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I have written screen plays, short stories, and a novel. Some of my pieces are unusual, they don't quite fit into a common category. Any comment would be appreciated, even if it is about the piece being unusual.

I return reads.

contact me at elmolake@att.net

favourite books

works by vonnegut, bukowski, brautigan, other authors too of course

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my books

"Charles Dupree was a Bad Man"....


Charles Dupree was a bad man. Something bad happened to him, that is from Charles' point of view. Plus more short stories and essays.

Charlie Dupree couldn’t be happy with what he had
Charlie Dupree went acting bad
He had to have what he had to have
Or Charlie Dupree would go mad

Elena was a Spanish queen
Who only wanted to be let be
But Charlie wouldn’t let her out the door
Charlie needed all of her and more

Charlie no no no
Don’t you know
You have to be badder than bad
When you start to act so

Mark your territory
With fear and bile
But it’s about territory
Not your style

In the end
The forces that be
Are less about power
And more bout family

Alone on the roadside
With a bullet in his back
No one to blame
But a dying old man

Charlie you have to be badder than bad
Or you will be
Rolled by the sea
The current is strong
And the water is deep
Deeper than your jealousy


Crow Diary (Dec. 25, 2007 – A....


I completed with the help of my bike a survey of crows in urban southeast Portland, OR. Why? - you tell me.

The name for this work is “Crow Diary” since crows, even though I wrote much that had little to do with crows, were the impetus for my work On my diary journey I discovered the world crows live in, my neighborhood. It’s not up there with Paris or the Grand Canyon on the list of most desired vacation destinations. It is a land only a few go to visit. Most folks just happen through it. I discovered in my neighborhood not only a present land but a past land, one full of interesting sites and creatures, some of them ghosts. “Site seeing” in my neighborhood became for me much like visiting Paris I think is to an upper middle class person. And it didn’t cost me much at all.


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I wrote 29 days ago

I liked this, read the first six chapters, farce yes, as advertised, but I see more parody here balanced by a character driven story, of a fragile character, unlike the plain staccato prose often used in hard boiled PI stories the prose here is convoluted and the word choice often unusual and comic,... view book

I wrote 39 days ago

I like this, read a good amount of the stories, Waiting for Bohemians, Crocodile Smile, Treachery, Lifeways in Amazonia, Top Gear, The Ant Nest, Inland Sailing. I found lyrical prose and unique description throughout, "the country was as flat and as weary as an old door mat", but what struck me mor... view book

I wrote 43 days ago

liked this, read a good amount of the short stories, The Stone, Holiday Scene, Appointment with a Ghost, Soul Shower, U.O.K, Anne, Windows, Second Skin, I Hate Shopping, Bit of Mystery, The Vacuum, Sid. I generally like short stories that are short, a page or two, and I found those here. A few of... view book

I wrote 99 days ago

liked this, read the first five chapters, the colloquial speech and cadence of the first person narrative threw me a bit here and there, seeing it isn't from my neck of the woods, nevertheless descriptions and language use were often most apt, building a strong interesting main character and plot, f... view book

I wrote 109 days ago

liked this, read this, opening tales like prologues often don't work, not needed, here though the sun and bird story provides appropriate tone and thought, and of course it is used and called back implicitly for the librarian and storyteller, the distance assumed in the opening continues with the st... view book

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