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Symphonic Bridges

Marek Stefanowicz

Black deep lake waters.
A thought shines from the bottom.
Another one dives.

Both personal and universal, poetry in prose, describing the process of attaining enlightenment, attempting to form a timeless, both literary and spiritual, 'bridge' between James Joyce and Syd Barrett, to find a compromise between the New Age literature and experimental creative writing.
But most important of all, this book is about 'bridges' between mind and Soul: between physical conditioning and Sphere of the Absolute. A quasi-literary, hyper-sincere, self-psychoanalytic, spiritual & progressive fiction, with elements of esoteric gnosticism.


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Debbie R wrote 54 days ago

Hi Marek I have a horrible feeling I haven't thanked you for support....

Andreea Daia wrote 97 days ago

Hi Marek– Would you be interested in a swap read? I write science-....

JustinSirois wrote 107 days ago

Ma.Ste., I thought you might be into this new novel about an app t....

fatema wrote 133 days ago

Dear Friend, just to let you know that I have uploaded a new History....

~Evangeline~ wrote 134 days ago

And thank you again. Too kind.

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I wrote 1451 days ago

Although science-fiction is definitely not my cup-a-tea, I must admit 'Light Years From Tranquility' can be pretty involving. Imagivative plot. Well-balanced, coherent structure. Cool read. Indeed. view book

I wrote 1451 days ago

'May I Take You to Heaven?' is a skilfully written invitation, featuring the Absolute Truths with disarming openness and devotion. I've accepted it with pleasure. view book

I wrote 1454 days ago

'The Gardner' must get to the editor's desk (top) a.s.a.p. I can't wait to buy the book and read all the rest of it. And that's why I've backed it with pleasure. Supported? Shelved? I don't know which is more correct. As a foreigner, I sometimes find this 'authonomic nomenclature' a bit confusing. A... view book

I wrote 1455 days ago

I've read all Your upload - parts 1-4 plus the closing part: 16 - of 'Doubtbusters! (...)'. This is a series of sermons presented in the form of Your dialogues with Joe. We meet both of You talking in just a few places: the swimming pool hot-tub, the golf course, the bank and the hospital. All the c... view book

I wrote 1455 days ago

'The Narrow Road' is an involving story. And well written. It's simple and straightforward. When You mention the movie called 'Hook' in chapter 3, I thought instantly about another film which fits in the subject matter of Your book a little: 'Made in Heaven', with Timothy Hutton, Kelly McGillis and ... view book

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