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I seem to have an increasiingly bizarre life! I am a general practitioner and and GP with a special interest in palliative medicine. I am also an actor and now it seems I write books. I have put an awful lot of time and effort into a book called 'everything you wanted to know about dying but were too afraid to ask'. Go on read it it'll make you laugh! I have 2 boys Jack and Tom and 'miles to go before I sleep'.

favourite books

Anything by Terry Pratchett
Bram Stoker's Dracula

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Horn and Ivory

Paul Barker

A young mans odyssey to hell and back given flesh by dreaming. Tariq must master ancient Greek archetypes to prevent the end of days.

Imagine the space between sleep and wakefulness. Through this thin sliver of time it is possible to enter the dream scape of your victim. To werewolves, witches and shape-shifters this knowledge is as ancient as the mountains. To the church, the knowledge is another tool in their arsenal against the revenant and ultimately evil.

Using the most advanced optics of the time (1680) it is possible to see what else is trying to get into our dreams. For to control our dreams is to control our destiny. Set in Sudbury (UK), this is a fast paced action fantasy adventure of a boy who rides the night-mare and takes control of his own dreamscape. WIth the help of some colourful players from the Gregorian monastary in Bury St Edmunds, dreamcatcher is a battle of good and evil played in front of the backdrop of dreams and nightmares. With witches, werewolves, harpies and a journeyinto the underworld, Shut your eyes and be transported to the land that lies behind them.


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I wrote 1144 days ago

Hi Dan, Thanks for your comments. Please could you critique ch 1?? I'm looking forward to reading to kill a dead man. Barks view book

I wrote 1145 days ago

Hi Abbey, thanks so much for your comments. I find it so difficult to spend time rechecking as, like everyone else Im trying to bring up kids and have two fairly full on jobs. Could you kindly tell me though ? do you take the speech outside of the text or keep it within. I'm a total novice and r... view book

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