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NOTE - NO LONGER ACCEPTING REVIEW SWAP REQUESTS - sorry guys, but I'm in my final year at university with two novels to write/edit and another to market, among other things, and I simply don't have the time to devote to critiquing!

UPDATE - DECEMBER 2012 - I'm delighted to announce that I've signed a contract to publish 'The Puppet Spell' as an e-book with Rowanvale Books, and my book is now on Amazon! To everyone who offered me help and constructive criticism with my book, I can't thank you enough for helping me achieve my dream!

For now, I'm keeping part of my book on the site, so if anyone wants to read a teaser from the finished novel, it's still here! However, as I'm currently busy preparing my book for release, I am no longer able to accept read swaps, as I simply don't have the time with all the book promotion and craziness! :P

I’m Emma, a 21-year-old book-lover, student, and aspiring author. I'm currently in my final year studying English Literature with Creative Writing at Lancaster University.

I’ve wanted to be a published author since the age of 10, and have been writing novels more or less continuously since the age of 14. At 18, I sent my first novel to agents, receiving encouraging comments but no publishing contract. After a year of rejections, and finally some honest criticism, I put it aside to concentrate on writing a new novel.

'The Puppet Spell' is complete at 56,000 words, and I have outlines for two sequels. I'm currently querying the first in a new teen supernatural series. My short story 'Wedlock' (dystopian science fiction) was published in Inkapture Magazine on 8th June 2012.

Many thanks to Bradley Wind for the cover design!

I'm currently looking for representation, and can be contacted at Memzi@live.co.uk.

I'm on Twitter @ELAdams12 and I also talk about my writing and review books on my blog at http://throughthegateway.blogspot.co.uk/

favourite books

Anything by Diana Wynne Jones
Harry Potter series- J K Rowling
His Dark Materials- Philip Pullman
The Old Kingdom series- Garth Nix
Skulduggery Pleasant- Derek Landy
Inkheart- Cornelia Funke
The Mortal Instruments series- Cassandra Clare
The Hunger Games trilogy- Suzanne Collins
Discworld series- Terry Pratchett
The Graveyard Book- Neil Gaiman
The Mistborn trilogy- Brandon Sanderson

my websites

http://throughthegateway.blogspot.co.uk/     https://twitter.com/ELAdams12

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my books

The Puppet Spell

Emma Adams

My sister's invisible, my uncle's missing, and the family cat's a monster. Do I wish life was still normal? Hell yeah.

NOTE - NO LONGER ACCEPTING REVIEW SWAP REQUESTS - sorry guys, but I don't have the time right now!

As of January 2013, The Puppet Spell' has been published as an e-book by Rowanvale Books and is available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other online retailers. For now I'm leaving the first part of the book here for anyone who wants to read a sample (and hopefully be tempted to buy the book! ;) )

Unlike her rebellious sister Lucinda, fifteen-year-old Lexa prefers to spend her free time playing video games, fighting the forces of evil with her partner-in-crime Marlon. But when Lucinda steals an invisibility potion from their uncle’s storeroom, she unleashes chaos into their lives. Lexa and Marlon find themselves catapulted into a world far more dangerous than any video game, full of misleading illusions, sinister Conjurors and deadly Fey, and threatened by a man with a grudge known as the Puppeteer. Accompanied only by Lexa’s uncle’s unreliable (and rather dangerous) Chimera, Lexa and Marlon must navigate this world to find Lucinda- before they too fall under the spell of the puppet master…

Many thanks to Bradley Wind for the cover design!


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