently mired in the 500's and hoping to climb to the top of the heap.

BTW, I enjoyed your profile. "I don't like traveling" is certainly the admission of a true individual. Kudos.

Mike Edwards

Rachel H Campling wrote 10 days ago   

Hello Lucy,
Where can I read your books?
All the best,

Callaghan Grant wrote 12 days ago   

Hi Lucy,
Great to see you are still here! I notice you're a reader but have no work up here and I am always looking for feedback from avid readers. I am writing to ask you to read for me as, since you are an avid reader, your feedback would be very helpful to me. I have a lot of work up and I am adding all the time. Please do take a look when you have time. I will be pleased to read anything for you: your work or the work of a friend you might be supporting here. Let me know if I can help and I will put you, or the work you ask me to support, in my queue so I get to it in the appropriate time. Thank you very much for your help ahead of time.

Just so you know, I have encountered another book on this site that addresses the issue of UNforgiveness (the opposite of the theme of The Shouting Tree) and, although it's very dark, the writing is brilliant and the character study is unsurpassed. It is Casimir Greenfield's "Slow Poison" and I recommend it very highly. It is doing well in the race but needs a final boost. As I feel the work is exceptional and addresses the spirtual consequences of unforgiveness. I believe strongly that it is a socially worthy work which makes a solid contribution to the world. I hope you will read for Casimir and rate his work and comment for his outstanding effort and insight and his brilliance in rendering these complex characters. Please do tell him I recommended his work.

Warm regards,

(Cailin) Callaghan Grant
"The Shouting Tree", "The Fiddler's (Laughing) Bride
"Chalice", "Beacon", "Traveler", "Maker"

Tom Bye wrote 13 days ago   

Hello Lucy-

Do hope your book went on to better things and that you got a publisher-- In the meantime, I would be chuffed if you could take a look at my book= From Hugs to Kisses- It had reached a ranking of 40 only to be dropped back down to 450 after the computer system on authonomy deemed my book to be a new one after I uploaded final draft - Shucks ! that's life- I soldier on-

tom bye

Stellula wrote 14 days ago   


I am fairly new here (old member inactive for 2 years - long story for another day). I am trying to finish the book I started and I would greatly appreciate your critique on my manuscript as well as shelf space if you feel it deserves it, I will return the favour, let me know..


Chris Bostic wrote 15 days ago   

No real news at all. Just an apology for being slow on getting the contract to me. Still waiting to hear about that release date.

Apparently, YARG is a well-oiled machine. I don't know about everyone else, but I missed you. Bummer about the illness though. You are forgiven for your absence.

Chris Bostic wrote 15 days ago   

Dude, where have you been!?! Hopefully out having fun.

secretbanker wrote 17 days ago   


I love your book and your photo! The hair is gorgeous. Lovely-- could I ask you for a review?

tbpinder93 wrote 19 days ago   

Hi. I was wondering if you might be able to give my book, One Boy with Yellow Eyes a read. If you could I would be very appreciative and shall read something of yours in return.
Thomas Pinder.

Chris Bostic wrote 22 days ago   

And you're still TSR #2.

This is the way it should be. You'll always be #1 to me ;)

Muchas gracias

Chris Bostic wrote 22 days ago   

Hey Lu,

I took PK down to reset it. Not sure if it will make much of a difference, since I don't have a ton of 'friends' on here. But at least you've got a chance to be first onboard again ;)