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Prior to retirement, the author was the Director of the Center for Learning Systems at a large post-secondary organization, after which, as President of The Learning Management Corporation, he designed and managed the development of computer software applications configured to enable delivery and testing of web-based educational materials.

He was co-owner and President of Audio Visual Effective Communications Co. Ltd., and PhotoNut Haven Ltd., and has served on the Board of Directors of the Calgary Science Center, Audio Visual Effective Communications Co. Ltd., Synectic Learning Systems Ltd., The Learning Management Corporation, MultiMedia Solutions, and World Wide Interactive Network, Inc.

Speaking engagements have included functions in Australia, Dubai, India, Ireland, England, the United States and Canada. He now limits working to those short periods when not engaged in traveling with his wife of forty-four years, enjoying his children and grandchildren, or building what usually turn out to be very strange wooden works clocks.

favourite books

The Foundation Series - Asimov
Everything by James Michener, Tom Sharpe or Emil Zola.

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http://www.travelbits.ca     http://www.woodenworksclocks.com

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Strugglebook: A Logical Search....

Robert Thornborough

Strugglebook explores the probability for the existence of God based primarily on the logic derived from science.

Forming a conclusion respecting the reality of God on something as cold as logic is contrary to approaches generally considered acceptable to religious organizations that favor perhaps more ephemeral means based on redemption and faith. Those approaches based on other than logic have proven very successful for many individuals. That notwithstanding, the author is representative of that very large group of people who live in environments replete with corporate missions, budget building and spreadsheets, strength, weakness, opportunity and threat exercises, performance yields, compensation management, management by objective, measuring outcomes, and mini-MBA courses. The resulting objectivity built through vocation, results for many individuals, including the author, in a need to question the rationale behind faith and God. This book is the record of a search for the reality of God consistent with satisfying the needs dictated by the logic often demanded by the modern mind.


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I wrote 1896 days ago

The author has brought the thoughts of many to service one of the biggest questions we grapple with as humans. The work is much appreciated by someone who has spent the past year on a similar endeavour. view book

I wrote 1896 days ago

An interesting approach to a complex subject presented in a matter-of-fact way. I'm about half way and will continue. view book

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