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Rev. Tom Hafer: Is the author of former work Faith & Fitness: Diet and Exercise for a Better World (an Augsburg Books bestseller in 2007) and Wellplanet: Fitness as a Spiritual Discipline (2010). Tom is a Physical Therapist, and Pastor. Since 2002, he has been traveling, teaching, and preaching on the issues of Faith & Fitness. He pastors two churches each Sunday. He is a Grace Filled Radical. He lives with his wife Eileen and their three children: Abbey, Dan, and Rachel.

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The Road Less Traveled (Peck)
The Raggamuffin Gospels (Manning)
What is so Amazing about Grace (Yancey)
Wild at Heart (Elderidge)
Seven Storrey Mountain (Merton)

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Well Village

Tom Hafer

Caring for ourselves to better care for others; this is the fitness motivation that lasts a lifetime.

In addition to proper nutrition and exercise, wellness requires one to live in harmony with others; to love and to be loved by a village. Every member of every age is valuable and necessary. Everyone nourishes everyone, through our basic variables for health: food, exercise, and, yes, love. Love, through its rich tapestry of expressions, unifies a community. Caring for ourselves to better care for others, is the motivation that lasts a lifetime. We have never had a timelier message to learn from our greatest generation.



Tom Hafer

Brother Mark O'Reilly, an 88 year old physician turned monk, teaches timeless wisdom for the sake of our personal health, our neighbor, and planet.

Before becoming a monk. Brother Mark O'Reilly was an extraordinary small town physician. With his guru-like clarity, this 88 year old sage introduces fitness as a spiritual discipline to his student, Hope. His timeless wisdom is for everyone who has fought the demons of weight-loss and won, then lost, then gained, then lost. For the sake of our personal health, our neighbor, and the planet, we have never had a timelier message to embrace...once again.


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Carl Garrett wrote 894 days ago

Hi Tom. I think you will like my book on the Gospel of Grace that ex....

ndayerr wrote 896 days ago

(rafica_4ndaye@yahoo.com) My name is rafica i saw your profile today....

Laura A. D. wrote 909 days ago

Good day! I would like to introduce you to a friend of mine, Michelin....

RLKirkland wrote 913 days ago

I’m REALLY reticent about self-promotion... So what in the world am I....

ndaye wrote 929 days ago

(rafica_4ndaye@yahoo.com) My name is rafica i saw your profile toda....

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I wrote 1050 days ago

I was emmediately drawn to your cover. It is so identical to the cover of my first book, Published by Augsburg Books-Faith and Fitness: Diet and Exercise for a Better World. You can see it on www.TomHafer.com I love stories that explain the lesser characters in the Bible. I love your story of Mir... view book

I wrote 1050 days ago

Not finished yet, but this read is short and sweet. Need to get the rest. Do you feel the rest will be done soon? It brought me back to the many times I walked the Appalachian Trail and reflected much what you do. thanks, Backed for sure. Hurry up and finish the rest. peace, Tom Hafer Wellplan... view book

I wrote 1050 days ago

Backed! Love this. Thanks for sharing such a personal story. Adoption has been a big part of our family and I understand the draw to trusting God in such a monumental move. Very well written. I backed it, but had not finished it yet. Pretty long but well written. Thanks for this honesty. Tom Haf... view book

I wrote 1050 days ago

Awesome Job. I really liked your style. I am a pastor, and do see the need to explore other arenas besides the 'chruch' to find our spiritual link to others. We are a community in the places we last look. I would not mind getting this book to share with a few other friends that we have for a mens gr... view book

I wrote 1050 days ago

Your gift are unorthodoxed in certain ways but that is precisely why I was drawn to your story. I am a Pastor and have a hope that Christiandom become much more open to the possibility that God is doing work in many arenas of spirituality. I love it, backed. Tom Hafer Wellplanet Well Village view book

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